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Nov 11, 2020

Now for Reddit Pro v5.9.1 build 175 APK [Patched]

Now for reddit pro APK
Now for Reddit is a pro beautiful, easy-to-use app for browsing Reddit. with Now for Reddit you can engage with other like-minded users in communities catering for every hobby and interest that TV series you're hooked on, your favourite sports team, even your hometown. With thousands of posts, images and videos to view you'll never be bored again!  Browse funny cat photos, discuss current news stories or watch the latest viral videos everyone is sharing on Facebook or Twitter. Try Niagara launcher pro to minimize you phone use and maximize productivity 

  • Beautiful interface
  • Easy to use (swipe to change subreddit)
  • Browse Imgur photos, GIFs and funny memes
  • Watch trending videos on Reddit TV
  • Vote, comment, save, hide, and share reddit content
  • Follow your friends and their posts
  • Save images and GIFs for offline viewing
  • Supports reddit gold features
  • Full reddit mail support
  • Syncs read posts between mobile devices and desktop
  • Great text editor for typing comments
  • Subscribe to one of reddits 500,000+ subreddits
  • Join us in r/redditnow for feedback and app discussion. 
  • Make sure to try Sync for reddit Pro

What's New:

  • Improvements to user interface
  • Upgraded video player
  • Added mute button to Gfycat and Imgur GIFV videos
  • MP4 videos will now play within the app
  • Fixed problem which caused some Gfycat videos to not play
  • Fixed cards and comments not showing reddit silver award
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