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Oct 1, 2022

Ascomp PDF-compress Professional [giveaway]

pdf compressor pro
With Ascomp PDF-compress Professional you can optimize your PDF files so that they do not take up more storage space than absolutely necessary. Depending on the structure and content of the PDF document, compression rates of up to 95% can be achieved. In a test with over 1,000 randomly selected PDF files from different sources, an average compression rate of almost 50% was achieved. The PDF format is ideal for presenting and sharing complex texts, diagrams, graphics and forms. However, PDF files are therefore often very extensive, which in turn is actually a knockout criterion for sharing. 

Ascomp PDF-compress Pro uses different approaches for compression. For example, images contained in the document can be compressed losslessly, special optimization technology (MRC) can be applied, and blank pages and annotations can be removed from the PDF structure. Optionally, the image quality can also be reduced in several stages and an optimization for the display on the web can be carried out. 

  • Quickly and easily compress PDF files.
  • Recover storage space by reducing the PDF size.
  • Overcome email file attachment limits.
  • Compression rates of up to 95%.
  • Apply special optimization technology (MRC)
  • Compress images contained in the document losslessly.
  • Remove blank pages and annotations from PDF strcuture.
  • Reduce image quality on the documents in several stages for the display on the web.
  • Smaller file sizes mean you can store more files on your hard drive or send them via email without worrying about exceeding storage limits.
  • Reduced bandwidth usage means lower costs for sending compressed files across the web, which in turn means reduced operating costs for businesses with high volume uploads and downloads like online retailers or video streaming services.
  • Larger document searchability ensures that all text remains intact even after being compressed, enabling users to find information quickly and easily regardless of how many pages have been condensed into one small file.

Ascomp PDF-compress Professional license key

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Ascomp PDF-compress Professional license key

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