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Apr 13, 2021
Bulk Image Downloader 5.92.0 Crack [Latest]

Bulk Image Downloader 5.92.0 Crack [Latest]

Bulk image downloader registration code

Bulk image downloader

Bulk Image Downloader is specifically developed to download large photo galleries with just a single click. Bulk Image Downloader needs to scan the provided link first, in order to show you the images it can download and give you the option to either get only the photos you manually select or grab them all at once. If you're curious about supported websites and such things, you'll be pleased to know that it is designed to work with the most popular image services on the Internet. It can also retrieve photo galleries from almost any link, as long as there are photos and/or videos on the other end.

  • BID works with almost all popular image hosting sites
  • Automatically download from huge lists of gallery URLs via the integrated Queue Manager.
  • Web Browser Integration
  • Multi Page Gallery Downloads
  • Password Protected Websites
  • Video Downloading
  • Apart from locating and downloading full sized imaged,
  • BID can also download images embedded on a page
  • Sequenced image filenames (fusker)
  • Bulk Image Downloader checks every image to make sure it's been downloaded correctly.
  • Invalid images are retried automatically.
  • BID will resume downloads from the point at which the connection was broken.
  • BID can download up to 50 images at once. Download those galleries quickly!
  • Redirection Resolution
  • File name unmangling
  • Optionally create your own sequenced file names for image hosts that scramble the file names,
  • Export Galleries to HTML or BB Code
  • uickly generate gallery code suitable for pasting into web forums.
  • Advanced Configuration
  • BID integrates with IE, Opera, FireFox and Chrome.
  • Just right click inside your browser window and select "Open current page with BID"
  • BID can scan multi page forum threads and quickly extract all image links
  • BID supports album downloading from sites such as facebook, myspace, and twitter related
  • BID uses an advanced heuristic scoring method to locate full sized images.
  • This means BID can work on most galleries automatically, with no user configuration necessary.

How To Activate:
  • Install The Program
  • Copy Crack Folder Content Paste Into Software Install Directory
  • That's It Enjoy Bulk Image Downloader Full version

Apr 12, 2021
Deezer Premium v6.2.25.19 Mod APK [Latest]

Deezer Premium v6.2.25.19 Mod APK [Latest]

Deezer premium APK
Deezer premium offers mod unlimited access to the hottest songs and podcasts. Deezer music player latest for android will always give you the songs you love, and help you discover your next favorites. You bring the passion, we bring the music. Your life deserves its own soundtrack. With 56 million tracks, playlists and podcasts plus personalized recommendations just for you. Find playlists that give a soundtrack to every moment or create your own. No wifi needed - download songs and enjoy offline music, perfect for when you’re at home or on the go. Discover more of what you love - including inspiring podcasts for free

Enjoy best-in-class features :

  • Stream all the global hits
  • Browse an ever-expanding catalog with 56 million songs
  • Deezer premium mod APK 2020
  • Lean back and find new tracks with Shuffle Mode
  • Get recommendations made for you and explore music in a new way with Flow
  • Add songs you love to your Favorite Tracks collection with one tap
  • Listen to any playlist you want or become a playlist maker yourself
  • Share your personal playlists and favorite tracks with others
  • Discover radio stations, audio channels, and podcasts in English

Go limitless with Deezer Premium music player :

  • Music player with no ads
  • Offline Mode: download your favorite tracks or podcasts and listen to offline music anywhere
  • Unlimited skips
  • No song shuffling
  • Superior Sound Quality (320 kBps)
  • Music and podcast player is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other connected devices

Deezer pro APK


Apr 11, 2021
Relay for reddit Pro v10.0.342 APK [Patched]

Relay for reddit Pro v10.0.342 APK [Patched]

Relay for reddit apk download
Relay for reddit pro is a new fun way to browse the news and entertainment website, Relay for reddit make using reddit a pleasure, Whether you're a casual lurker, power user, or even a moderator, If you'd like to test it out before buying Pro there is a full featured ad supported version. Head over to here to ask questions or give feedback directly to the developer


  • Beautiful and intuitive interface, inspired by Material Design.
  • Delightful animations throughout enhance the experience.
  • Links and comments load at the same time. A simple swipe switches between them.
  • Inline previewing of pictures, YouTube, gifs and html 5 videos.
  • Color coded comments with advanced navigation - next/previous thread, find words,
  • Comprehensive Moderator features (distinguish, sticky posts, ban users etc)
  • A selection of themes as well as a relaxing night mode.
  • Multiple accounts
  • Reply straight from your Inbox.
  • Notifications for mail, mod messages and your modqueue.
  • Filter out subreddits you dislike
  • Relay for reddit support Spoiler
  • Extensive customisation options including font style and size, left-handed viewing.
  • Hi-resolution thumbnails.
  • Full friends & search funtionality.
  • Rageface and MLP emoticons (via PonyMotes)

What's New:

  • potential fix for some videos not playing when viewed from the large card layout
  • fixed video controls not disappearing when long pressing a video
  • fixed the website showing when handling links
  • fixed settings not showing on android version 6 and below
  • potential fix for streamable videos showing a 403 error
  • fixed some force close issues
  • Also give a try to Boost for reddit

Relay for reddit pro full APK

MX Player Pro v1.36.0 Cracked APK [AC3/DTS]

MX Player Pro v1.36.0 Cracked APK [AC3/DTS]

Mx player pro without license verification apk
MX Player pro is the best media player ever created for android. In this page you will find every information about MX Player app that you will ever need. Having a video player with excellent features and video quality for your device is anecessity, whether it is a smartphone or PC. I know We all love to watch all movies and TV Shows in HD; for experiencing this we need to use a good video player which supports all kinds of video formats.


  • This is the Ad-Free version of MX Player
  • Hardware acceleration can be applied to more videos with the help of new HW+ decoder.
  • Pinch To Zoom, Zoom And Pan
  • It is the first Android video player which supports multi-core decoding.
  • Support Multi-core decoding
  • Easily zoom in and out by pinching and swiping across the screen.
  • Zoom and Pan is also available by option.
  • Double it as a Music Player
  • Scroll forward/backward to move to next/previous text,
  • Up/down to move text up and down, Zoom in/out to change text size.
  • Supports Every Subtitle Format
  • Keep your kids entertained without having to worry that they can make calls or touch other apps. (plugin required)
  • You can make it play in the background too
  • It also lets you stream online videos in equal fervor.
  • Multi-Screen Mode
  • Sync Across Multiple Devices

What's New:
  • Update to comply with GDPR & Other Privacy Protects laws
  • Fixed: Various crashes from the recent versions
  • Fixed: is not listed on Google Play for some TV boxes


MX Player Pro v1.36.0 Mod [Arm] / Mirror 

MX Player Pro v1.36.0 Mod [Arm64] / Mirror 

Ampere Pro v3.40 Cracked APK ! [Download]

Ampere Pro v3.40 Cracked APK ! [Download]

Ampere Pro works on Android 4.0.3+ devices. Ampere measures the charging/discharging current of the battery. If your phone is not connected to a charger, you see the discharging current which is negative.Not every device is supported because there are devices which lacks an appropriate measurement chip (or the interface) and they can not be supported at all. Please read the list of not supported phones at the end of the description. Ampere is not meant to be mA accurate.

Ampere Pro is only good for evaluate which Charger/USB cable combo is working the best for you on the same device. Start the app and wait ca. 10 seconds ("measuring" is on the display). After this time, the charging or discharging current will be shown.

Background info:The app measures the charging/discharging current of the battery. If your phone is not connected to a charger, you see the discharging current which is negative. If you connect a charger then the current what the charger gives will be used to supply your phone and the remaining power will be charged into the battery.

Technical info:The displayed current is an average value from 50 measurements minus the 10 upper values and the 10 lower values. The displayed current can be shaky or unstable or even zero which means, that the Android system provides unstable values. Every company uses different battery types and other hardware making it difficult to get accurate results about your charger.

LiPo batteries don't draw the maximum for the full time it takes to charge the phone. If your battery is charged almost full then the charging current will be much less as by lower battery levels. If your phone consumes 300 mA without a charger connected (-300mA on the display), then a 500 mA charger will charge your battery maximum with 200 mA current (200mA on display).
The current depends on many things:
  • Charger (USB/AC/Wireless)
  • USB cable
  • Phone type
  • Current tasks running
  • Display brightness
  • WiFi state
  • GPS state

Paid APK Ampere Pro Apk Full Version


Ampere Pro 3.40 Final / Mirror / Mirror

Ampere Pro 3.08 Final APK  [6MB] / Mirror / Mirror
AFWall+ (Donate) v3.5.0 APK is Here! [PRO]

AFWall+ (Donate) v3.5.0 APK is Here! [PRO]

AFWall+ Donate (Android Firewall +) is a pro front-end application for the powerful iptables Linux firewall. AFWall+ allows you to restrict which applications are permitted to access your data networks (2G/3G and/or Wi-Fi and while in roaming). Also you can control traffic within LAN or while connected through VPN   This is fully functional donate version of the App. Please uninstall AFWall+ (Free) before installing donate version. Kindly use import/export feature to migrate rules from free version. ROOT REQUIRED - If you don't know what root is, please search for "How to root android" in the Internet.
Key features:
  • Material inspired Design ( not real material design )
  • Supports 4.x to 7.x (for 2.x support use version)
  • XPosed modules Download manager Leak + Hide lock screen notification for 5.x+ devices
  • Import/Export Rules to external storage with UI
  • Import DroidWall Rules
  • Search Applications
  • Filter Applications
  • Profile Management with UI ( multiple Profiles )
  • Tasker/Locale support
  • Select All/None/Invert/Clear applications on each column
  • Revamped Rules/Logs Viewer with copy/export to external storage
  • Preferences
  • Highlight system applications with custom color
Extra feature (for now) in Donate version:
  • Import All with preferences 
  • No Ads
  • Log Statistics/History 
  • Use LockPattern/Pin for application protection.
More you can do
  • Notify on new installations
  • Ability to hide application icons( faster loading )
  • Use system level protection for app (Donate only)
  • Show/Hide application ID.
  • Roaming Option for 3G/Edge
  • VPN Support
  • LAN Support
  • Tether Support
  • IPV6/IPV4 Support
  • Devce Admin Support ( Protect AFWall+ from uninstall)
  • Choose able languages
  • Choose able iptables/busybox binary
  • Support x86/MIPS/ARM devices.
  • New Widget UI Apply profiles with few clicks
  • Blocked packets notification Displays blocked packets
  • Support for wifi only tablets
  • Improved Log statistics with UI

What's New
  • Show installed apps without internet permission
  • Default setting for installed app Donate Only
  • Private DNS support on Android 9/10/11
  • Better support for Multi Profile/Island/Work Profile Thanks to @n90p
  • Firewall logs engine rewritten with notification support.
  • General support for android 10 and 11 
FaceApp Premium v4.4.0 Cracked APK [PRO]

FaceApp Premium v4.4.0 Cracked APK [PRO]

Faceapp pro mod APK

FaceApp Premium

FaceApp premium a state of the art pro photo-editor powered by AI, FaceApp is a free app that can be downloaded to your device from the Google Play. Get magazine cover quality for any selfie with just a few taps! Powered by AI, the most advanced neural portrait editing technology. Improve your selfie or just have fun with gender swap, hair styling and other free amazing transformations. No, FaceApp isn’t taking photos of your face and taking them back to Russia for some nefarious project. At least that’s what current evidence suggests. So is there a privacy concern? It could operate differently. It could, for instance, process the images on your device, rather than take submitted photos to an outside server. by

  • Perfect selfies with the Hollywood filter
  • Change hair color and style
  • Find your perfect beard/mustache style
  • Add a beautiful smile
  • Replace background with a single tap
  • Try color filters, lens blur, and numerous other tools
  • Apply perfect evening or day makeup (paid feature)
  • Full-size Impression filters (paid feature)
  • Swap genders
  • Let AI find your best hairstyle and color
  • Change your age
  • Add amazing tattoos
  • FaceApp Let AI find the best style for you
  • Check out the Hitman, the Heisenberg filters and many other mind-blowing transformations

What's New
  • Large design updates: new font, updated screens, RTL languages fixes
  • Performance improvements and stability fixes
  • Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements 
  • Its the same app as free

Faceapp premium unlocked APK


FaceApp Premium v4.4.0 APK [12Mb] / Mirror / Mirror

Walli Premium v2.9.0.24 Cracked APK [Latest]

Walli Premium v2.9.0.24 Cracked APK [Latest]

Walli premium latest apk

Walli Premium

Walli Premium is a latest wallpapers and backgrounds app. Walli app's wallpapers  are featured on pro Google Wallpapers app. We are very proud to be selected by Google. On average, nowadays, we check our phone over a hundred times a day. Our phone wallpaper being the first thing we see, it can really influence our mood and it is also a great way to express our unique personality. This is why we launched this app, a creative wallpapers app, to make sure you always have a cool wallpaper at hand. We think it’s important that you can easily find inspiring and beautiful wallpapers that will make you happy and feel great every time you pick up your phone.
  • Automatic wallpaper changer
  • Browse easily among our awesome wallpapers with 3 main sections:
  • Featured: check which wallpapers the Walli team recommends.
  • Popular: find out what are the best wallpapers according to other users.
  • Recent: discover the newest wallpapers on the app.
  • Collections on different themes

Creative wallpapers
  • This is not just another wallpapers and backgrounds app, 
  • offering the same usual photos of flowers, cars and landscape. 
  • It is a high quality, selective collection of unique and cool wallpapers exclusively made by artists
  • Your phone and tablet have never been so good-looking :)
A community of top artists
  • Walli is also a selective community of artists from around the world, 
  • each one with their unique style, selected carefully one by one by the Walli team. 
  • We searched after the best graphic artists around the world so you don’t have to. 
  • Discover new talents, browse their artwork and find your next favorite wallpaper for mobile or tablet!
Artists get rewarded for their work
  • By using our app, you will be helping artists getting recognition for their art.
  • We reward each participating artist by sharing our earnings with them. 
  • Each of our hd wallpapers is linked to the artist profile page. 
  • You will be able to see all her/his available artwork and learn more about the artist thanks to a small bio and direct links to their website and social networks.
Walli premium full apk

Walli Premium v2.9.0.24 APK [23Mb] / Mirror / Mirror
busuu Premium v21.2.0.560 Cracked APK [PRO]

busuu Premium v21.2.0.560 Cracked APK [PRO]

busuu Premium
Become a member of the busuu premium community and start your easy Language Learning journey. Take busuu latest with pro features unlocked and make use of any spare moments to keep learning. Plus, you can help others in your native language! Learn Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese with the help of over 60 million international native speakers who are learning, practicing and teaching on  our app

  • Learn basic words and phrases and improve fast with vocabulary & grammar units, audio dialogues, listening exercises, pronunciation challenges, language games and interactive lessons.
  • Practice by submitting writing exercises to fluent speakers that will help you perfect your skills.
  • Set yourself a personalised goal to ensure you are reaching your learning objectives quicker.
  • Personalised to fit your skills, ensuring the most effective learning curve.
  • Learn the most important 150 topics and 3000 words with specific language training
  • Test your knowledge with fun, quick quizzes and vocabulary games to see what words and phrases you have learnt.
  • Offline mode will let you learn even when you have no internet connection; learn on your commute, on your holiday - study anywhere, anytime
  • Learn to speak different languages fast with busuu premium, an effective language learning app you can use anytime and anywhere. Download it now and get started…
  • busuu PRO offers a premium language learning service to further your students or employees' language learning capabilities

What's New:
  • Set your goals and your schedule
  • Generate a plan based on your availability
  • Work towards an estimated completion date, in small, achievable steps
  • Learning a language is simpler
  • Take the stress out of learning languages with a personalised and adaptive Study Plan that fits around your life.
GridinSoft Anti-Malware 4.1.89 Crack [Lifetime]

GridinSoft Anti-Malware 4.1.89 Crack [Lifetime]

GridinSoft Anti-Malware lifetime crack is a type of pc cleaner but with virus removal tool too. GridinSoft Anti-Malware helps in difficult cases where well-known and complicated antivirus products get stuck. The flow of malware is non-stop, the number increases daily, so our Analysts Team works hard to investigate all recently appeared computer threats, updates the Threat List around the clock and reacts immediately. It prevents, detects and removes all types of malware including adware, PUPs and other harmful programs. Users get a brilliant chance to protect sensitive data and keep the system clean wherever they go. Protect your pc from Trojan using Trojan Killer, or Loaris Trojan Remover

  • full-system scan is both rapid and comprehensive
  • get rid of the dangerous presence of trojans, hijackers, and botnets on your PC
  • high-speed system scan
  • user-friendly, beautiful and simple interface. 
  • deep scan mode
  • scans and flagged more items for removal, including many PUPs that, if not actual threats, can be tossed safely.
  • able to free your browser from hijack and turn it back to the newborn state. 
  • provides data on total memory items
  • registry items and scanned files
  • together with detected Trojan infections
  • no slowdowns in your system in proactive mode. 
  • the system log details show the name, virus type and targeted file path for each infected item. 
  • reports are automatically saved to a plain text document. 
  • Many more
How to activate:
  • Install the program
  • Use given patch/crack to register
  • That's it Enjoy GridinSoft Anti-Malware full version

gridinsoft anti-malware license

GridinSoft Anti-Malware
+ Crack [126Mb] / Mirror / Mirror

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