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Mar 28, 2021
Amber Weather Premium v4.7.1 Cracked APK [PRO]

Amber Weather Premium v4.7.1 Cracked APK [PRO]

Amber weather premium full apk

Amber weather premium

Amber Weather premium the best clock and weather widget for android is here waiting for you! This best widget is a full featured, completely customizable digital clock and weather forecast widget. With it, you can get clock and weather information conveniently. It provides accurate local weather information like highest/lowest temperature and current weather conditions. This clock and weather widget for android, definitely your best widget choice in daily life. Features of this best clock and weather widget. Amber Weather widget can display the current temperature and time date of current location, simple weather information, daily and hourly forecast, battery level, Internet connection status, next alarm, next calendar event, battery level and more
Detailed current weather forecast display that includes location time, sunrise and sunset, temperature and humidity, pressure, chance of rain, dew point, visibility, UV index, wind speed and direction, weather current condition . Live weather background wallpaper and real weather day night live wallpapers as in-app screen according to the current weather condition.Daily and hourly weather forecast, includes weather prediction, the high / low temperature, rainfall, wind, etc. Severe Weather Alerts: Informing the real-time weather alerts and weather warnings.

The app features the following:
  • Get current weather and weather forecasts for any location in the world (The app is translated into over 30 languages for you to easily use it)
  • Detailed weather report: current temperature, wind speed, and direction, humidity, visibility, atmospheric pressure, air quality index (AQI), dew point and UV index.
  • Hourly forecasts, 7 days forecasts, and longrange weather forecasts
  • Climate overview: to check monthly H/L temperature in a year
  • Inadvanced severe weather for today alerts, like heavy raining & Typhoon
  • Warmly outdoor sports tips based on realtime Air Quality
  • Offer daytime & Moon Phase graphics, help you know the weather better
  • Send you with brief weather tips in the morning before work, and in the evening before sleep
  • Save your favorite locations to quickly get forecasts
  • Current weather for today notification
  • Over 90 home screen widgets in different sizes and themes (trybeforeyoubuyservice available)
  • Refreshing Material Designbased UI
Aug 15, 2020
AccuWeather Platinum 8.0.0 Cracked APK [PRO]

AccuWeather Platinum 8.0.0 Cracked APK [PRO]

Accuweather pro APK
AccuWeather platinum helps you prepare for today’s weather with its state of the art  pro tracker technology. Download AccuWeather today for free and enjoy award-winning superior accuracy in weather forecasting on your Android device. Get ready for the season with it’s weather alerts that are superior in their accuracy. Be prepared with the daily forecast or sudden severe changes in weather with live alerts and accurate weather forecasts. So whether there’s wind, rain, or even a hurricane - you can stay one step ahead with it’s weather radar. Go beyond today's weather forecast. From the daily forecast to snowstorm weather warnings, you control what type of information you get. Whether you want today’s weather or today’s temperature, it is weather forecasting with a difference!

Why you’ll love using AccuWeather Platinum:

  • Accurate weather forecasts whenever and wherever you need them
  • Severe weather warnings that keep you safe - From storms to high wind, be prepared for any severe weather event on the horizon with real-time weather warnings and storm alerts.
  • Today’s temperature in detail - RealFeel Temperature® technology tells you the difference between how the weather looks and how it actually feels.
  • Weather updates wherever you are - Get local forecasts when you’re at home or worldwide weather updates when you’re on vacation.
  • Live weather 24/7 - Check up to 15 days in advance or check out our weather radar for accurate weather forecasts every minute!

Features that will help the AccuWeather pro work for you:

  • Local forecasts that you can personalize, depending on where you are in the world.
  • Today's weather forecast and beyond. Look 15 days ahead to ensure that you’re prepared for any rain or severe weather alerts with it’s weather radar technology.
  • Live weather, minute by minute! Try the MinuteCast tracker for the most up to date weather alerts.
  • Weather forecasting is brought to life with trending videos from  news team.
  • Daily forecast updates filtered according to your preferences. Hide any weather alerts that aren’t right for you. 
Accuweather full APK

AccuWeather v8.0.0 Mod [Premium] / Mirror / Mirror
Aug 6, 2020
YoWindow Weather Premium v2.21.16 APK [Pro]

YoWindow Weather Premium v2.21.16 APK [Pro]

YoWindow is a unique premium weather app. The magic of pro YoWindow is a living landscape that reflects your actual weather. For instance, if it's raining - it rains in the app. The sunset and the sunrise in app happens at exactly the same time as in real life. But the great thing is you can scroll the time forward. Just swipe the screen and you will see how the weather is going to change throughout the day. AccuWeather offers the same Superior Accuracy and great experience across all Android smartphones

  • All the weather at your fingertips
  • Time-scroll - see weather at any moment
  • Full featured weather station
  • Turn any picture into landscape or browse our collection
  • You see the current weather, the forecast for today and for several days ahead.
  • Temperature near Windows clock
  • Real cloud coverage, rain/snow, fog, grass swings to the wind, Sun, Moon, mist, thunderstorms...
  • The weather forecast is provided by and NWS - the leading meteorological organizations.
  • The artwork is designed down to the smallest detail. Choose a landscape that fits best for your area.
  • Get ready for surprises :-)

What's New:
  • Dark glass removed automatically in the night, so you can see the landscape better.
  • Reflection effect at the bottom instead of black bar.
  • Short term weather forecast (1 hour intervals).
  • Weather icons displayed in every cell of the forecast widget and forecast notification.
  • Weekend displayed correctly for major muslim countries - on Fri and Sat.
  • YoWindow premium is a window in your pocket

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