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May 27, 2021 PRIME v5.4.2.3 APK is Here! [Latest] prime icon
With prime you always have the right radio station for you, lets you listen to your favourite local and international stations, including Magic Radio and Hot 108 Jamz, and discover many more radio stations recommended by our editorial staff and through our clear categories, or use the intuitive search function. The radio and podcast pages also provide an “Explore” tab where your favourite radio stations and podcasts are shown in clear categories. Exciting and diverse content is presented to you in our editorial recommendations. This means your new favourite stations and interesting podcasts are just a tap away. The for you area is a page which functions as your own personal feed to match your listening habits. The start page provides quick access to the stations and podcasts you have been listening to recently. You will also receive information about new episodes of the podcasts you are subscribed to. Download prime and instantly listen to your favourite station or podcast, without any adverts! Enjoy the best radio stations and discover the whole world of podcasts in a single app.
Podcast functions at a glance
  • Subscribe to podcasts
  • Direct episode playback
  • Download episodes and listen offline
  • Skip the breaks using the skip silence feature
  • Auto-delete option to save storage space
  • Receive episode notifications for the podcasts you have subscribed to
  • Decide for yourself whether to only download new episodes over wi-fi
  • Search for podcasts, episodes and topics easily
Radio functions at a glance
  • Save favourites
  • Radio alarm and sleep timer
  • Access radio stations you have listened to recently
  • Listen to selected radio broadcasts again
  • Editorial recommendations for new radio stations
  • Clear search option for stations and songs
  • Radio stations sorted by theme, genre and city/country
The benefits of prime
  • Fewer adverts*: no video or banner ads!
  • No subscription: pay a one-off fee and enjoy lifelong use of the app.
  • Additional features: includes all of the radio.Net app functions. prime screenshot
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