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Jan 25, 2022

Habitify Premium v12.0.2 APK is Here! [Latest]

Habitify full apk latest

Habitify Premium

Habitify Pro is a Premium android habit tracker app, Habitify helps you build new habits and maintain the perfect daily routine that you have always planned. With a minimal and intuitive design, The app will make monitoring your life becomes completely effortless. Due to its simple and todo-style design, iT is not only a personal habit tracker. It can also serve as your to-do lists for recurring tasks, your daily routine planner or your performance report. You can note down anything about your daily habits: why you start it, what motivates you, what you achieved today... Whenever you need, you can always go back and view all the notes in one place.

  • Organize habits and create your system for success
  • Create and group our habits by time of the day
  • Different areas of your life so as to best suit your routine and lifestyle.
  • Never forget a habit with Smart Reminder
  • Track your progress precisely and build beautiful streaks of habit completion.
  • Smart reminders are set up not only to notify you of a habit,
  • but to make sure you won’t skip it by getting you fully motivated and ready
  • Ttrack your progress and get motivated with streaks
  • The longer your streak is, the more motivated you become to maintain it.
  • Know yourself, better your performance.
  • Analyze your performance through detailed tracking statistics including your daily performance,
  • Completion trend and rate, daily average and total. 
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Features of habitify habit tracker
  • Unlimited habits, reminders, check-ins, skips and timer usage
  • Unlimited notes for reflection
  • Privacy Lock
  • Habit management: create, organize, complete and skip habits
  • Customizable habit and habit area display
  • A system of smart habit reminders.
  • Statistics for each habit: completion, streaks and trend.
  • Detailed tracking of completion progress: trend, completion rate, calendar, daily average and total.
  • Habit notes for reflection

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