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Sunday, 23 April 2017
DU Battery Saver Pro v4.6.5 Cracked APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

DU Battery Saver Pro v4.6.5 Cracked APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

DU Battery Saver Pro Latest Version

DU Battery Saver is a FREE battery saving app that makes your battery last longer, and can help you get up to 50% more battery life for your Android phone! Over 400 million users around the world love DU Battery Saver. With DU Battery Saver's smart pre-set battery power management modes, one-touch controls and healthy battery charger stage features, you can solve battery problems and extend your battery life.


Why DU Battery Saver is a MUST-HAVE app?

  • Convenient Battery Saver - The "OPTIMIZE" home screen widget allows you to stop power-consumptive background apps with one tap to boost your battery life. 

  • Smart Pre-set Modes - Choose the mode that fits your battery power usage, or customize to find the right balance of battery life and performance using our battery saver

  • Phone Cooler - The cool down feature works by systematically monitoring, managing, and disabling CPU-intensive apps in order to reduce phone temperature to a safe level and protect your hardware

  • Healthy Charging Manager - Track and implement healthy charging practices in different stages to keep your battery working its best. 

  • Added new Charging Screensaver - Boost charging speed by 20%,Optimize battery life with battery optimizer

  • Accurate Status - Smart technology helps you know exactly how much battery charging time you've got left with a detailed analysis of your Android apps and hardware.



  • One-Click Optimization: Instantly find and fix battery power consumption problems and unlock detailed settings to fine-tune your energy savings;

  • Anytime Optimization: Manage background apps and phone hardware easily with the smart home screen widget;

  • Accurate Status: See exactly how much battery charge you have left with a detailed analysis of your Android apps and hardware;

  • Smart Pre-set Modes: Choose or customize a mode that fits your energy usage;

  • Better Battery Details: View your phone's battery power level by percentage or by time remaining;

  • Healthy Charge Stage Manager: Track and implement healthy charging practices in different stages to keep your battery working its best; system to ensure you get the most out of your battery and reminds you not to over charge. It also has features that can monitor and regulate power consumption.

  • Widget Included: Our "Task Killer" widget will optimize your power consumption conveniently. The 4x1 widget makes it easier to manage Wifi, Data, Brightness, etc, and set power saving modes.

  • Accurately Estimates Remaining Battery Time: Tells how long battery will last under a variety of situations (playing games, wifi on or off, etc)

  • Battery Monitor, clearly shows the status of battery life and usage.


How To Install ?

1: Download Apk From Bellow

2: Install As Usual 

3: All Paid Pro Features Are Unlocked 

4: Enjoy !

DU Battery Saver Pro Apk Free Download
DU Battery Saver Pro Full APK


DU Battery Saver PRO v4.6.5 Apk [6MB] | Mirror | Mirror


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Chronus Pro Home v8.1 Cracked APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

Chronus Pro Home v8.1 Cracked APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

Chronus Pro Home & Lock widget

Chronus Pro Home & Lock widget 

Download Chronus Pro From Googleplay

Welcome to Chronus, a set of elegant Home & Lock screen Clock, Weather, News feed, Google Tasks, Stocks and Calendar widgets.As a flexible "Information" widget, Chronus is highly optimized in terms of CPU and data usage with the potential of replacing several other info widgets. Multiple Chronus widgets on the same device share the same back-end services and updates are batched. This makes the system use less battery while still providing the user with rich information. You can choose to use one or all of the features, those not used are completely disabled, using no CPU, data or battery.


Features - All versions 

  • Fully functional Flex, Flex (Analog), Clock+, Clock+ (Dash), Dash, News, Google Tasks and Weather Widgets

  • Highly customizable look and feel of almost all components

  • Weather panel with Yahoo!, OpenWeatherMap, Weather Underground, and weather providers

  • Weather, Calendar and Tasks notifications

  • News Feed panel and built-in RSS sources, Pocket support and an Internal Article Reader

  • Calendar panel showing a scrollable list of upcoming events

  • Highlight upcoming calendar events with custom colors and font bolding

  • Backup and restore widget settings

  • Add any two (2) DashClock Extensions in the Flex and 'Dash' widgets

  • Built-in Gmail, Missed Calls, Calendar and Text Messages extensions

  • CyanogenMod Weather Provider support 

PRO Features  

  • Additional Widgets (Forecast, Calendar, Clock+ (Forecast) and Stocks)

  • Custom Tap actions for Clock, Weather and Calendar to launch apps or activities

  • Change Clock and Weather panel alignment

  • Change Analog clock style

  • Month-view Calendar style

  • Calendar and Event colors

  • Set Widget backgrounds

  • Additional News providers (Feedly, Twitter, Reddit)

  • Daydream screensaver

  • Add unlimited DashClock Extensions

  • Android Wear support

  • Chronus Wear watch with Google Fit counters and weather forecast

Chronus Pro Home & Lock widget APK


Chronus Pro Home & Lock widget 8.0 Beta | Mirror | Mirror


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BlackPlayer EX v20.30 Cracked APK Is Here! [LATEST]

BlackPlayer EX v20.30 Cracked APK Is Here! [LATEST]

Blackplayer Ex Cracked Apk

BlackPlayer EX APK

BlackPlayer EX is a Premium elegant modern local Music player. It's easy to use and one of the fastest out there. BlackPlayer Exclusive – Premium MP3 Music Player for android it can do lots of thing than other player


BlackPlayer Standard Features

  • Plays standard locally stored music files, such as mp3, flac and wav.

  • Build-in Equalizer, BassBoost, Virtualizer, Left/Right sound balance.

  • Gapless playback

  • Tag editor

  • 3D Transition effects

  • 3 Widgets

  • Lyrics viewing and editing.

  • Lockscreen control support

  • Sleep Timer

  • Interchangeable fonts and themes.

  • Weekly most played tracks


BlackPlayer EX Features

  • Folder view

  • 6 Extra Fonts, including option to use System font.

  • 10 Color accents.

  • 3 Extra Themes

  • White Widget theme.

  • Extra Track information in Now Playing. Bitrate, samplingrate and format.

  • Customizable crossfading

  • Customize the Library pages completely. Add, Remove and sort.

  • Custom grid size for Artist & Albums.

  • Show Bitrate, samplingrate and format in Now Playing page.

  • Manually search and set Artist images.

  • Blacklist Folders and Tracks

  • White widget theme.

  • Zap, discover your music fast with this smart function. Auto plays random music tracks for 5 seconds each.

  • Floating window control widget

  • Visualizer, customizable (Beta)

  • Widget and Notification customizations.

  • View Artists as bigger grid.

  • View Genres as List and as Big list.

  • Played Tracks can be tracked monthly instead of weekly.

  • Blur effect to Lockscreen or Widget.

  • 2 Extra text animations

  • 1 Extra transition effect

  • Show queue position in widget.

  • Add “PLAYLISTS” page to the Library.

  • Hide any of the Sliding pages.

  • Developer love!

  • More upcoming features! EX version always gets the new features first!

Blackplayer Ex Apk Free Download


BlackPlayer EX v20.30 Beta APK [12MB] | Mirror | Mirror

Cracked APK + Full Data Download

Total Commander v2.80 beta 9 Cracked Apk Is Here! [LATEST]

Total Commander v2.80 beta 9 Cracked Apk Is Here! [LATEST]

total commander for android

Total Commander 


Download Total Commander From Googleplay

Total Commander For Android is a file manager replacement that offers multiple language support, search, file comparison, directory synchronization, quick view panel with bitmap display, ZIP, RAR, archive handling plus plugins, built-in FTP client with FXP, HTTP proxy support, and more.

Main features

  • Copy, Move whole subdirs

  • Drag & Drop (long press on file icon, move icon)

  • Inplace rename, create directories

  • Delete (no recycle bin)

  • Zip and unzip, unrar

  • Properties dialog, change permissions

  • Built-in text editor

  • Search function (also for text)

  • Select/unselect groups of files

  • Select by tapping on file icons

  • Select range: Long tap+release on icon

  • List of installed Apps (built-in plugin)

  • FTP and SFTP client (plugin)

  • WebDAV (Web folders) (plugin)

  • LAN access (plugin)

  • Plugins for cloud services: Google Drive, Microsoft Live, Dropbox

  • Root support for the main functions (optional)

  • Send files via Bluetooth (OBEX)

  • Thumbnails for pictures

  • Two panels side by side, or virtual two panel mode

  • Bookmarks

  • Directory history

  • Media player which can stream directly from LAN, WebDAV and cloud plugins

  • Configurable button bar for changing directories, internal commands, launching apps, and sending shell commands

  • Simple help function in English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Czech

  • Optimizations for visually impaired, like text for icon


Total Commander Supported languages of the main program: English, German, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Total Commander v2.80 beta 8 APK


Total Commander v2.80 beta 9 APK | Mirror | Mirror

Cracked APK + Full Data Download

Power Battery Battery Saver v1.8.3 Cracked Apk Is Here! [LATEST]

Power Battery Battery Saver v1.8.3 Cracked Apk Is Here! [LATEST]

Power Battery Paid Android

Power Battery Battery Saver 

Power Battery, as a professional battery saver app, could get up more battery life for Android phones or tablets. This smart app could supply functions of customizing power saver mode, running-app optimizer, battery power monitor, memory manager & clean and so on. Power Battery manages your battery life in the round.

Community supplies a communication platform for facebook friends and local users, included daily battery report, power-consumption info, power-saving info emission reduction info, etc. Stay tuned for much more wonderful features.



  • Accurately Estimates Remaining Battery Time

  • Power Saver & Monitor & Draining Detection

  • Memory Manager

  • List information of device software and hardware

  • Power Protection

  • Detail battery information, such as voltage, temperature, capacity, etc.

  • Customize power saver mode.   

  • Intelligent mode-switching.

  • Help fight against deceptive ads

  • Ad Free

Power Battery Battery Saver Paid

Power Battery Battery Saver v1.8.3 APK [5MB] | Mirror | Mirror

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Talon for Twitter (Plus) v6.3.0.1 Cracked APK Is Here! [LATEST]

Talon for Twitter (Plus) v6.3.0.1 Cracked APK Is Here! [LATEST]

Talon for Twitter

Talon for Twitter (Plus)


Download Talon for Twitter (Plus) From Googleplay

Created with Material Design at its core, Talon for Twitter Plus includes stunning layouts, eye catching animations, and that buttery smoothness you should expect from the latest and greatest apps. Talon gives you everything you could ever need to experience Twitter. Oh, and did I mention: Talon for Twitter is the highest rated Twitter app on the Play Store! Here's what makes it so special:


  • Materialized theme engine for fine-grained color control.

  • Completely custom swipe-able pages for the main screen. 

  • Night Mode and Do Not Disturb Mode. 

  • Compact Timeline Layout option to get the most out of your screen space.


  • Follow threads and view replies to any tweet!

  • Have favorite users? See only their tweets or have options to get notified whenever they post a new tweet!

  • Powerful mute options for users, retweets, hashtags, Twitter clients, and expressions

  • Support for 2 accounts.

  • Easily see who has quoted, liked, or retweeted any tweet!

  • Use TweetMarker to keep your timeline position between multiple devices!

Media Ready 

  • Use our awesome readability-style browser for the best web experience of any app.

  • Play Twitter videos and GIFs without leaving your timeline!

  • Search for the perfect GIF from Giphy.

  • Crop, rotate, and zoom to get the perfect photo before you post it

  • Native YouTube, Twitter GIF, and Twitter video playback.

Powerfully Quick and Integrated 

  • Advanced - and unique - tweet filtering on profiles, so you can choose what type of tweets you want to see, from that user!Android Wear app to view, like, retweet, and reply to new tweets on your timeline, without having to take out your phone.

  • Widgets to view the home timeline, mentions, and unread counts.

Talon for Twitter Plus Apk


Talon for Twitter (Plus) v6.3.0.1 APK [9MB] | Mirror | Mirror


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Camera Timestamp v3.431 Cracked APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

Camera Timestamp v3.431 Cracked APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

Camera Timestamp Full

Camera Timestamp 

Download Camera Timestamp From Googleplay

Finally, a fully functional camera that prints date/time and location (optional) on your photos as you take them!

Easily customize timestamp and location settings on your mobile device

  • Adjustable camera date/time.

  • Add custom text above the date/time stamp.

  • Choose a date/time format from many available formats.

  • Add your own custom date/time format.

  • Choose a text color – any color you want.

  • Choose a text size – automatic or choose your own size.

  • Text outline - make your text more visible when the text color is similar to its background color

  • Text location – lower left corner, lower right corner, upper left corner and upper right corner.

  • Support many text fonts

  • Geostamp - include location of the photo (optional).


  • Pinch to zoom

  • Silent camera

  • Support multiple picture resolution*

  • Front camera support*

  • White Balance*

  • Color Effects*

  • Scene Effects*

  • Toggle Autofocus*

  • Toggle Flash*

  • Countdown Timer

  • Use volume key as camera shutter

  • Guide lines 

Download Camera Timestamp APK

Camera Timestamp v3.431 APK [9MB] | Mirror | Mirror

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Friendly for Facebook v1.6.02 Cracked Apk Is Here! [LATEST]

Friendly for Facebook v1.6.02 Cracked Apk Is Here! [LATEST]

Friendly for Facebook Cracked

Friendly for Facebook

Best Facebook Alternative App! Lite and Fast!

Download Friendly for Facebook Form Googleplay. Over 10 Million Downloads!

Friendly is the most complete Facebook Lite and FB Messenger alternative. Built as an extension of the light Facebook mobile website, it preserves your battery, storage and data, while giving you back control over your news feed.


Facebook Messenger

No need to download another FB messanger app. You can chat and message your Facebook friends right within Friendly.


Facebook Video Download

Download videos from Facebook with Friendly. Easily save videos from Facebook so you can watch it later.


Customize Your FB News Feed

The brand spanking new Keyword Filtering feature for Android devices works in two ways: If you’re tired of seeing political posts, simply set your Keyword Filter to hide posts and articles containing the keywords “election,” “Republican,” or “Democrat”... and voilà: Any posts containing those words will not appear in your news feed.

Conversely, if you want to see more posts featuring cats (or posts from a close friend), you can set a Keyword Filter to highlight topics and users. Why settle for Facebook’s less-than-ideal algorithm when you can take full news feed control with Friendly?

Why You’ll Love Friendly 

  • Download videos from FacebooK

  • Take control of your news feed with Keyword Filters

  • Sort your news feed by most recent posts.

  • Block FB Ads

  • No need for another Facebook messenger app

  • Secure your account with Fingerprint & Passcode Lock

  • Quickly switch between multiple FB accounts

  • Beautiful material themes

  • Fast Facebook lite app! Don’t settle for anything else.

Friendly for Facebook Full Apk

Friendly for Facebook v1.5.02 Apk [12MB] | Mirror | Mirror

Cracked APK + Full Data Download

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