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29 Mar 2020
Lifesum Premium v7.6.1 APK is Here [PRO]

Lifesum Premium v7.6.1 APK is Here [PRO]

lifesum premium apk cracked
Lifesum premium provides plan, food diary, macro calculator, calorie counter & healthy recipes. Download Lifesum now and get healthier today!  It integrates with Google Fit and S Health, so you can export nutrition and exercise data from Lifesum to Google Fit and S Health, and import fitness data and weight and body measurements back to app. For extended features such as specialized diets and detailed nutrition information, and to sync with fitness apps such as Moves, Nokia Health, FitBit, Jawbone, Endomondo and Runkeeper, get the Lifesum Premium membership.

Lose weight with your personal diet plan. Take our test to discover which food planner is the right one for you. From keto diet to low carb and everything in between, we have the right plan & diet tips for your weight loss goals.

Healthy recipes help you stick to your plan. Stuck in a keto diet rut? Explore keto recipes to beat the sugar cravings or search keto recipes for snacks to eat. Can’t decide what to eat? Check out the meal planner for ideas.


Calorie counter & food tracker functions help you see your daily nutritional values at a glance. Did a workout today? Go premium & sync Lifesum with FitBit, Runkeeper, Moves and other fitness apps.

Macros mythbusting. It’s easy with our macro tracker - make sure you reach the right type of energy composition with the macro calculator. Simply scan barcodes for macros and nutritional information, or enter manually.  

What's New
We've done some work on the diary to give you more insights into your health journey. Now there's more details, more graphs, more colors, and it shows what diet plan you're on. In short, it's more you.

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Lifesum Premium v7.6.1 APK [30Mb] / Mirror / Mirror

Podcast Republic PRO v20.3.27b APK [Premium]

Podcast Republic PRO v20.3.27b APK [Premium]

Podcast republic pro APK

Podcast Republic pro is the best premium pocast app from google top developer! Podcast republic app allows you to manage your podcast subscriptions, live radio stream, audio books, youtube channels and soundcloud channels from a single app. Feature completed and highly customizable. Just download it and start enjoying your favorite podcasts and radio shows whenever you like wherever you go!

  • Support all major podcast and public radio networks: NPR, PBS, Gimlet, BBC, Serial, Ted Talks, etc.
  • Discover and subscribe 500,000+ podcast content.
  • Support importing from podcast RSS/ATOM feed directly.
  • Import and export podcast subscription using OPML file format.
  • Build your own podcast from your media files. Play your audiobook or music in one app.
  • Sync your subscriptions and playback states between connected devices in real time.
  • Rate and leave a review for your favorite podcasts.

Playback & Audio effects

  • Built-in audio effects such as playback speed, volume boosting, skipping silence and equalizer.
  • Works for all podcasts and radio streaming.
  • Variable playback speed for all Android versions. Save your time with fast playback speed.
  • Podcast Republic True multiple playlists support for better organizing your podcast playing.
  • Smart play queue feature designed with podcast listening in the mind.
  • Schedule to play podcast or radio at a specific time. Wake up with your favorite podcast or radio.
  • Set sleep timer to stop podcast or radio while you sleep.
  • Gesture operated Car mode to control the podcast playback with simple gestures. No need to look for the playback controls on the screen at all.
  • Customizable shaking actions to control your podcast playback without opening your phone.
  • Customize skipping intervals in the mid of the playback, or even skip the beginning/ending of the podcast.
  • Remember your playback position and pick up from where you left last time.
  • Podcast Republic Live radio streaming support.

Podcast republic premium APK


Podcast Republic v20.3.27b APK (10Mb) / Mirror / Mirror


File Commander Premium 6.5.34427 APK [PRO]

File Commander Premium 6.5.34427 APK [PRO]

File commander cracked APK
File Commander premium is a pro file manager allows you to handle any file on your android. File Commander can also separately handle libraries of pictures, music, videos, documents, as well as rename, delete, move, zip and send with just a few taps.The latest version takes full advantage of android 6 marshmallow, complete with an optional login profile that can save your settings across devices, new secure mode that can hide and encrypt your files from other users, and a storage analyzer to see exactly what's eating into your storage space, and where.
  • NEW Login profile can save your app settings and personalizations across devices
  • Easily list your files by type no matter where they are
  • Libraries for all your Music, Picture, and Video files, along with new sections
  • Sort your files by location: Cloud accounts, network addresses, local files, and Downloads
  • Easily manage external storage such as microSD cards and USB drives (if supported)


  • You can now access Windows/Samba based local network locations, FTP/FTPS servers, and Remote shares (for Sony Xperia devices)
  • Get it on the cloud with GDrive, DropBox, ACD, Microsoft OneDrive, and SugarSync
  • Link up with nearby devices via Bluetooth and WiFi DirecT
  • Share files easily using a wide range of sending options

  • Fully-customizable Homescreen with quick access tiles
  • Find on-device files quickly with local search option
  • Manage your files with cut, copy, paste, rename, and compress operations
  • Quickly pick up where you left off using the Recent files feature
  • Send time-consuming file operations to the background so you can continue working


  • NEW* Secure Mode lets you hide and encrypt your files and folders, making them invisible outside
  • At-a-glance view of all your files and folders using the Storage Analyzer
  • Bookmark your files and folders 
  • Recycle Bin so you can delete and restore files
  • Access to hidden files and folders 
  • it Is Ad-free
  • X-plore File Manager may explore internals of the device, and if you're power user and have your device rooted

Privacy Browser v3.4 Paid APK [Premium]

Privacy Browser v3.4 Paid APK [Premium]

Privacy protecter android browser
Privacy Browser a paid browser android app to protects your privacy by disabling features. Privacy Browser currently uses Android’s built-in WebView to render web pages. It Disable JavaScript, DOM storage, and cookies that are used by websites to track users. Settings can be adjusted by domain and on-the-fly to enable these features when needed. In addition, It incorporates the EasyList block lists, which block many tracking technologies even when JavaScript is enabled.

It does not have tabbed browsing yet. This is a planned feature for the 3.x series.
It works best when the latest version of WebView is installed. In the 4.x series,It will switch to a forked version of Android’s WebView called Privacy WebView that will allow for advanced privacy features.

Warning: Due to limitations in the OS, Privacy Browser is susceptible to MITM (Man In The Middle) attacks when browsing insecure websites from devices running Android KitKat (version 4.4.x, API 19). More information about this issue is available at

What's New:

  • Add encrypted import and export options.
  • Fix a bug when importing databases under certain circumstances.
  • Add an options entry to quickly toggle proxying through Orbot.
  • Add an option to download files using an external app.
  • Fix the deletion of DOM storage. 

Privacy browser full apk latest

Privacy Browser v3.4 APK [Paid] / Mirror / Mirror


Cracked APK + Full Data Download

Dub Music Player PRO v4.51 Cracked APK [PRO]

Dub Music Player PRO v4.51 Cracked APK [PRO]

Dub Music Player Pro apk download
Dub Music Player + Equalizer

Dub Music Player pro is a powerful music player with unlocked equalizer. Dub music player equalizer pro is the best full featured music app for android devices! There is no need to worry about data because Dub is an offline music player that will play the song from your local music library. 


  • Create and edit playlist
  • Browse and play music by songs, artists, albums, playlists, folders, and genres
  • 7 themes (Classic, Material, Studio, Genesis, Gold)
  • Easy search function: Search music by songs, artists, and album
  • Simple and effective interface, faithfully showing the visualization of your music played.
  • Background music play (to keep playing your songs while you use other apps, or while your device is in standby mode)
  • 9 predefined presets, based on different music genres
  • Ability to save and delete custom presets
  • Music progress bar for an easy navigation within the song you're listening to
  • Repeat function to keep listening to your song over and over
  • Shuffle function to plays songs in a random order
  • Media volume control
  • Home screen widget
  • Lock screen widget
  • Supports headset / Bluetooth controls for easy listening.
  • Material design interface
  • Edit tags
  • Sleep Timer
  • Set song as ringtone
  • Volume Balance control
  • Loudness enhancer (Only for Android version 4.4 and higher)
  • Crossfade
  • Speed control (Only for Android version 6.0 and higher)
  • Pitch control (Only for Android version 6.0 and higher)
  • Crossfader - for audio music mix

What's New
  • New feature: Crossfader
  • New themes: Studio Orange and Studio Green
  • New playlists: Recently Added and Recently Played
  • Improved speed and stability
Dub Music Player + Equalizer PRO


Dub Music Player PRO 4.51 / Mirror / Mirror

Dub Music Player Pro v3.0 b183 APK (6Mb) / Mirror / Mirror


Signal Strength Premium v23.0.6 APK [Patched]

Signal Strength Premium v23.0.6 APK [Patched]

Are you living or working in a low signal area ? Then this is Signal Strength App for you. With this app you can get a good idea of the Cellular and WiFi signal strength and find out which corners of your office or home are having the best reception.

  • Signal meter
  • Speed test
  • Phone health check
  • WiFi network utility
  • Discover WiFi devices
  • Signal widgets
  • Dual SIM info for Android Lollipop 5.1 onwards
  • Signal Logger
  • Detailed Network info
  • Cell towers info
  • Network Latency Widget or Delay of data connection
  • Out of service, low signal and roaming alerts
  • Pro Features(Inapp Purchase):-
  • AdFree

Important notes:

  • Dual SIM has been standardised from Android Lollipop 5.1 onwards. This app only measures the signal of active SIM. 
  • For getting signal measurements set Calls and Data to same SIM in SIM settings. There are still a lot of bugs in manufacturer implementations. 
  • Consider sending an email to describe bugs to incorporate workarounds.
  • A very few phones are not following the signal reporting standard fully. If the signal strength is not updating then this is a sure sign of a broken ROM. This is a known issue and not a problem with the App.


Signal Strength Premium 23.0.6 APK (5Mb) / Mirror / Mirror


28 Mar 2020
Aptoide Dev APK is Here! [Ad-Free]

Aptoide Dev APK is Here! [Ad-Free]

Aptoide Dev 9

Aptoide Dev client is an open source Android application that allows one to install APK software. Aptoide offers not only a main store but also the possibility for any user to create and manage its own store. The installed software comes from multiple sources. This unique approach to the apps marketplace ecosystem allows rapid growth founded on users’ collaborative work. 

  • If you are concerned about your privacy and do not want to give away your email, you can still download apps from app store and this also saves a lot of time
  • If you are unable to find a specific app in any app store that you are looking for, chances areit  probably has it and you can download it efficiently from their app store
  • No other app store provides the feature of downgrading your app to previous versions but surely does. If the new version of the app has added features that you do not like then you always have the option to go to the previous version.
  • As mentioned earlier, every user can open their stores and choose the name, logo, and color theme of their app store
  • It has a unique apps timeline that lets you know about the apps and app store you might be interested in based on your interests and it is super helpful
  • You can follow other app store on  an know who is following you like any other social network and you can also keep your app store private
  • You can rate and review apps and stores and also reply to other users’ comments on your apps or app stores
  • You can also share apps locally with other smart phone users without needing any internet connection.

How to Install
  • Download APK
  • Install App Normally 
  • Done Enjoy Aptoide Dev

Aptoide Dev apk latest version Aptoide Dev apk free download


Aptoide Dev APK (20Mb) / Mirror / Mirror


Omoro Icon Pack v5.2.0 APK is Here! [Patched]

Omoro Icon Pack v5.2.0 APK is Here! [Patched]

Omoro – Icon Pack
Omoro Icon Pack is a mysterious and dark material deigned app. Omoro offers strong shadows and dark colors icons will take you to another hidden universe. Many folder category icons to sort your apps. Please send me your icons requests through icon request feature in the appIf you notice any bugs or you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me anytime and ill help as soon as possible!

  • 4.300+ HD icons
  • Hundreds of alternatives
  • Many folder category icons to sort your apps
  • 50 QHD wallpapers
  • Masking for unthemed ones
  • Dynamic calendar
  • Clock widget
  • Icons request, search and preview feature
  • Muzei live wallpaper compatibility
  • Omoro Icon Pack Regular weekly updates
  • You can also apply icons from launcher settings, if there is no apply button inside the app


  • Nova, Action, ADW, ADWex, Apex, Atom, Aviate,, Go, Inspire
  • KK, Lucid, Next, Nine, Smart, Solo, Themer, TSF and many more
  • Bubble Cloud Widgets
  • Theme engine
  • Unicon and XGELS

Omoro – Icon Pack apk free download Omoro – Icon Pack full apk Omoro – Icon Pack latest apk

Omoro Icon Pack 5.2.0 APK [45Mb] | Mirror | Mirror

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