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Sep 28, 2022

Advanced Installer Architect 20.0 Crack [Latest]

Advanced installer pro

Advanced Installer Architect

Advanced Installer Architect is a pro windows installer authoring tool with portable options. Advanced Installer enables developers and system administrators to easily build reliable MSI packages. It is a very complex technology mastering it on your own takes months of hard work. It creates a high level abstraction on top of the underlying technology. With a clean, simple user interface, each operation is logical and intuitive. Everything is done in the user interface, without complicated scripts to learn or arcane database tables to edit.
  • Painlessly capture, customize and repackage existing installations into msi packages.
  • Extended and update your msix packages
  • Mitigate appcompat issues without writing any code
  • Control hyper-v instances from repackager
  • Advanced Installer Architect support for microsoft's application virtualization technology.
  • Control vmware instances from repackager
  • Open existing app-v 5.X packages with advanced installer, edit and save the changes from a friendly gui.
  • Create transforms or quickly edit existing msi packages directly from the advanced installer gui.
What's New:
  • Automation via PowerShell
  • Predefined launch condition to detect if Windows has a pending reboot
  • Add detection for Java 9 and newer Java bundles
  • New predefined property for the localized value of "Local Service" account
  • Improved code performance for Visual Assets when importing an AppX / MSIX
  • Updated input validations for AppX / MSIX Declaration views
  • Notification on component change
  • New flag for AddFile and UpdateFile command line: /SignFile
  • Support updates setup HTTP URL relative to updates config file URL
  • Register Floating License Server command line support
  • Redistribute "signtool.exe" with Advanced Installer Architect
  • Visiting the Visual Assets or Package Information views incorrectly marked the project as modified

More Notes:
We're not caught up in a loop. We are just so excited about our new PowerShell automation interface that we can't help it. Faster script execution, code completion, project interrogation, object-level management, pipeline, and many other powerful features will allow you to completely automate your Advanced Installer Architect project updates and CI/CD build pipelines.

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