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Feb 10, 2024

Acode Premium v1.9.0_936 APK [Mod Extra]

Acode for android

Acode mod apk

Acode premium is a light weight yet powerful pro code editor and web ide for android. Acode paid can edit any kind of source file like, python, CSS, html, java, JavaScript, Dart etc. You can use this editor for editing html, javascript, text. You can create website, run the website in browser and see error or logs in the console. Also edit any kind of source file like, python, CSS, html, java, JavaScript, Dart etc.


  • Show line numbers all the time
  • Supports syntax highlighting for 100+ programming languages
  • Dozens of themes
  • Allow Tab Indent or spaces, allow representing tabs as any number of spaces.
  • Document outline (what functions/classes are in this file?)
  • In-app HTML/Mark Down preview
  • Support multiple languages at once (php, html, javascript) in the same file.
  • Mark lines / highlight lines (allow jumping to code segments / marked functions / classes)
  • Auto-save periodically
  • Edit any file from your device
  • Acode pro supports 50,000+ lines
  • Writing the code highlighter as a stand-alone library that can be maintained independent of your application and is specific to that language.
  • FTP support (No SFTP yet, plans to add it later)
  • Save open-files / reopen to last open files
  • Interactive JavaScript console
  • GitHub support
  • Acode save historical versions of the edited file (optionally)
  • Show hidden/special characters (A button that shows symbols over tabs, newlines, etc)
  • Indent multiple highlighted lines

You cannot run programs other than HTML, MarkDown and JavaScript, means you cannot run Python, PHP, Java, C/C++, etc, but you can use Termux along side Acode to run these programs, We also have another code editor QuickEdit Pro

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