Feb 13, 2021

HiPER Calc Pro v8.2.1 Cracked APK [Latest]

Hiper calc pro APK
HiPER Calc Pro is an advanced version of HiPER Scientific Calculator. HiPER Calc has up to 100 digits of significand and 9 digits of exponent. It detects repeating decimals and numbers can be also entered as fractions or converted to fractions. You can write expressions in a natural way and watch your calculations. The result is displayed as a number, simplified expression etc.

  • basic arithmetic operations including percentage, modulo and negation;
  • fractions (in the expression mode any expression including nested fractions can be entered as a numerator and a denominator);
  • mixed numbers;
  • periodic numbers and their conversion to fractions;
  • unlimited number of braces;
  • operator priority;
  • repeated operations;
  • HiPER Calc Pro variables and symbolic computation;
  • derivatives and integrals;
  • calculation details extended information about a calculation like all complex roots, unit circle etc.;
  • complex numbers
  • conversion between rectangular and polar coordinates
  • advanced number operations such as random numbers, combinations, permutations, common greatest divisor, etc.;
  • trigonometric and hyperbolic functions;
  • powers, roots, logarithms, etc.;
  • degrees, minutes and seconds conversion;
  • fixed point, scientific and engineering display format;
  • display exponent as SI units prefix;
  • memory operations with 10 extended memories;
  • clipboard operations with various clipboard formats;
  • result history; 

The calculator has many settings to manage the full screen mode, decimal and thousand separators, etc.
A multiline display can be turned on in tablets to show the complete history of calculations and to provide access the previous results. Enjoy HiPER Calc Pro

Hiper calc pro full version APK
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