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Jan 20, 2024
BetterSleep: Sleep tracker v24.0 [Mod Extra]

BetterSleep: Sleep tracker v24.0 [Mod Extra]

bettersleep premium apk

bettersleep premium apk

BetterSleep helps you understand and improve your sleep with sleep tracking, premium sleep sounds and guided content curated just for you.  Recommended by leading doctors, neuropsychologists, and sleep experts, BetterSleep is also validated by millions of users around the world. 91% of our listeners say they slept better after using the app for just one week.
Here’s how:
  • Fall asleep easily, sleep soundly, and develop lasting sleep habits, with dreamy soundscapes, narrated stories, and meditations that really work, all perfectly tuned to your needs.
  • Track your sleep, understand how it works and let us propose actionable ways to improve it.
  • Learn about the science behind your unique sleep needs and discover your personal chronotype.
  • Many sleep apps offer tracking and nothing more.
  • BetterSleep offers an unprecedented suite of features to help you create nightly habits to fall asleep and stay asleepExplore our selection of more than 300 soothing sounds, music, beats, and tones designed specially by our in-house experts to guide you to sleep. Mix them together to create your very own soundscapes. 

Sleep moves:
  • Experience our innovative Sleep Moves exercises, a series of gentle bedtime relaxation techniques developed in collaboration with sleep experts to prepare your mind and body for stress-free sleep.
  • To help you unwind quickly
  • Unwind with this relaxation routine for couples
  • Overcome jet-lag and homesickness
  • Shed any excess energy from a stressful day
  • Find balance and recenter yourself
Also featuring:
  • Consistent sleep times lead to more restful sleep
  • Stop the application after a set amount of time
  • Easy access to your favorite mixes
  • Choose your favorite content to create the perfect sleep time playlist
  • Seamless, natural sound mixes with no distracting audio loops
  • ...and much more.

bettersleep mod apk
bettersleep mod apk


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