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Sep 23, 2021

MyLifeOrganized Pro 4.0.2 Cracked APK [Latest]

mylifeorganized pro latest apk

MyLifeOrganized Pro [MLO]

MyLifeOrganized leads to a Pro level of productivity you can manage not only tasks but projects, habits and even life goals. Designed to strike a balance between the simple and the complex, MyLifeOrganized comes with optional contexts, tags, stars, flags, reminders, dates, priorities, completely customizable filters and views that make MLO flexible enough to adapt to your own system for managing your tasks. It is particularly suited for those who are truly serious about personal task management.Once loaded with your information, MLO goes to work and generates a simple list containing only the next actions that require your immediate attention. This list is updated auto-magically once you complete a task, drive to a new location, or simply if it is dinner time.

MyLifeOrganized free features:
  • unlimited hierarchy of tasks and subtasks: organize your tasks into projects and break down large tasks until you have reasonably sized actions
  • Full GTD® (Getting Things Done®) support
  • Next Actions: automatically get a list of tasks that require your attention now
  • MLO Smart To-Do List Sorting using the priorities of the task and its parents
  • Filter actions by context
  • Inbox for rapid task entry
  • Starred tasks
  • Zoom: focus on a specific branch of tasks
  • Reminders
  • Templates for a quick start with different task management systems such as GTD®, FranklinCovey and Do-It-Tomorrow
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PRO Unlocked
  • Complete tasks from your list in a specific order
  • Calendar view: measure your daily workload
  • Project tracking
  • Nearby view: get a list of actions for your current GPS location, with reminders as you reach or leave the location
  • Custom views with filtering, sorting and grouping, to match the system that works for you
  • Recurring and regenerating tasks
  • Rapid task entry with advanced parsing: add tasks with ready-made properties using the app, widget or Google Assistant
  • Workspaces (tabs): switch quickly between projects or views
  • Dependencies: MLO can work with sequential and parallel projects, holding up tasks that can not start until other tasks are finished
  • Review: flag tasks for regular review to add new subtasks or change priorities
  • Floating Promoted Action Button: add a new task or perform another action from anywhere on the screen
  • Customizable widgets
  • Actions from the notification area
  • Password protection, and many more
mylifeorganized pro full apk
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