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Sep 23, 2018
My APK APK is Here! [LATEST]

My APK APK is Here! [LATEST]

My APK AdFree

My APK AdFree

My APK will extract apk (including system apk) and save file for backup to SD card (microSD card or secondary SD card, external storage, etc). My APK Is useful APK tool helps you easily share apk to your friends via Bluetooth, email or social network apps.

My APK features
  • My APK can be used as an app manager
  • List all of your apps (including system apps)
  • Filter app by application type: system (pre-installed) or user (third party apps)
  • Sort app by name, package name, installed and updated date, app size (ascending or descending)
  • Search app quickly by enter its name or package name
  • Backup/export/extract app (support batch processing and compress to zip file before saving) to apk (APK extractor for apk backup). It is super fast for even many heavy apps and games
  • Save apk to SD card easily with a built in File explorer (You can create new folder here if needed)
  • Extract app info in a very detail level. It lists all of activities, services, apk permissions, signature, min sdk version, etc used in an app (useful Android tool for developer)
  • Share app (support batching processing and compress to zip file before sending) via bluetooth, social network: Facebook, Skype, Gmail, etc
  • Share app Play store link (support multiple apps) easily
  • Create shortcut for app (depends on your launcher, the behavior may be different)
  • Uninstall app
  • Search similar apps on Play store
  • Browse app internal and external data folder (works on some file explorers: esfile explorer, etc)
  • Extract the app icon for your own purpose (icon extractor)
  • Search apps by permissions, activities, services,...

General features: 
  • Material design: parallax effect when scrolling app detail information for better user experience 
  • Theme support with 6 built-in primary colors (there is a really black color that is optimized for your AMOLED screen on Samsung and some other devices)


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