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Jun 24, 2021
Out of Milk Pro v8.12.16_936 APK is Here! [Latest]

Out of Milk Pro v8.12.16_936 APK is Here! [Latest]

Out of Milk Pro latest apk
With Out of Milk Pro, your Shopping List stays with you everywhere you go and you'll have it on-hand once you're ready to go grocery shopping. The Pantry List allows you to keep track of your pantry items (spices, essentials, etc...) so that you always know what you have at home. The To-Do list helps you keep track of any other items on your daily list. Shopping List, Pantry List & To-Do List in a small, intuitive and easy-to-use app. Creating shopping lists, syncing and list sharing is completely FREE
Our Features:
  • Multiple shopping lists
  • Sync and share your shopping lists with others in real-time
  • Access your lists online from anywhere on
  • Save time by grouping items into categories
  • Easily scan or enter items in your shopping lists
  • Make a To-Do list
  • Shopping list history remembers items
  • Pantry list lets you inventory anything so you always know what's in your pantry
  • Share todo, pantry and grocery lists by text or email
  • Move or copy items between shopping list and pantry list
  • Displays grand total and running total on your shopping list
What the experts are saying:
  • Wall Street Journal - The Out of Milk app is straightforward and offers three main list functions: shopping, pantry and to do.
  • Babble - #1 of Top 25 Apps For Moms
  • Nielsen - Top 10 Most-Used Shopping Apps
  • CNET - How To Simplify your grocery shopping on Android
  • Mashable - Grocery List Apps That Make Shopping, Syncing Lists Simple
Out of Milk Pro full latest apk

Balance Premium v1.2.0 APK is Here! [Latest]

Balance Premium v1.2.0 APK is Here! [Latest]

Balance Premium is your personal meditation coach. Balance’s daily meditations are organized in 10-day Plans that teach fundamental meditation skills geared toward your goals and needs. You’ll discover how to bring awareness to your day, increase your focus among distractions, and find deep relaxation in moments of stress. Each day, you’ll answer questions about your meditation experience, goals, and preferences. Using an audio library of thousands of files, Balance assembles a daily meditation that's perfect for you. The more you share over time, the more personalized and effective your meditations become. Singles are bite-sized meditations you can use anytime, even on the go. Wake up gently with a morning meditation and stretch, and then make your commute less chaotic with a meditation customized to where you're going and how you're getting there. Clear your mind with animated breathing exercises, and lower your stress, find energy, and increase your focus with quick Relax, Energize, and Concentrate meditations—and many more.
What’s included
  • Personalized guided meditations tailored to your mood, goals, experience, and more
  • Balance offers 10-day Plans to help you develop and deepen your meditation skills
  • Bite-sized Single meditations you can use to get more out of any moment
  • First-of-their-kind Immersive Meditations to help you relax through a blend of vibration, sound effects, and guidance
  • Research-backed activities to help you relax and prepare for restful sleep
  • Badges to reward your progress on Plans, Singles, and skills
  • Customizable session durations
  • Get started with our Foundations Plan, where you’ll train your focus and reduce anxiety by concentrating on your breath and noticing sensations in your body
  • New content added regularly
  • Animated breathing exercises for quick calm
  • 10 concrete meditation techniques to build your practice: Breath Focus, Body Scan, Labeling, and more 
  • In meditation, “one-size-fits-all” fits no one. We all have our own ways of finding relaxation, focus, rest, and happiness. With thousands of paths possible, Balance Premium helps you reach your goals, your way.

What's New
  • Learn how to better manage stress with our Relaxation III Plan. You'll explore calming, nature-based visualizations that can help you relax and reset.
  • Listen to our Campfire Sleep Sound tonight. This soothing ambiance evokes the serenity of a quiet night in the woods.

Jun 23, 2021
Duolingo Plus v5.14.4 Cracked APK [Premium]

Duolingo Plus v5.14.4 Cracked APK [Premium]

duolingo plus APK

Duolingo Plus

Duolingo premium will teach you any language in a funway Plus It's totaly free. Learning with Duolingo latest version is fun and addictive. Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. Our bite-sized lessons are effective, and we have proof that it works. Practice your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills while playing a game! You'll improve your vocabulary and grammar skills by answering questions and completing lessons.
  • Lessons available offline
  • Languages Courses Unlocked by default
  • Special Offers features Unlocked
  • Start Lessons Unlocked by default
  • Bonus features Unlocked It's effective. 
  • 34 hours of Duolingo premium mod are equivalent to a semester of university-level education.
  • Track your progress with shiny achievements.
  • Outfits features Unlocked
  • Totally fun and free. New! Swahili and Romanian.  
  • Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish
  • Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh and English.  
  • It's fun. Advance by completing bite-sized lessons,
  • Advance by completing bite-sized lessons
  • Ads calls from activity removed
  • Power-Ups features Unlocked
  • 34 hours of time are equivalent to a semester of university-level education.

New Cool features
  • Use the “Test Out” button to skip content you already know and focus on the good stuff.
  • Get 1 free streak repair each month with a Duolingo Plus mod subscription! 
  • Find a Event in your city to practice your language skills with other awesome learners. 

Duolingo premium full APK

Duolingo Premium 5.14.4 Full APK (20Mb) / Mirror / Mirror
File Commander Premium v7.5.41160 APK [Latest]

File Commander Premium v7.5.41160 APK [Latest]

File commander cracked latest APK
File Commander premium is a pro file manager allows you to handle any file on your android. File Commander can also separately handle libraries of pictures, music, videos, documents, as well as rename, delete, move, zip and send with just a few taps.The latest version takes full advantage of android 6 marshmallow, complete with an optional login profile that can save your settings across devices, new secure mode that can hide and encrypt your files from other users, and a storage analyzer to see exactly what's eating into your storage space, and where.

Manage files

  • Find files easily from the fully-customizable home screen with quick access tiles
  • Categories music, picture, and video files, along with sections for archives, documents
  • Integrated audio & video players
  • Recycle bin* allows you to restore & manage deleted files
  • Easily manage external storage such as microsd cards and usb otg drives (if supported)
  • Access to hidden files and folders* – see system protected data
  • Quickly pick up where you left off using the recent files feature
  • Add files to archives to save space and data
  • Link up with nearby devices via bluetooth
  • Login profile can save your app settings and personalizations across devices

Secret Vault
  • File commander’s vault allows you to protect your sensitive data
  • Select desired files & folders and secure them from prying eyes
  • Strong password encryption ensures no one can access your files but you
  • Try Solid Explorer it's the best looking file and cloud manager with two independent panels

Cloud drive
  • Get 5gb of free storage (or up to 50gb for premium) to safely store your files
  • Share any files & folders without limitations
  • Available offline – convenient access to selected mobisystems drive files even without an internet or data connection
  • Support for the most popular cloud services: google drive, dropbox, box & microsoft onedrive
  • Pc file transfer – manage & transfer your files and folders directly from your pc
  • Access windows/smb based local network locations, ftp/ftps servers & remote shares (for sony xperia devices)

file commander premium activation key free


File Commander Premium v7.5.41160 [Mod] / Mirror / Mirror
Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf v1.13 [Subscribed]

Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf v1.13 [Subscribed]

Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf is the ideal coach companion for learning Chess, he plays with you and explains everything, step-by-step. Complete beginners are welcome; good for intermediate players too. While you play chess, he teaches, pointing out strategic ideas and helping with mistakes. There are also twenty five lessons, going in-depth into each concept with ample opportunities for guided practice. Dr. Wolf himself is friendly, gentle, and occasionally witty. As you learn new chess skills and use them in your games, Dr. Wolf will introduce new concepts to master. Whenever you use a skill in game, Dr. Wolf acknowledges it and you earn points. The best way to learn anything is with a coach. Dr. Wolf will coach you for free for 3 games of chess so that you can appreciate his style of in-game teaching.

Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf Subscribed will coach you for free for 3 games of chess so that you can appreciate his style of in-game teaching.

Then, to continue learning, you may subscribe to Coaching. With Coaching, Dr. Wolf teaches while you play chess, pointing out good moves and bad — both yours and his — and the reasoning behind them. At times, he'll gently suggest you reconsider a move, or ask a question at a critical moment. Plus, you get unlimited hints, unlimited undos, and unlimited access to our Lesson Library, with twenty five lessons in Dr. Wolf's unique style.

Whether or not you choose to subscribe, Dr. Wolf will always play chess with you. He'd never say no to a good game of chess. 


Genius Scan+ Pro 6.0.2 cracked APK [Latest]

Genius Scan+ Pro 6.0.2 cracked APK [Latest]

Genius scan+

Genius Scan+ PDF Scanner

Genius Scan+ pro quickly scan documents and export your scans as JPEG or PDF with multiple pages. Genius Scan has more than 20 million users and has won several productivity app prizes and awards! Genius Scan+ integrates with Box, Dropbox, Evernote or any other cloud service app installed on your Android phone to let you export your scans wherever you want.

  • Save time with our powerful scanning technology
  • Automatic, real-time, document detection and perspective correction
  • Magic mode to snap the photos hand-free
  • Batch mode to scan several pages in a row
  • Enhance the scans with color or black-and-white post-processing
  • Edit your scans long after scanning your documents
  • Genius Scan+ send the scans as JPEG or PDF by email or FTP
  • Export documents to any app supporting JPEG or PDF files
  • Create PDF documents with multiple scans
  • Smart Document Names: name your documents according to customized patterns
  • Tag your documents to quickly find them

What's New
  • This new version brings important improvements
  • Improve the Biometric Lock feature
  • the ability to see documents as a grid or a list
  • importing multiple images now creates a single document instead of a document per image
  • Japanese and Portuguese translations

Genius scan+ APK


Genius Scan+ Pro 6.0.5 APK (13Mb) / Mirror / Mirror
Fitify Pro v1.15.0 APK is Here! [Latest]

Fitify Pro v1.15.0 APK is Here! [Latest]


Fitify pro full apk

Fitify Pro is your ultimate full body workout app to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle & strength. Fitify Pro offers HIIT, Tabata, Strength Trainings, Cardio and Recovery sessions with easy-to-follow video exercises With over 900 exercises in the work out app, your daily workout routines are always fresh, fun & effective! Work out anywhere, anytime using any fit tool. No equipment required, but if you have one - take advantage of it! However, we are the only app out here providing also Workouts and Plans with fit tools

Fitness Plans
  • Weekly training plan full of Workout and Recovery sessions
  • Workouts only take 15-25 minutes to complete.
  • HIIT, Tabata, Strength Trainings, Cardio and Recovery sessions with easy-to-follow video exercises.
  • See history and track your awesome progress!

What can we do for you?
  • Personalized fitness plan - custom training plan based on your experience, goal and time options. Each workout routine is created based on your personal fitness level to get you the best results.
  • 15 minutes daily workouts
  • over 900 bodyweight & fit tools exercises - so the workout is always fun, unique and effective
  • Fitify Pro blend your own workout from our beast database of over 900 exercises.
  • 20+ prebuilt workouts - choose body part, type of training and duration
  • 15+ prebuilt recovery sessions - Stretching, Yoga, and Foam Rolling sessions
  • ability to build your own “Custom workout” from our huge exercise database
  • works offline
  • voice coach
  • Whether you go bodyweight or use a tool like Kettlebell, you can choose to follow a plan or run any of our prebuilt workouts. Choose body part, type of training, duration. That’s it.
  • clear HD video demonstrations

Workout Blender
Blender feature is available by default so your fitness routine is never the same. Each workout is fresh and fun so you're still motivated on your fitness journey. The download and usage of Fitify is free of charge. Get your training plan and extra features with the Pro version, which is available on a subscription basis. You can always cancel the subscription here in Google Play/Subscriptions. When you cancel, access to the Pro features will expire at the end of the current payment period. There is no increase in price when renewing. We provide 10 days money back warranty.

SnapTube Premium v5.19.1.5191701 APK [VIP]

SnapTube Premium v5.19.1.5191701 APK [VIP]

Snaptube vip APK 2020
SnapTube premium is a simple but VIP video downloader tool with modded tools. SnapTube latest app has several search options, including a catalog with 11 subcategories, a section for popular videos, a section for videos with the most views, plus another with daily recommendations.You can choose the quality of the download to save space on your phone's memory. You can also choose to download only the audio, which is useful when you just want to save a song or an album. Recent updates also allow the download of Facebook and Instagram videos. SnapTube also offers multiple resolutions for each download so you can adjust the video quality to save more phone storage. The app also comes with a multi-format download, so you are sure to find the video format that is compatible to your device’s multimedia player. More so, SnapTube has a direct MP3 download feature for those who only want to download just the audio instead of the whole video. to download Youtube in Windows Use YTD Video Downloader

  • No banner ads.
  • Download In a Snap Very fast downloads
  • Download in multiple resolutions Upto 4K
  • Direct mp3 downloads
  • Search videos with keywords
  • Enable ‘Batch download’ feature
  • Manage video downloads
  • Discover new videos
  • YouTube, DailyMotion ,Instagram, More in a simple, fast, and convenient. 
  • Simultaneous downloading of multiple files
  • Permanently removed app ads
  • SnapTube premium mod supported formats: mp4, avi, flv, 3gp, mp3, aac
  • Enable ‘2K & 4K’ download option for some HD videos.

Videoder premium is an amazing YouTube Music & Video download utility for your Android Smart-Phone. It has been loved and appreciated by over 20 million users around the world.

How to Install:
  • Download APK
  • First time only) Turn on Unknown sources
  • Then you can click the downloaded APK to install
  • That's It Enjoy SnapTube VIP Full😊

SnapTube VIP Adfree Apk Free Downlaod

SnapTube Premium v5.19.1.5191701 [VIP] / Mirror / Mirror 

SnapTube VIP Cracked [11Mb] / Mirror / Mirror
SeriesGuide Premium v59.1 APK is Here! [Latest]

SeriesGuide Premium v59.1 APK is Here! [Latest]

Seriesguide premium apk latest
With SeriesGuide Premium you can find shows and movies to watch, SeriesGuide keep track of your watched episodes and movies, get notifications about upcoming episodes and back it up and sync it across devices. Unlocked all features and support SeriesGuide! You will get more list widget options, notifications for new episodes and more. You also support continued fixes and new features.
  • Find shows with new episodes, which are popular or are similar to those you are watching.
  • Explore movies currently in cinemas, released digitally or on disk.
  • Sign into SeriesGuide Cloud to backup and sync your shows, lists and movies.
  • Connect your Trakt account to access your watchlist and collection, check in, rate and comment. Sync watched episodes and movies between apps and media centers supported by Trakt.
  • Add an extension button provided by a third-party app or build your own:
  • No tracking Open source.
  • Get the subscription to unlock all features and support SeriesGuide! You will get more list widget options, notifications for new episodes and more. You also support continued fixes and new features.
  • You can not watch episodes or movies. For episodes only the release date on the original network is listed.
  • This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.
  • This app uses data and images by Trakt.
  • Example shows by Das Erste/ARD ( and ZDF ( 
What's New
  • Switch show data source to (TMDB). Shows need to update before all features, like Trakt or Cloud, can be used again. 
  • SeriesGuide shows or episodes not available on TMDB remain in your library until you remove that show, Trakt and Cloud features do no longer work with them.
  • Display most popular watch provider. Powered by JustWatch via TMDb.
  • Lists can now only contain shows.

Seriesguide premium full apk
The Guardian Premium v6.61.12604 APK [Subscribed]

The Guardian Premium v6.61.12604 APK [Subscribed]

The Guardian Premium

The Guardian app provides breaking news and full access to all of our award-winning journalism. upgrade to The Guardian premium tier for supporting Guardian independent journalism the most rewarding way for you to experience The Guardian. With the premium tier you can enjoy new ways to explore the journalism you love. This app is totally free to use. If you choose to upgrade to the premium tier, your payment will be processed by Google Play. World news, live updates & opinion - take your news feed with you, wherever you are. Explore stories, US headlines, content and media on a whole range of topics; from business to music, politics, sport, culture & much more.
Premium tier:
  • Experience the app advert-free
  • Play our daily crosswords
  • Access specially curated content
  • Discover - a new way to explore the best stories, recipes,
  • long reads and more at the moment that suits you
  • NYTimes Subscribed APK [Premium]
  • Live - a new and faster way to catch up on every breaking news story and all the latest developments as they unfold

  • Access the full range of free journalism,
  • Receive breaking news alerts to be informed of the big moments
  • Enjoy award-winning audio, video and interactive content, as well as full-screen galleries, with stunning Retina-quality images
  • Keep reading even when you’re offline
  • Make The Guardian Premium yours by choosing the sections and topics that appear on your home screen
  • Follow your favourite stories, series, writers and football teams for personal notifications
  • The premium Save any content you want to keep for a later date
  • Read comments on articles and share your own thoughts
  • Search by keyword, topic, series, section, or contributor
  • Upgrade to the premium tier for our daily crosswords, specially curated content, extracts from Books, and an advert-free experience

News that matters - 5 reasons to download The Guardian App:
  • Breaking news alerts, straight to your phone.
  • Top stories & award-winning journalism
  • News feed & customizable content
  • World news & US updates in business, politics and more
  • Sports news & updates, from NFL to F1

The guardian subscribed premium apk


The Guardian Premium 6.61.12604 APK [15Mb] / Mirror / Mirror
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