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Sunday, 22 October 2017
AdGuard Premium 6.2.431.2165 Crack Is Here! [LATEST]

AdGuard Premium 6.2.431.2165 Crack Is Here! [LATEST]

adguard premium for windows

AdGuard Premium 6

AdGuard for windows premium is a unique program that has all the necessary features for the best web experience. It combines the world's most advanced ad blocker, a whole privacy protection module and a parental control tool  all working in any browser or app. However, Adguard is not limited to banal banners removing; it is a universal program that contains all the necessary functions for the most comfortable using of the Internet.


  • Protection and blocking

  • Check a page against our database of phishing and malicious sites.

  • When a Web page is processed, AdGuard does several things at once:

  • Removes ads and online tracking code directly from the page.

  • Check the reputation of the website and informs you about it, if necessary.

  • Comfort and safety

  • App traffic monitoring system shows resources each app consumes

  • Adguard Premium speeds up the load of web pages and saves bandwidth. 

  • Adguard can block ads in apps and games.

How To Activate

  • Install The Program

  • Use Given Patch To Register

  • That's It Enjoy ; Buy AdGuard

adguard crack for windows


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EditPlus 4.3 Build 2473 Keygen Is Here! [LATEST]

EditPlus 4.3 Build 2473 Keygen Is Here! [LATEST]

EditPlus 4.x

EditPlus 4

EditPlus is a full-featured text editor that can also play the role of an advanced HTML editor. Thus it is able not only to replace Notepad, but it can also assist designers and programmers in their new projects. The interface might trick you into believing that you're actually dealing with a much more advanced tool, but the whole look was made to assist you while taking advantage of its great features. The main window includes a file browser to help you open text documents on the fly, while the document content is displayed on the right side. It also has some stats usually found in text editors and they include the current line and column. Leaving the basic text editing tools aside, EditPlus 4 comes with URL highlighting, syntax, word and brace highlighting, as well as with a fully customizable user interface, just to be sure it will perfectly fit your needs. In addition, it boasts auto completion, word wrap, file encoding, a clipboard monitor, as well as a log file watcher and auto indent. 


  • Seamless web browser for previewing the content of your document

  • Viewer allows you to display current file in Hex mode.  

  • FTP (also sftp and FTPS) feature for uploading 

  • EditPlus supports fast and convenient code folding feature

  • The HTML Toolbar allows you to insert common HTML tags quickly and easily.

  • The Document Selector offers quick mouse access to all document windows

  • EditPlus supports user-defined tools, help files and keystroke recording files. 

  • Auto completion is a time-saving feature which changes 

  • The cliptext window is collection of text clips for quick and easy access.

  • More


How To Activate ?

1: Install The App

2: Use Given Key To Register

3: That's It Enjoy !

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CCleaner Pro v1.22.95 Cracked APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

CCleaner Pro v1.22.95 Cracked APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

ccleaner app android tablet

CCleaner For Android



Keep your Android clean, safe and fast using CCleaner!

Piriform, the makers of the world’s most popular PC and Mac cleaning software bring you CCleaner for Android.Remove junk, reclaim space, monitor your system and browse safely. Become the Master of your own device with the ultimate cleaning app for your Android!

Optimize and Clean 

  • Speed up your phone and remove junk safely

  • Clean application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content and more

  • Delete call logs and SMS messages individually, in bulk, by age or by contact

Reclaim Storage Space 

  • Streamline your Android smartphone or tablet

  • Quickly and easily uninstall multiple unwanted applications

  • Free up valuable storage space on your device

Easy to Use 

  • Optimize your Android in just a few click

  • Simple, intuitive user interface which is easy to navigate

  • Totally free from Ads and clutter

  • Fast, compact and efficient with low memory and CPU usage

Monitor your System 

  • Check the usage of your CPU

  • Keep track of your RAM and internal storage space

  • Check out your battery levels and temperature

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MacroDroid – Device Automation PRO v3.19.1 Apk Is Here! [LATEST]

MacroDroid – Device Automation PRO v3.19.1 Apk Is Here! [LATEST]

macrodroid pro apk download

MacroDroid Pr

MacroDroid is a task automation and configuration app that focuses heavily on usability with a simple UI and logical step by step process.

A few examples of what MacroDroid can automate:

  • Shake the device to upload the last photo to Facebook.

  • Turn on Wifi or Data connection when you launch a particular app (and off again when closed).

  • Respond to an incoming SMS by sending your current location.

  • Toggle the power button to tell you the time (e.g. when its in your pocket).

  • Use NFC tags to configure the device (turn on bluetooth, set volume etc).


Creating a custom Macro is easy:

  • Click 'Add Macro'

  • Select a trigger from a list - (e.g. Battery Level).

  • Configure any trigger specific settings - (e.g. Battery Level < 10%)

  • Select an action from a list - (e.g Enable/Disable Wifi)

  • Configure any action specific setting - (e.g. Disable Wifi)

  • Add more actions as required (up to 10)

  • Optionally select a constraint from a list - (e.g. Day of the Week)

  • Configure constraint as required (e.g. Saturday and Sunday)

  • Add more constraints as required (up to 10).

  • Choose a name and category for the Macro.

MacroDroid includes a list of template Macros to demonstrate the power and flexibility of the application. These templates can be used as is, or customised to meet your needs.

macrodroid device automation pro v2.1.4
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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v3.1.0.15 Cracked Apk Is Here! [LATEST]

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v3.1.0.15 Cracked Apk Is Here! [LATEST]

malwarebytes anti-malware android apk

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


The world’s most popular anti-malware technology has now gone mobile! Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile protects your phone or tablet from malware, infected apps, and unauthorized surveillance.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile guards your identity and personal data on-the-go. So you and your Android smartphone or tablet are safe from malware and unauthorized surveillance. Wherever you are. Whenever you go.


  • Detects and eliminates malware, including spyware and Trojans 

  • Scans for malicious code or Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) 

  • Scans native memory and SD card

  • Enables custom whitelisting of approved apps

  • Alerts you if a link to a malicious website is detected in an incoming text message (SMS).  

  • Scans your Android device for security vulnerabilities 

  • Identifies security vulnerabilities on your device, suggests remediation

  • Make your smartphone lighter

  • Identifies applications that are tracking your location

  • Identifies every application’s access privileges in detail

  • Updates the protection database automatically

  • Automatically recognizes security vulnerabilities and close those holes.

  • Updates over a WiFi network if preferable

  • Make your smartphone smarter

malwarebytes anti-malware premium app


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Selfie Camera HD + Filters Pro v3.1.5 Cracked APK Is Here! [LATEST]

Selfie Camera HD + Filters Pro v3.1.5 Cracked APK Is Here! [LATEST]

selfie camera hd + filters pro full

Selfie Camera HD + Filters Pro


Download Selfie Camera HD + Filters Pro

Selfie Camera HD allows you to take excellent high quality pictures remotely using whistles and hand claps without touching your phone. Many effect filters are available with a live preview and the possibility to use 4 filters at once. A simple and faster way to capture selfies from a distance of 1 to 15 meters from the device.



  • Remote control using whistles.

  • Remote control using hand clapping.

  • Recording videos

  • Live effect filters

  • Instant or delayed capture

  • Silent shooting. 

  • Countdown Timer.

  • Zooming.

  • Auto Focus.

  • Touch to focus.

  • White balance settings(Incandescent, Fluorescent, Auto, Daylight,Cloudy).

  • Scene modes.

  • Manual exposure.

  • Activators (you can use the volume buttons as a shutter or zoom controls).

  • and more

selfie camera hd + filters pro apk free download

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16 GB RAM Booster 2017 v1.1 Cracked APK Is Here! [LATEST]

16 GB RAM Booster 2017 v1.1 Cracked APK Is Here! [LATEST]

16 GB RAM Booster 2017

16 GB RAM Booster 2017

16 GB RAM Booster Boost your device performance by just one tap and optimize the RAM and many other things for gaming and get more performance!If there is a question in your mind that is there any need of RAM Booster in 16 GB RAM devices? We tell you absolutely yes, as 16GB RAM is enough to handle all types of multitasking and gaming applications. But only few apps on play store are developed in an efficient way. So, most of the time they use your phone memory without freeing the space. And that make your phone sluggish and your 16 GB device works like a 2 GB or 3 GB device.


  • Improve performance of Phones and Tablets

  • Kills all the background apps.

  • Speed up your Phone.

  • Ram expander for your Phone.

  • Increase performance of Android Mobile.

  • Boost Battery life by killing background and battery draining applications.

  • Check Battery optimisation status.

  • Improve Battery life up to 30%.

  • Boost up game performance up to 60%.

  • You can use this app as a widget-like shortcut on your home screen.

  • It will Resolve All Threads & errors on clicking Boost button.

  • Mobile Hanging Problem will Resolved.

  • Check status of RAM before after Boost. 

This app is designed for 16 GB RAM devices but it is also very effective for 6GB, 6GB, 4GB, 3GB, 2GB,

16 GB RAM Booster 2017 Adfree

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Saturday, 21 October 2017
Amber Weather Premium v4.3.4 Cracked Apk Is Here! [LATEST]

Amber Weather Premium v4.3.4 Cracked Apk Is Here! [LATEST]

Amber weathe elite cracked

Amber Weather Premium


Amber Weather Premium The BEST clock and weather widget for android is here waiting for you! This best widget is a full featured, completely customizable digital clock and weather forecast widget. With it, you can get clock and weather information conveniently. It provides accurate local weather information like highest/lowest temperature and current weather conditions. This clock and weather widget for android, definitely your best widget choice in daily life. Features of this best clock and weather widget:

This widget can display the current temperature and time date of current location, simple weather information, daily and hourly forecast, battery level, Internet connection status, next alarm, next calendar event, battery level and more

 Detailed current weather forecast display that includes location time, sunrise and sunset, temperature and humidity, pressure, chance of rain, dew point, visibility, UV index, wind speed and direction, weather current condition

Live weather background wallpaper and real weather day night live wallpapers as in-app screen according to the current weather condition.

Daily and hourly weather forecast, includes weather prediction, the high / low temperature, rainfall, wind, etc.

Severe Weather Alerts: Informing the real-time weather alerts and weather warnings. Rain

storm thunder and lightning alerts will be received as weather notifications. You can also use this widget as temperature sensor thermometer, humidity sensor, storm tracker, wind speed and direction meter, and even snow tracker.

Amber weathe elite full apk


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