Dec 28, 2020

Bladient icons v2.4 APK is Here! [Patched]

Bladient icons full apk
Bladient icons is a brand new icon pack with 2800 and will reach 3000 icons. Bladient requires a custom launcher to work properly. Squircle shapes with colorful gradients colors inside them, If you are using go launcher, flax icon pack does not support masking. So stop asking me and stop rating 1 stars because of go launcher's masking problem. It did not happen because of me or any icon pack developer.

  • 2800+ icons and will reach 3000 icons using updates from requests.
  • 3500+ Themed Activities
  • Dynamic Calendar icons
  • Exclusive 27 Cloud Based Wallpapers
  • Missing Icons Request Tool
  • Regular Updates
  • BluePrint dashboard by Jahir Fiquitiva
  • Icons Designed by Ghani Pradita & Max Patchs.

How to Apply:
  • Download a custom launcher like Nova
  • Open the Bladient icons and navigate to the "Apply" tab.
  • Select your dedicated launcher and you are set to go!
  • To access the wallpapers, simply go into the app, select the "Wallpapers" tab, and pick from over a dozen homemade walls!

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