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Jan 27, 2021

Naptime Premium 8.3.3 Patched APK [PRO]

Naptime premium apk latest

Naptime Premium

With Naptime premium by toggling in the "Aggressive doze" options (and assuming you're rooted) Naptime Doze will kick in right after you screen off. When your device screens on everything goes back to normal. It's just like magic.You can also see the log of each state.

What's the 'Sensors app whitelist' feature?
It works together with the 'Disable motion detection' feature and allows you to choose up-to one app (sorry, Android limits us to only one app) to request sensor information even if you disable motion detection. For example it allows apps, such as Google Fit, to query the accelerometer or gyroscope to count your steps.

Why does my display, sometimes, blink once after screening on?
This might happen if you're disabling the motion sensors. The reason for this is simple, for system brightness & auto-rotate settings to work after screening on they must be toggled on/off (otherwise they won't work) and therefore it may blink (even if it's only for a couple milliseconds).

My fingerprint scanner doesn't work when I disable the sensor motion detection!
Unfortunately not all devices will work fine when disabling motion sensor detection and in the process some other sensors & functionality might stop working. There's nothing I can do about it and your only option is to not use that setting enabled. There's also some weird compatibility with LG phones where the display doesn't even turn on again if this setting is enabled.

I don't receive notifications or my music streaming apps
With 'Aggressive Doze' doze is being forced after you screen off. Doze is, currently, the most powerful battery saving mechanism on Android.

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