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Saturday, 21 October 2017
Chrooma Keyboard PRO v6.0 build 20247 Cracked APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

Chrooma Keyboard PRO v6.0 build 20247 Cracked APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

Chrooma Keyboard 4

Chrooma is A lightweight, fast keyboard that adapts itself to the app you are using, giving you a pleasant chromatic feeling.


Swipe typing

  • Resizable Keyboard

  • Chrooma Keyboard Supports STANDARD (English, Italian, Spanish, etc… ) and INDIC languages (more than 60 languages).

  • Night mode (change automatically color tonality according to the ambient light).

  • Choose between a gradient palette or the flat color.

  • A tons of emoji

  • Supports all devices

  • Remove change language button (option).

  • Remove language label on the spacebar(option).

  • Custom color picking for app.



  • Customizable long press duration.

  • Inverted theme (color letter, black/white background).

  • Amoled Theme

  • Long press to symbol on main keyboard page(option).

  • Number row(option). 


What's New


    • performance improvments

    • Brand new settings app

    • Multilanguage

    • New color styles

    • New prediction algorithm

    • Preference synchronization

    • Custom text on spacebar


      Chrooma Keyboard Pro - Emoji


      Chrooma Keyboard Pro 6.0 b20247 | Mirror [Android 4.4+]

      Chrooma Keyboard Pro 6.0 b20247 | Mirror [Android 4.4+]


      Cracked Apk + Full Data Download

      Shortcutter Quick Settings​ Premium v4.3.5 APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

      Shortcutter Quick Settings​ Premium v4.3.5 APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

      shortcutter quick settings​ full apk

      Shortcutter Quick Settings​ Premium

      Customise your existing Android Quick Settings pull-down with Shortcutters Quick Settings Tiles.

      Designed and developed to make your life easier, taking advantage of the excellent Tile Service API provided in android Nougat, with additional built in features such as Screen record & capture, a countdown timer & Dice..

      BETA Testers now welcome, Opt In:

      ** If you struggle to add tiles, please see the note at the bottom of this page and the popup when the app first starts**

      * 44 Additional Quick Settings Tiles available as standard (36 in the free version).
      * +5 Tiles for Advanced users with a little ADB knowledge & a PC.
      * +4 tiles for users with ROOT access.
      That's 53 Quick Setting Tiles for the power users out there!

      Available Tiles:

      - Auto Sync Tile
      - Battery Tile - Shows battery level percentage in icon with a link to the battery usage screen
      - Camera Launch Tile
      - Clicker Tile - Counts total clicks (can be reset in the "Customise Tiles" tab)
      - Countdown Timer Tile
      - Dice Tile - Random number generator (Define your own range in the app)
      - Data Usage Tile - Shows mobile data usage in defined 1 month cycle
      - Flashlight Tile
      - File Browser Tile
      - Font Size Tile
      - Touch Vibration / Haptic Feedback Tile
      - Location Mode Tile: Toggle Off, Device Only, Battery Saving & High Accuracy.*
      - Multi Window Tile
      - New Tweet Tile
      - New Email Tile
      - Next Alarm Tile - Displays your next alarm, 1 click takes you to your alarms screen.
      - Night Mode Tile - Shortcut to the night mode fragment
      - NFC Tile*
      - Power Menu Tile
      - Screen Lock Tile
      - Recent Apps Tile
      - RAM Usage Tile - Shows available vs. used RAM - click to view ram usage info.
      - Quick SMS Tile
      - Volume Panel Tile - Extra useful if your buttons are broken
      - Screen Timeout Tile
      - Screen Brightness Mode Tile - Auto/Manual
      - Screen Brightness Presets Tile - Select increments to toggle through (i.e 3 steps = 33%, 66%, 100% / + Auto)
      - Ring Mode Tile
      - Power Saver Tile*
      - Screen Wake Tile: Keep screen awake indefinitely until deactivated or the screen is turned off via the power button.
      - Screen Record Tile (Premium) - Record your screen, save to SD & view in gallery / share.
      - Screenshot Tile (Premium) - Captures your screen content as an image
      -- Custom save location for screenshots & recordings.
      - Web Search Tile
      - Voice Search Tile
      - SystemUI Tuner Tile - Launch the hidden SystemUI Tuner to control your status bar Icons & more.
      - 4 Custom App Tiles - Add a shortcut to any application on your device.
      - 4 Custom URL Tiles - Add a shortcut to any web address.

      *Shortcut to activity only if the app has no access to settings secure.

      For advanced users:
      - ADB Tile (toggle ADB on/off)
      - Ambient Display Tile (Low power state notifications)
      - Heads Up Notifications Tile
      - Immersive Mode/Expanded Desktop Tile - Mode Dialog for devices with Nav Bar (INCOMPATIBLE WITH MIUI)
      - Keep Screen On While Charging

      Additional ROOT Only Tiles:
      - Network Mode Tile (Toggle mobile network modes)
      - Reboot Tile
      - Reboot RecoveryTile
      - Wi-Fi Calling Tile (HTC Only)

      ** Some tile functionality may be impacted by manufacturer customisation, I always work within the remit of the stock Android system where possible.

      shortcutter quick settings​ apk free download

      Shortcutter Quick Settings​ Premium v4.3.5 APK | Mirror | Mirror

      Cracked APK + Full Data Download

      Spotify Music Premium v8.4.24.871 Cracked APK Is Here! [LATEST]

      Spotify Music Premium v8.4.24.871 Cracked APK Is Here! [LATEST]

      Spotify Music Cracked

      Spotify Music Premium

      Spotify is now free on mobile and tablet. Listen to the right music, wherever you are.

      With Spotify, you have access to a world of music. You can listen to artists and albums, or create your own playlist of your favorite songs. Want to discover new music? Choose a ready-made playlist that suits your mood or get personalized recommendations.Listen for free on mobile

      Spotify Premium features

      • Play any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle mode

      • Play any song, any time

      • Play any song, any time on any device--mobile, tablet, or your computer

      • Download music for offline listening.

      • Enjoy amazing sound quality.

      • No ads – just uninterrupted music.

      • No commitment - cancel any time you like.


      MOD Features

      • Unlocked Spotify Connect

      • Seek FWD button added to information bar/tablet mod

      • Visual ads blocked

      • Audio ads blocked

      • Seeking enabled

      • Unlimited shuffle

      • Choose any song

      • Extreme audio unlocked

      • Repeats enabled

      What's New

      We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on.

      Spotify Premium Beta Update Will Be Found Here


      Spotify Music Premium Full Apk Download


      Spotify Premium v8.4.24.871 | Mirror | Mirror -ARM

      Spotify Premium v8.4.24.871 | Mirror | Mirror -x86


      Cracked APK + Fulll Data Download


      EX Kernel Manager v3.37 Cracked Apk Is Here ! [LATEST]

      EX Kernel Manager v3.37 Cracked Apk Is Here ! [LATEST]

      EX Kernel Manager


      EX Kernel Manager APK


      EX Kernel Manager (EXKM) is a premium kernel manager. It gives you total control over your hardware. EXKM has a beautifully optimized material design user interface. Fully compatible with Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 9, HTC One S, HTC One m7, HTC One m8, HTC One m9, Asus ZenFone 2 and many other devices


      • Battery Monitor: Keep track of battery stats such as screen on time and idle drain

      • CPU Settings: Max freq, min freq, governor profiles, CPU boost, hotplugging, thermal control, voltage control (requires kernel support)

      • Graphics Settings: Max freq, min freq, governor

      • Advanced Color Control (requires kernel support): RGB controls, saturation, value, contrast and hue, save and apply custom profiles.

      • Gesture Options (requires kernel support): sweep2wake, doubletap2wake, sweep2sleep, haptic feedback, camera button, wake timeout and more

      • User Settings: add any custom setting you want, plus you can easily import/export your custom settings and share with other users

      • Sound Control (requires kernel support)

      • CPU Times: Show frequency usage and deep sleep, sort by frequency or usage

      • Update or Install ElementalX Kernel on Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 9, HTC One m7, HTC One m8 and HTC One m9.

      • Kernel Backup (Nexus devices only): save and restore kernel backups

      • Misc Settings: i/o scheduler, readahead, fsync, zRAM, KSM, USB fastcharge, TCP congestion algorithm, last kernel log, magnetic cover control, entropy settings and more!



      How To Install ?

       1: Download From Bellow Link

       2: Install Normally

       3: That's It Enjoy EX Kernel Manager 

      EX Kernel Manager 2.10 Apk


      EX Kernel Manager v3.37 APK [7MB] | Mirror | Mirror

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      MacroDroid – Device Automation PRO v3.19.0 Apk Is Here! [LATEST]

      MacroDroid – Device Automation PRO v3.19.0 Apk Is Here! [LATEST]

      macrodroid pro apk download

      MacroDroid Pr

      MacroDroid is a task automation and configuration app that focuses heavily on usability with a simple UI and logical step by step process.

      A few examples of what MacroDroid can automate:

      • Shake the device to upload the last photo to Facebook.

      • Turn on Wifi or Data connection when you launch a particular app (and off again when closed).

      • Respond to an incoming SMS by sending your current location.

      • Toggle the power button to tell you the time (e.g. when its in your pocket).

      • Use NFC tags to configure the device (turn on bluetooth, set volume etc).


      Creating a custom Macro is easy:

      • Click 'Add Macro'

      • Select a trigger from a list - (e.g. Battery Level).

      • Configure any trigger specific settings - (e.g. Battery Level < 10%)

      • Select an action from a list - (e.g Enable/Disable Wifi)

      • Configure any action specific setting - (e.g. Disable Wifi)

      • Add more actions as required (up to 10)

      • Optionally select a constraint from a list - (e.g. Day of the Week)

      • Configure constraint as required (e.g. Saturday and Sunday)

      • Add more constraints as required (up to 10).

      • Choose a name and category for the Macro.

      MacroDroid includes a list of template Macros to demonstrate the power and flexibility of the application. These templates can be used as is, or customised to meet your needs.

      macrodroid device automation pro v2.1.4
      macrodroid pro download


      MacroDroid PRO v3.19.0 APK [17MB] | Mirror | Mirror

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      Truecaller Premium v8.60.6 Cracked Apk Is Here ! [LATEST]

      Truecaller Premium v8.60.6 Cracked Apk Is Here ! [LATEST]

      Truecaller Premium Apk

      Truecaller Premium APK Free Download

      Truecaller lets you search beyond your phonebook, identify unknown incoming calls, block calls you don't want to receive, and make relevant contact suggestions based on time and place – so you never have to leave the service to find the right contact.


      Truecaller Premium Features

      • See who is calling if you don't have their number in your phonebook

      • Search for any number in the world to see who it belongs to

      • You can now copy a number anywhere (e.g. website or apps) and Truecaller will notify you who it belongs to

      • Get in touch with people via name search (Premium feature)

      • Tweet and Follow a person on Twitter directly from Truecaller

      • Yelp! integration for faster business search results

      • Much More


      MOD Features

      • Premium is activated by default.

      • As it is Truecaller Premium , it gives additional features such as blocked ads,search people by names, see who viewed your profile

      • In-App updater of added for future MOD updates


      How To Install 

      1: Download from bellow link

      2: Install As Any other Apk

      3: That's It Enjoy Truecaller Premium ! 


      Truecaller Premium Apk Free Download


      Truecaller Premium 8.60.6 Apk [10MB] | Mirror | Mirror


      Cracked Apk + Full Data Download

      3C Toolbox Pro v1.9.7.6 Cracked APK Is Here! [LATEST]

      3C Toolbox Pro v1.9.7.6 Cracked APK Is Here! [LATEST]

      3c toolbox pro apk cracked

      3C Toolbox Pro

      Download 3C Toolbox Pro From Googleplay

      3C Toolbox Pro combines many features from other great apps into one giant toolbox with a modern and easy-to-use interface. 3C Toolbox has every tool you need to monitor, control and fine-tune all your Android devices


      • Toolbox integration optimization of battery, performance

      • Special support for dual battery devices

      • Highly Configurable UI 

      • Device manager offers the most powerful profiles, task scheduling

      • File explorer* is a very simple, yet very powerful explorer  

      • Hide any tabs or any menu item

      • Application manager* provides all features you’d expected

      • Use force-stop in task manager and task-killer

      • Create multiple schedules, watchers and profiles

      • Recording items and options

      • Battery manager* will identify and improve your profiles  

      • Edit main screen buttons up-to 4x6 grid

      • Multi/auto-select, sort apps in apps manager and (root) explorer

      • CPU manager* controls single to octacore CPUs

      • No Ads In Pro

      • Network manager allows setting WiFi access point priority

      • Task manager offers a simple UI yet very effective

      • Auto backup updated apps and new app notification

      • Automatic battery markers and manage multiple batteries

      • Notification shortcut to access any features from status notification

      • Extra widgets: 2x1 text, 2x1-5x2 graphic, 4x1-1x4 toggles and 4x4 summary

      • More


      ** 3C Toolbox Pro Requires root and kernel support for full feature**

      3c toolbox pro apk free download

      3C Toolbox Pro v1.9.7.6 APK [12MB] | Mirror | Mirror

      Cracked APK + Full Data Download

      Camera360 Ultimate v8.9.3 build 8930 Cracked APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

      Camera360 Ultimate v8.9.3 build 8930 Cracked APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

      camera360 ultimate pro apk

      Camera360 Ultimate


      # 500 million users around the world, with excellent ratings.
      # AKB48 highly recommended, and many Japanese and Korean stars (like BTS) remain loyal users of Camera360.
      # Long-term ranked number 1 on photography ranking charts in 7 countries; a global trend-setter for mobile photography

      Capture Challenge

      • Let those photos out of their albums and PK with Camera360 users worldwide!

      • Unique voting rank system, select the ones you like

      • Each photo will receive comments and support from a global audience

      • Exquisite prize system, a most rewarding competition


      Classic Filters

      • Over 100 classic filters, become a photography connoisseur

      • New filter management function, allows you to save, delete and prioritize filters; satisfy your personal preferences

      • Star Story, Magic Effect and Storm HDR, among other exclusive innovative filters


      Beauty Selfie

      • Touch screen capture: tap anywhere to take a picture

      • Light filler: take selfies at night

      • One stroke beautify: face thinning, eye enlargement and skin smoothing, all with just one tap; instantly become a goddess!

      • 3D facials: highlight facial contours, to make your features more refined and exquisite



      • Multiple integrated functions: smart scene recognition, real-time blur and vignette

      • Capture: lightning fast focus; manually adjust exposure and focal length

      • Advanced adjustments: professional level white balance and aperture adjustments


      Photo Edit

      Never doubt your own potential. Don’t know how to use Photoshop? No problem! Just move your fingers around a little and you can become a Photoshop master too! Crop, rotate, color temperatures, tones, etc. among 10 professional adjustment functions.


      Funny Stickers
      Those regular stickers are all outdated! The revolutionary Funny Stickers are here!
      All kinds of stickers, with Smart Facial Recognition to help you stick them on your face with you move; beards, ears, tears, blushing cheeks, bowties, etc. You'll never have to aim again.Hold down capture button to record a short video; join capture challenges, one tap share to Facebook, Twitter; party with users around the world!


      How To Install ?

       1: Download From Bellow Link

       2: Install Normally

       3: That's It Enjoy Camera360 Ultimate

      Camera360 Ultimate Apk Free Download


      Camera360 Ultimate v8.9.3 build 8930 APK [42MB] | Mirror | Mirror

      Cracked Apk + Full Data Download

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