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Aug 6, 2020

YoWindow Weather Premium v2.21.16 APK [Pro]

YoWindow is a unique premium weather app. The magic of pro YoWindow is a living landscape that reflects your actual weather. For instance, if it's raining - it rains in the app. The sunset and the sunrise in app happens at exactly the same time as in real life. But the great thing is you can scroll the time forward. Just swipe the screen and you will see how the weather is going to change throughout the day. AccuWeather offers the same Superior Accuracy and great experience across all Android smartphones

  • All the weather at your fingertips
  • Time-scroll - see weather at any moment
  • Full featured weather station
  • Turn any picture into landscape or browse our collection
  • You see the current weather, the forecast for today and for several days ahead.
  • Temperature near Windows clock
  • Real cloud coverage, rain/snow, fog, grass swings to the wind, Sun, Moon, mist, thunderstorms...
  • The weather forecast is provided by yr.no and NWS - the leading meteorological organizations.
  • The artwork is designed down to the smallest detail. Choose a landscape that fits best for your area.
  • Get ready for surprises :-)

What's New:
  • Dark glass removed automatically in the night, so you can see the landscape better.
  • Reflection effect at the bottom instead of black bar.
  • Short term weather forecast (1 hour intervals).
  • Weather icons displayed in every cell of the forecast widget and forecast notification.
  • Weekend displayed correctly for major muslim countries - on Fri and Sat.
  • YoWindow premium is a window in your pocket

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