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Aug 17, 2022

Focus To-Do Premium v12.3 APK is Here! [Latest]


Focus to-do premium apk latest

Focus To-Do combines premium pomodoro Timer with Task Management, Focus To-Do is a science-based app that will motivate you to stay focused and get things done. It brings Pomodoro Technique and To Do List into one place, you can capture and organize tasks into your todo lists, start focus timer and focus on work & study, set reminders for important tasks and errands, check the time spent at work. It's the ultimate app for managing Tasks, Reminders, Lists, Calendar events, Grocery lists, checklist, helping you focus on work & study and tracking your working hours. Focus To-Do syncs between your phone and computer, so you can access your lists from anywhere.

Key Features: 
  • Stay focused and get more things done.
  • Pause and resume Pomodoro
  • Customizable pomodoro/breaks lengths
  • Notification before the end of a Pomodoro
  • Support for short and long breaks
  • Skip a break after the end of a Pomodoro
  • Setting a Reminder ensures you never forget important things ever again, you can set up recurring due dates to remind you each and every time.
  • Break down your task into smaller, actionable items or add a checklist .
  • Highlight your day’s most important To-Do with color-coded priority levels.
  • Estimate the workload or set a goal.
  • Record more detailed about the task.
  • Task Organizer, Schedule Planner, Reminder, Habit Tracker, Time Tracker
  • View and manage your goals wherever you are for better goal achieving.
  • Support seamless synchronization within iPhone、Mac、Android、Windows、iPad、Apple Watch.
  • Turn your focused moments into a lovely plant, a interesting way to build motivation and makes you productive
  • Focus on work and study, generate sunlight for the plant, and grow with the plant.
  • Stop getting distracted by apps when focusing and get more things done.
  • Focus Timer finished alarm, vibration reminding.
  • Various white noise to help you focus on work & study.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report
  • View all of your tracked time in a calendar view.
  • Support prevention of screen lock:
  • Check the pomodoro time left by keeping the screen on.
  • Get easy access to your to do by adding a checklist widget to your home screen
  • Tasks and projects: Organise your day with Focus To-Do and complete your to do, study, work, homework or housework you need to get done.
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How it works:
  • Pick a task you need to accomplish.
  • Set a timer for 25 minutes, keep focused and start working.
  • When the pomodoro timer rings, take a 5 minute break.
Focus to-do premium apk latest


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