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Sep 8, 2020

Any Book Summary v2020.8.29 Mod APK [Latest]

Any book summary mod apk
Any Book Summary mod gives you everything in a nutshell. With Any Book Summary, you get the key takeaways from the best-selling books by some of the best authors. You can revisit the major insights presented by those books in less than 10 minutes. We understand that your curiosity may be infinite, but your time isn’t. We all are limited by our time. It is hard to extract time from our daily routine. But we can gain from the experiences of others. We can learn from others, we can improve our knowledge, strengthen our convictions, challenge our imagination, introduce ourselves to new ideas and enhance our problem-solving abilities. We can achieve all this by reading. Reading affects how we think & feel, it influences our actions. It brings self-discipline & consistency. It helps you succeed, faster.

  • Major insights are presented in the form of bullet points for better retention. These book summaries are full of insights.
  • Distilled key ideas, and learnings from a nonfiction book, and condense them into a short and powerful read.
  • Trigger new ideas and quench your thirst for knowledge, by exploring the wealth of wisdom and knowledge present in the bestselling nonfiction books.
  • Read in multiple languages and be a polyglot.
  • Raise requests and share your feedback.
  • Get a daily update of the most popular quotes. 

You can use this app offline also if you load the book once it will be saved offline and you can read the summaries later.
Expand your business knowledge with summaries that you can read in 10 minutes or less.

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