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22 May 2019
Memrise Pro 2.94_12345 APK is Here [Premium]

Memrise Pro 2.94_12345 APK is Here [Premium]

Memrise Pro apk free download

Memrise Pro

Memrise pro is a premium android app giving you access to learn language from 200 courses. Download the Memrise language app and start your language journey now. The more you enjoy learning, the more (and quicker) your skills will develop. This is why entertainment mixed with real-life, relevant content is at the very core of this language learning experience.

  • NEW! Chatbots help you hone your conversational flow.
  • Pro offers Over 200 language combinations
  • OBJECT RECOGNITION: Explore the world around you and learn new vocab on the go. Scan your surroundings and snap a pic. Save images and the snapped object’s name in your chosen language.
  • Learn with Locals: No actors here: real people helping you learn real, everyday language in context.
  • A variety of exciting interactive games to learn and practice: Speed Review, Listening Skills, Difficult Words, Classic Review, Grammarbot
  • Pronunciation guide: Speak like a local by recording and comparing your pronunciation with locals.
  • Offline mode: Put your language skills to the test whenever and wherever is convenient for you.
  • Daily goals: Learn as many or as few words a day as you like, It is tailored to you.
  • Record and compare your pronunciation with that of locals
  • Put your skills into practice with chatbots
  • Use our grammarbot to learn how to form useful sentences

Learn A Foreign Language With Memrise:
For our international team, nothing is more special than the ability to connect with new countries and cultures through language. Explore our foreign language courses and language games now available, the best app for language learners. Courses and features available may vary depending on your device language and language pair.

Memrise Pro apk free download


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