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Mar 15, 2020
Custom ROM Manager Pro v6.1.0 APK [ROOT]

Custom ROM Manager Pro v6.1.0 APK [ROOT]

Custom rom manager pro full
Custom ROM Manager pro was designed to make the process of installing custom ROMs, GApps and other zip files easier, Pro version lets you choose one from 4 vibrant colors as the theme color. Additionally it also has the 'Random' setting which randomly chooses one from the supported colors during app start up for you, and let users have more control in the process. The color of the UI elements changes to match the dominant color of the logo of the ROM/GApp, whose section you are visiting, to give an amazing look and feel of it.

More customization options:
Pro version also lets users have more customization options:Lets users have control on what partitions would be chosen to be wiped when a zip file is "Quickly" selected for installation. Enables the "Organise files in subfolder" option in zip file organiser section.

Have better control on how zip files are searched:
Pro version lets users to override the default storage locations (detected by the app) and specify folders in which they usually keep their zip files, which makes searching zip files instantaneous. Additionally, it also lets users to modify the folder names which would be ignored while searching for zip files.

Faster and much more optimized:
The pro version is optimized and is faster than the free version in general. It is also smaller in size compared to the free version, even though it contains all the features of free version plus it has pro features of its own. Due to this, the memory usage of the app is also minimized.

Have better control on how zip files are identified:
Custom rom manager checks the size of a file to determine whether a zip file is a rom or a gapps package or some other kind of zip file. In this way the app is able to distinguish between an actual rom and zip files related to that rom (like firmware, patches etc). The pro version lets users to have control on this 'size' parameter.

Custom rom manager pro full apk

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