8 Sep 2019

Sliced Icon Pack v1.1.3 APK is Here! [FREE]

Sliced icon pack APK
Sliced Icon Pack is a fresh material design icon pack with precisely sliced out icons and a vibrant color template. You need a third party Launcher with icon pack support to make use of this icon pack. For any bug reports or feedback, please email me. I'll try my best to respond


  • Slick Blueprint dashboard app by developer Jahir Fiquitiva
  • Has over 730 themed icons included. (Initial release)
  • Folder icons
  • Weekly updates
  • 14 cloud based wallpapers (Initial release)
  • All icons are made in QHD resolution
  • Support for every major launcher
  • Icon Request tool

How to Apply:
  • Download a custom launcher like Nova
  • Open the Sliced Icon Pack and navigate to the "Apply" tab.
  • Select your dedicated launcher and you are set to go!
  • To access the wallpapers, simply go into the app, select the "Wallpapers" tab, and pick from over a dozen homemade walls!

Sliced icon pack free download APK

Sliced Icon Pack v1.1.3 APK [13Mb] / Mirror / Mirror

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