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Feb 28, 2024
EssentialPIM Pro Business 11.8.3 Crack [Latest]

EssentialPIM Pro Business 11.8.3 Crack [Latest]

essentialpim full apk
EssentialPIM Pro Business app allows you to manage Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Contacts and Passwords. EssentialPIM all in one package!. Syncs with Windows version of the app (Free and Pro). Synchronization with Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Google Drive (for Notes and Passwords) and Google Contacts is also available.Self-locking mechanism offers safe and convenient way to store all your passwords and other sensitive data. This is an android version of highly popular on Windows platform personal information manager

Key Features
  • Ads free
  • Includes Calendar (day, week, week agenda, month, year and agenda views), Tasks (custom fields, hierarchical structure),
  • Notes (tree-like multilevel structure), Contacts (groups and unlimited custom fields) and Passwords (secure, self-locking mechanism) modules
  • Fast and responsive user interface with light and dark themes
  • Customizable widgets (calendar month and agenda views, tasks, quick add new items, modules shortcuts) 
  • Flawless synchronization with Win EPIM works over Wi-Fi, cellular networks (3G, LTE), Bluetooth or USB cable
  • Automatic synchronization of all your data with Google services: Calendar, Tasks, Drive (for Notes and Passwords) and Contacts 
  • Data backup/restore option - Available in 26 languages
  • Download essentialpim pro full version and enjoy 
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Essentialpim pro license key

EssentialPIM Pro Features
  • Beautiful Calendar (Agenda and Month views) and Tasks widgets 
  • Ability to show Tasks in Calendar 
  • Lock time zone setting for Calendar (allows users to lock their events at a time zone they were created) 
  • Password protect the whole app  
essentialpim pro business crack latest

Feb 7, 2024
CamScanner Pro v6.59.0.2402010 License [Mod Extra]

CamScanner Pro v6.59.0.2402010 License [Mod Extra]

Camscanner premium full version with license

camscanner pro apk latest

CamScanner Pro is a latest mobile document scanning app. Camscanner full version helps you scan, store, sync and collaborate on various contents across smartphones, android, tablets and computers. Installed on over 350 million devices in over 200 countries around the world.Just use your phone camera to scan and digitize all kinds of paper documents: receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, etc. It turns your mobile device into a powerful portable scanner that recognizes text automatically (AI-powered OCR) and improves your productivity to save your time. Download this scanner app to instantly scan, save, and share any documents in PDF, JPG, Word, or TXT formats.

  • Scan docs into clear & sharp image/pdf, to email, fax, print or save to cloud
  • Edit ocr results and export as txt file
  • Ocr feature extracts texts from single page for further editing or sharing.
  • Easily share documents in pdf or jpeg format with others via social media,
  • Email attachment or sending the doc link.
  • Batch download pdf files in web app
  • Share secured document downlink with others
  • Instatly print out docs in camscanner with nearby printer via airprint
  • Invite friends or colleagues to view and comment on your scans in a group.
  • Add 10g cloud space
  • Use your phone camera to scan receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, etc.
  • Smart cropping and auto enhancing make the texts and graphics look clear and sharp.
  • Sign contracts and share to your counter party. It is widely used among real estate agents and in government form filling.
  • Making annotations or adding customized watermark on docs are made available for you.
  • Everything benefit registrants enjoys
  • Everything paid app offers
  • Set passcode for viewing important docs; meanwhile, when sending doc link, you can set password to protect it.
  • Add extra 40 to the maximum number of collaborators
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AI-powered Enhance Portrait
  • Add color to black and white photos
  • Apply filters to edit your photos
  • Restore the quality of blurred photos
  • You can save the restored photos in CamScanner folders or share them on social media like Instagram.

camscanner license key


CamScanner Pro v6.59.0.2402010 [155Mb] / Mirror / Mirror
Jan 21, 2024
AppBlock Pro block apps & sites v6.9.0 [ Mod Extra]

AppBlock Pro block apps & sites v6.9.0 [ Mod Extra]

applock pro apk free download latest

appblock mod apk

AppBlock Pro is a premium quality App blocker, goal tracker and screen timer app that you deserve. AppBlock stay focused set a specific timer or date reminders to block apps and websites, track screen time, or customize your profile to activate an app and website blocker based on a specific wifi connection or your location. This way, you can automatically block websites as soon as you get to work to stay focused and be more productive. Our App will increase your productivity and self-control, set usage reminder alerts. Customize app blockers for all disturbing apps to be more productive and stay focused.

STAY FOCUSED - App manager, time tracker & website blocker:

  • Screen time tracker to be more productive and customize a timer to limit your mobile usage
  • Block notifications, alerts, and reminders.
  • Manage parental control.
  • Use a timer, plan and track your goals and activate profiles based on your personal stats provided by our mobile tracker
  • Activate Strict Mode to lock your AppBlock settings
  • Block apps or sites using the app blocker - block your email too & keep your reminders and notifications off
  • Set a screen time tracker limit during your offtime and organize your quality time
  • Activate Strict Mode to lock your profile and thus improve self-control. Always stay productive and focused with our app blocker!
  • Disable alerts and set usage timer to help you focus and be more productive: Improve your productivity through time management and a phone detox!

AppBlock Pro - Block Websites & Apps: 

  • Productivity App helps you to stay focused and find peace when you need offtime and
  • increase your productivity and self-control
  • control your phone addiction (usage reminder and addiction tracker)
  • focus on your goals and time management
  • reduce screen time (block site manager)
  • digital wellbeing and phone detox
  • organize your free time and family time (goal tracker)
  • learn how to improve your habits and stop procrastinating
applock pro premium apk download

Aug 20, 2022
Memento Database Pro 4.12.0 APK is Here! [Premium]

Memento Database Pro 4.12.0 APK is Here! [Premium]

memento database pro apk download

Memento Database Pro

Memento Database Pro is a highly flexible and customizable database management tool. Memento Database can be used to manage pretty much any type of database. Created for anyone seeking to store various data on their Android devices, the software enables users to create custom libraries with unique sets of data fields, quickly add new entries and, finally, share entries with friends or colleagues, or export them to other systems with just a few taps. A proper database management tool is nothing without corresponding search, navigation and sorting tools. It has it all – and it even supports barcode scanning for searching the database!
You can also work with your data on a pc. This is convenient, if you need to enter or analyze a large amount of information. In addition, the desktop version of the application provides a powerful reporting system based on jasper reports.
Teamwork tools:
  • A flexible system of setting access rights up to the fields in the records
  • View the history of data changes made by other users
  • Comments to records in the database
  • Synchronization with Google Sheet

  • Storing entries with custom fields.
  • Performing Data analysis, including aggregation, charting, sorting, grouping, and filtering entries by any fields.
  • Displaying data in the form of a list, a set of cards, a table, on a map, or in a calendar.
  • Synchronization with Google Sheets.
  • Cloud storage and Teamwork, by providing access to libraries to other users.
  • Offline data entry.
  • Access to data from several Android devices and from laptop and desktop computers; users can work with the same libraries on their phones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Building the data collection form.
  • Dozens of types of fields, including text, integer, real, boolean, date/time, rating, checkboxes, radio buttons, currency, image, signature, file, audio, contact, calculation, JavaScript, geolocations with Google Maps coordinates, and others.
  • One-to-many, one-to-one, and many-to-many relationships between libraries.
  • Importing and exporting CSV files, permitting interoperation with popular programs like Microsoft Excel, Filemaker.
  • Populating database entries at the touch of a button with data from Web services and other sources.
  • Scripting (triggers , scripted data source).
  • Password protection (encrypt entries using AES-128).
  • Chars — Pie, Line, Bar, Columns, Area, Scatter, Stepped Area.
  • Aggregation: sum, maximum, minimum, average.
  • Sending entries via SMS, e-mail, and other available services.
  • Searching entries in database by barcode.
  • Online catalog of database templates -- thousands of templates available.
Non-profit organizations
In addition to businesses, Memento is successfully used by non-profit organizations, including schools, hospitals, rescue services, charity funds, and libraries. Memento supports offline work. You can transfer data in the offline mode and synchronize it with the cloud later, when your devices connects to the Internet. By default your databases are not connected to the cloud, and are stored only on your device.

How To Install
  • Download apk from bellow link
  • Open Download Path; Install the Apk
  • That's It Enjoy Memento Database Pro 😊
memento database pro license key

Memento Database Pro 4.12.0 build 245 APK (20Mb) / Mirror / Mirror

Aug 2, 2020
Password Safe Pro 6.8.0 APK is Here! [Patched]

Password Safe Pro 6.8.0 APK is Here! [Patched]

Password Safe and Manager Pro
Password Safe Pro APK

Password Safe Pro is your solution! Password Safe stores and manages all entered data in an encrypted way, so you have a secure storage of your access data and you only have to remember your master-password. The encryption is based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256bit.

You can trust Password Safe and Manager 100% as it DOES NOT have any access to the internet.Note, that there is NO sync-feature, because of the missing internet-permissions. So if you want to share the database, upload it to Dropbox (or similiar) and import it from there on another device. With the included widgets, you can generate as many randomly created passwords right from your homescreen, and it will automatically be copied to your clipboard.


  • Essential functions at a glance
  • secure storage of your passwords, access data, etc.
  • categorize your entries in the Password Safe
  • access via one single master-password
  • Password Generator for creating secure passwords
  • backup and restore the encrypted database
  • customizability of the user interface
  • statistics
  • automatic clearing of the clipboard (some restriction on some devices)
  • Password Generator-widgets
  • auto-backup
  • csv-import/export
  • no unnecessary Android rights

Password Safe and Manager Pro:
  • attach images to entries 
  • own entry-fields can be defined and reordered 
  • entry-fields can be used more than once 
  • fingerprint login (Android 6.0 required) 
  • define multiple categories for an entry 
  • see password history
  •  mass assign entries to category
  • import/export from/to excel table
  • automatic logout after specific time and/or when screen turned of
  • further designs
  • self-destruction


Password Safe and Manager Pro Apk Download


Password Safe Pro 6.8.0 APK | Mirror | Mirror

Password Safe and Manager Pro v5.7.5 APK [10MB] | Mirror | Mirror

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