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Sep 22, 2022
Glarysoft Software Update Pro Key [Giveaway]

Glarysoft Software Update Pro Key [Giveaway]


glarysoft software update pro
Glarysoft Software Update Pro 5 detect and update software to make your computer run without vulnerabilities. Software Update Pro is an instant informer special for those users who care to keep their application up-to-date with new functions and better performance. It scans your computer and lists all the applications installed on your computer, and then checks if there are new versions for them by connecting to Glarysoft software library, where all the latest software update information are submitted and stored. The program automatically scans and lists the programs installed on your Computer and checks for new versions of them by connecting to Glarysoft Software library and offers the links for them if available on its program interface. When software needs to be upgraded displays a simple work.
For Business and Home
  • Update third-party software for LANS computer sync with the remote features.
  • Automatically maintain the most used software to ensure the updating process security.
  • Include all the free software updater features.
  • Support enterprise customization.

 Glarysoft software update pro key


Software Update Pro 1-year license giveaway: 
  • Go to official giveaway link Here
  • Enter your e-mail
  • Check before "I'm not a robot"
  • Click on "Get My Key Now"
  • Check your mailbox to get it, it will be sent there
  • Install the program → Open the license manager →  Put your email and license → Click Activate Now

glarysoft software update pro full

How to upgrade your software with software update:
  • Download and install Software Update Pro
  • After running the program, the old version of the software on your computer will be scanned
  • The main interface will list the software that needs to be updated. You can choose to update all or select the software you want to update via the bottom button
  • Click the install button, and then the latest version of the software will be auto-updated to your computer

What's the remote software update:
  • Remote Manager allows network administrators to manage software installation and updates for thousands of LAN PCs. Especially in scenarios such as Internet cafes, schools, companies, etc., a network administrator can manage multiple LAN PCs on his own computer, update and install the software included in Software Update.
  • Step 1: Software Update Pro needs to be installed on each PC.
  • Step 2: Check the user computer you want in the list on the right, then check the software you want to install on the left, and click Install to start installing the software on the specified computer in the local area network.

glarysoft software update pro latest

Official Download susetupPro
Sep 21, 2022
CodeLobster IDE Professional 2.1 Keygen [Latest]

CodeLobster IDE Professional 2.1 Keygen [Latest]

codelobster ide with crack
CodeLobster IDE provides Professional functionality for working with popular web technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript and PHP, working with version control (Git), SQL. Codelobster IDE is a very simple and highly effective editor for web developers. It's a very convenient interface that saves you time on getting familiar with the Editor. Customizable windows, panels, toolbars, shortkeys, menus allow to adjust it to serve rapid web development. It requires a smaller space on a disk than any other similar editor. The app combines the speed of a simple code editor and power of a full-size IDE allowing you to work much faster and easier. Code lobster works on Windows, macOS, and Unix/Linux/Ubuntu/Mint/Debian operation systems.

  • Intelligent Editor for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SASS/LESS, Node.js, SQL and XML, which includes syntax highlighting, documentation lookup. IntelliSense offers different types of completions, including language suggestions and snippets.
  • PHP and JS Debugger CodeLobster IDE provides numerous options for debugging your code: inspect context-relevant local variables and user-defined watches, including arrays and complex objects, and edit values on the fly.
  • Specialized project views, file structure views, and quick navigation between files, classes, methods, and usages.
  • On-the-fly code analysis, errors highlighting.
  • Out-of-the-box support for Git.
  • FTP Sync: update server using FTP or SFTP.
  • SQL support: coding assistance, run SQL queries, view and edit.
  • Our viewer also look for → Markdown Monster

How to activate:
  • Download and Install program
  • Use the crack / keygen to activate 
  • Enjoy and support DEV by purchasing it 😀
Codelobster professional crack


Calibre 6.5.0 Setup is Here! [x86/x64]

Calibre 6.5.0 Setup is Here! [x86/x64]


Calibre full version

Calibre is portable all-in-one solution for handling your e-books, Calibre portable does for electronic books just what iTunes does for music, allowing you to manage your digital book collection through an intuitive albeit overcrowded interface while offering excellent support for converting books to different formats and editing their metadata. The only area where the software is lacking is its e-book reader; it doesn't allow you to highlight or add notes to your books. The software comes with a basic e-book reader that supports fullscreen mode for distraction-free reading and that lets you choose your preferred method of pagination and gives you the ability to bookmark pages. Unfortunately, there is no way to annotate, highlight, or augment the book's contents short of editing the book itself.
It supports all kinds of formats, both reading and conversion, from the most popular ones like ePub, PDF, txt, or RTF to the export to fb2, OEB or MOBI. Another one of its most valued features is the possibility to synchronize your books with your eBook reader, be it an Amazon Kindle or other models like Papyre, Cybook or the Sony PRS. Calibre portable uses a Cover Flow style interface to navigate through the covers of the books. It also lets you edit its metadata from the interface of the program and explore the collection of eBooks from a web browser. 
What's New
  • When searching start the search from the current position, jumping to the first match at or after the current page
  • Have the Table of Contents view automatically scroll to keep the chapter being read currently visible
  • Various improvements to the calibre template language,
  • File browser: Show total size of items in category when hovering over category with mouse
  • Add support for latest firmware and also an option to choose the color used for cover letterboxing
Calibre portable version
Calibre 6.5.0 setup [32Bit+ 64Bit] / Mirror / Mirror
Sep 16, 2022
DUMo Pro 2.25.0 with Serial Key [Giveaway]

DUMo Pro 2.25.0 with Serial Key [Giveaway]

DUMo Pro with license

Dumo pro giveaway

DUMo Pro (Drivers Update Monitor) hosting a giveaway and offering serial key for every users. DUMo keeps your PC up-to-date & safe using the most recent version of required hardware drivers. It even detected Acronis virtual disk software as a driver. The program also shows CPU and memory load. You can refresh the list anytime to see if anything is new. As of the first release, DUMo lacks a batch installer option, something that we expect to see in a future version. Otherwise, this one is worth a shot.

  • Automatic detection of installed hardware
  • User-friendly driver updater
  • Detects required drivers according to your version of Microsoft Windows
  • More compatibility and less false positive than others Drivers Monitors (according to users feedback ;-)
  • Internationalization support. 

DUMo Pro license key

How to register:
  • Download from bellow links
  • Install it as usual
  • Launch the program → Enter the provided information to activate
  • Done enjoy; make sure to buy it so dev can add more interesting features


Official site →  dumo_lite.exe
Melon VPN VIP v6.9.212 APK [Premium]

Melon VPN VIP v6.9.212 APK [Premium]

melon vpn mod apk


Melon VPN is a fast, unlimited, stable and useful VPN (Virtual Private Network). Melon VPN bypass location restrictions at super fast speeds. Bypass geo-restrictions, internet filters while you’re at work or school. Enjoy multiple proxy server and multiple VPN Mode to bypass blocked website and apps as if you were in another country.

Why choose Melon VPN?

  • Works with Wi-Fi, 5G, LTE/4G, 3G and all mobile data carriers
  • Strict no-logging policy
  • Wi-Fi Security: Because all your online traffic is encrypted through a VPN, no matter which public Wi-Fi hotspot you try to access, you will be shielded from public Wi-Fi risks with complete Wi-Fi security.
  • Location Spoofer: VPN hides your IP address so that your location is masked, and so that you are able to bypass geo-restrictions to access any content anywhere.
  • People also search for → AdGuard VPN 

What are the Melon VPN features?
  • Easy Use - only "CONNECT" button - One touch to connect to VPN proxy server and connect a better net.
  • Smart choose server
  • No registration or configuration required
  • Well-designed UI
  • Choose apps which can using Melon VPN
  • Strict no-log policy
  • No additional permissions required
melon vpn premium mod apk

U-Dictionary VIP v6.4.0 Cracked APK [Latest]

U-Dictionary VIP v6.4.0 Cracked APK [Latest]

u dictionary happymod

U Dictionary Pro download


U-Dictionary VIP is a offline dictionary and translation app. U-Dictionary Pro takes in originally developed dictionaries, Collins Advanced Dictionary, WordNet Dictionary, Native Examples, Synonyms, Antonyms and so on. It also provides English videos, games and quizzes to help improve your English. Offline Sentence Translation is also available! Enjoy translating totally offline of 58 languages. Effortlessly translate texts, pictures, or conversations in 108 languages. It meets all your translation needs, including studying, working and traveling abroad.


  • Check Oxford dictionaries in 12 languages, including 7 Indian languages. Learn from a huge number of authoritative word definitions and sample sentences!
  • Translate in WhatsApp,Facebook,Youtube,Instagram to track what’s happening on celebrities. Chat without borders and read without barriers.
  • Translate between any two languages from 108 languages.
  • Snap to instantly translate any text around you. Recognizes 93 languages.
  • Voice to voice translation between 49 accents, 35 languages.
  • Check an English text and easily correct mistakes. Enjoy mistake-free writing.
  • Translate in 1 second without opening U-Dictionary.
  • Free download of Offline Packages for 44 languages and Synonyms, Antonyms, Collins Advanced Dictionary, and WordNet Dictionary.
  • Free download of Offline Translation Packages for 58 languages. Free from network limits.
  • Show words you choose on Lock Screen. Expand your vocabulary at any time.
  • Copy words or sentences in any app and get meaning instantly. (Notice: Not available in Android 10.0+ due to access restriction.)
  • Bookmark important words into different folders. Review from time to time.
  • Authentic UK (British) and US (American) accent. Listen and learn.
  • Authentic sentences collected from famous international news websites.
  • Finding-out-synonym game and spelling game. Play and learn.
  • Learn English with ease and fun.

  • 100,000,000 users across 150 countries. 
  • Featured by Google Play as Best App & Best Self-Improvement App.


U-dictionary vip apk free download

U-Dictionary VIP v6.4.0 APK [24Mb] / Mirror / Mirror
Nebula Premium v4.7.35 APK [Subscribed]

Nebula Premium v4.7.35 APK [Subscribed]

nebula premium mod apk latest

Nebula Subscribed

Nebula horoscope & astrology premium is the most accurate zodiac predictions in your pocket. Nebula suggests a new way of approaching your personal life and relationships extrapolating your birth chart to your everyday life. It is not just another horoscope app, it's a personal astrology coach in your pocket, which includes horoscopes and readings, relationship improvement plans, astrology maps, and astrology love wheels!

With Nebula, you can:
  • Get a deeper understanding of yourself based on your zodiac star sign, including your sun sign and moon sign.
  • Check zodiac compatibility with your partner, friend, relative, or someone you simply like or dislike based on their birth dates and zodiac signs.
  • Improve your relationships based on deep analysis of your and your partner’s positive zodiac traits and negative zodiac characteristics and find out appropriate solutions with our ultimate 28-days relationship guide.
  • Find your perfect match, check marriage compatibility and build harmonic and happy relationships based on zodiac sign compatibility.
  • Find your most toxic match with astrology compatibility. Stop toxic relationships that ruin your life, and improve your life by understanding your horoscope and using the horoscope compatibility checker.
  • Learn all about astrology, the right way to read horoscopes, zodiac symbols, zodiac flowers, zodiac modality, zodiac polarity, zodiac birthstones, planets in astrology, stars in astrology, and zodiac elements. Plus, find out your lucky days, lucky numbers, charts, and more!
  • Know how water signs, earth signs, fire signs, and air signs are different from each other. Learn about their behavioral patterns and their roles in society.
  • Scan your palm and receive a detailed palm reading with Nebula's hand scanner and palm reader
  • Inquire about your life, love, health, career, children, the future, and more, and get answers.
  • Read for free: your daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope, and yearly horoscope. If that's not enough, you can also read horoscopes of your friends and family members and get a sense of what to expect from them.
  • Get your personal natal chart reading
With Nebula Premium:
  • Find your perfect match with unlimited compatibility reports
  • Get early access to relationship guides
  • Master the latest astrology and palmistry knowledge
  • Get horoscope and astrology stickers and live wallpapers with your zodiac sign

nebula subscribed apk download

Sep 15, 2022
Winamp 5.9.0 Build 9999 is Here! [LATEST]

Winamp 5.9.0 Build 9999 is Here! [LATEST]

Winamp Pro Key

Winamp is a free multimedia player made by Nullsoft. It supports numerous audio and video formats. It also plays streamed video and audio content, both live and recorded, authored worldwide. It has an extremely customizable media library, and allows you to rip and burn your favorite music CDs. Winamp Pro has thousands of skins and plug-ins that allow you to change the look-and-feel of the player, as well as add new features. The player also has access to thousands of free songs, videos and online radio stations from SHOUTcast Radio and AOL Radio with XM.
Winamp Pro Features
  • Wireless desktop sync with Winamp for Android
  • iTunes Library Import
  • Major podcast overhaul including new directory powered by Mediafly
  • New Windows 8 and Windows 10 support including taskbar player controls
  • Available in 16 languages including Turkish, Romanian & Brazilian Portuguese
  • Improved playlist generator
  • Add the Winamp Toolbar and control playback from your browser (optional)
  • Now Playing: Discover Artist Songs, Videos, Radio and Photos
  • 50 Free MP3 Downloads compliments of eMusic
  • Download thousands of Skins and Plug-ins
  • Expanded Flash video support
  • Media Monitor: Playing music on the web just got even better
  • Updated Winamp toolbar - control Winamp from your browser
  • A Redesigned Unified Interface, including Album Art
  • Dynamic Song Recommendations Playlist Feature
  • Multi-channel MP3 Surround Support
  • Mass Auto-Tagger Provides Latest Music Metadata
  • Integrated Web Search for Artist and Track Information
  • Updated Podcast Directory and Download Manager
  • Fully Integrated Web browser and customizable links
  • Visualization Plug-in - Milkdrop 2
  • Full Support for Modern Skins
  • Rip CDs to M4A/AAC, WMA, FLAC, OGG, WAV
  • Portable Device Sync support
  • Much More

How To Activate
1: Install The Program
2: Use The Given Keygen To Register
3: That;s It Enjoy; you may like MediaMonkey Gold
WinToUSB Enterprise 7.1 R2 Serial Key [License]

WinToUSB Enterprise 7.1 R2 Serial Key [License]

wintousb enterprise download

WinToUSB Enterprise 7.1.1

WinToUSB is a free latest software allows you to install and run Windows operating system on a USB hard drive or USB flash drive, using an ISO image or CD/DVD drive as the source of installation. WinToUSB enterprise download also support creating bootable WinPE USB drive, it can help you to transfer the contents of WinPE to the USB drive and make the drive bootable. WinToUSB also supports creating Windows installation USB flash drive from Windows 11/10/8/7 and Windows Server installation ISO, with it you can install Windows from the USB flash drive easily. Windows pe bootable usb creator feature allows you to create a bootable Windows PE USB drive, it can help you transfer the contents of a Windows PE ISO file to a USB drive and make the USB drive bootable
  • Easy-to-use wizard interface that provides step-by-step instructions for creating a Windows To Go USB drive.
  • Creation of Windows To Go from an ISO image file or CD/DVD drive.
  • Encrypt Windows To Go with BitLocker to keep your data safe
  • Clone an existing Windows OS (Windows 7 or later) to a USB Drive as a Windows To Go Workspace.
  • Support for creating VHD-based/VHDX-based Windows To Go Workspace.
  • Creation of Windows To Go from ISO, WIM, ESD, SWM, VHD(X) or DVD drive.Improved
  • Clone Windows 11/10/8/7 to USB/Thunderbolt drive as portable Windows.
  • Creation of Windows To Go on Non-Certified Windows To Go USB drive.
  • Creation of Windows installation USB flash drive with BIOS & UEFI support.
  • Use any edition of Windows 11/10/8/7 and Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012/2010 to create Windows To Go USB drive.
  • Support for Thunderbolt and non-512 byte sector size drives.

Important Notes:
  • Windows 7 is not completely portable. You may have driver problems when booting on different computers, so highly recommend using Windows 10/8.1/8 to create portable Windows.
  • Windows 7 does not have built-in USB 3.0 support, so Windows 7 will have to be booted from a USB 2.0
  • The common USB flash drives are very slow. It takes a long time to install and run Windows from a common USB flash drive, highly recommend using a USB hard disk, a Windows To Go Certified Drives or a SanDisk Extreme CZ80 USB 3.0 Flash Drive to create portable Windows.
  • Windows To Go drives can be booted on different computers, so you can carry it to anywhere and use it on any computer.
  • You need to be an administrator on the computer you are installing the WinToUSB on.

WinToUSB enterprise serial key


How to activate:
  • Install the program
  • Use given and license to register
  • That's It Enjoy WinToUSB enterprise full version
wintousb download latest
wintousb license code


WinToUSB enterprise 7.1 Release2 + serial [33Mb] / Mirror / Mirror

WinToUSB keygen / Mirror

License + Keygen Download

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack [Latest]

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack [Latest]

Iobit smart defrag pro full version
IObit Smart Defrag pro is light, and stable disk defragment tool designed for maximum hard drive performance. Smart Defrag is based on iobit latest disk defrag engine and "Boot time disk defrag" technology, It not only provides defragmentation, like any typical disk defragmenter can do, but also intelligently streamlines your files based on using frequency, thus accelerating disk speed for faster data access! With the unique deep analyze technology, it smartly clean junk files before defragmentation to save more disk space for you. Being the first disk defragmenter that fully supports windows 8/8.1 metro apps, smart defrag 6 works fast, automatically and quietly in the background and is a disk defragmenter suitable for large hard drives. With the improved IObit disk defrag engine, Smart Defrag 6 not only defrags your HDD but also trims your SSD to accelerate disk access speed and enhance disk durability. Smart Defrag 6 is also specially optimized for the file organization algorithm on Windows 10.


  • Higher file access speed
  • Disk fragmentation is generally the main cause of slow and unstable computer performance.
  • Provides efficient defragmentation to hard drives by optimizing file placement and consolidating free space.
  • Then you can enjoy higher game launching speed, and copy files with only half of the time as before, etc.
  • Up to 100% faster pc startup
  • Exceptionally efficient defragmentation
  • The boot-time defrag feature can defrag the system disk
  • In which some files cannot be safely moved while windows is running
  • It will boost your startup speed and enable your computer to run at top speed with the most stability.
  • Configuring Boot Time Defrag feature, those files on HDD that cannot be moved while system is running can be quickly defragmented for faster startup. 
  • Safe & automatic disk defrag
  • Smart Defrag 6 features SSD trimming to prolong the life and performance of your SSD drive. See 2:35 in the video below for information on that.

Iobit smart defrag pro serial key


How to register
  • Install the program
  • Use given key to register / use the crack
  • Enjoy iobit smart defrag pro

Iobit smart defrag pro serial key latest

IObit Smart Defrag Pro + Crack [15Mb] / Mirror / Mirror

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