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Sep 29, 2018

Autoroid v1.6.3.3 APK is Here [Patched]

Autoroid automation app for android

Autoroid - Automation Device Settings

Autoroid is automation app to change device settings for android. Autoroid lets you set apps that launch and exit connect (wi-fi, bluetooth, earphone) events and automatically set the environment you set. You can also change the settings of the phone depending on the time with the scheduling and profile function.

Support Event:
  • Wi-Fi connection / disconnection
  • Bluetooth connection / disconnection
  • Earphone plugged / unplugged
  • Battery charge plugged / unplugged
  • Location enter / exit
  • Root Command

Possible values:

  • Set up a Wi-Fi connection
  • Bluetooth connection setup
  • Screen Brightness
  • Direction of rotation (force rotation supported regardless of app support)
  • Automatic screen off time setting
  • Media volume setting
  • Sound mode setting
  • GPS and mobile data setup (security setup permission is required using ADB tool)
  • Hotspot settings
  • Sync setting
  • Do Not Disturb setting
  • NFC setting
  • Adguard, Poweramp Third Party Peristalsis
  • Other Root privileges can be changed
  • Data backup/restore


  • Ability to change settings to user's environment by monitoring application execution
  • Automatic termination and retention of other app conversions during app launch
  • Time setting function with scheduling notification setting
  • Change apps and settings when connecting and terminating events such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Save setup profile and change settings at once, and launch launcher support

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