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Dec 27, 2023

Flow Productivity Launcher v18.3 [Premium]


flow productivity launcher apk

Flow Productivity Launcher is committed to helping with your goals for creating a distraction-free and more minimalist and focused life. We guarantee that after using this launcher you will find yourself more focused in your daily life with reduced smartphone usage and mindless scrolling. Flow launcher is the best android launcher that replaces your home screen for reducing distractions, smartphone addiction and overuse, with home screen design that reduce mindless scrolling and improving screen time.
Ever wondered why you struggle to focus on your daily work-related tasks, to-do's, goals, assignments, and projects?. Because almost every app on your smartphone wants your attention and your time. Research says the average screen time of adults is around 6 hours 39 minutes daily. Built for those who wants a minimal home screen interface, reduce smartphone addiction and work on productive things that matters

This Android launcher is built for you if you:
  • Want less distraction, more focus and improve screen time.
  • Have a high screen time of more than 2 hours in a day.
  • Want the best Home Screen Layout in an Android Launcher
  • Love to Personalise Home Screen
  • and a fan of Digital Minimalism and clean UI
  • Are frustrated that when you wake up the first thing that you do is open your smartphone.


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