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Sep 22, 2018

How to Install Modded Google Play Using Lucky Patcher!

How to install modded play store

How to Install Modded Google Play Store

Google play is one-stop shop entertainment store for all android users. But with modded play store even better you can use premium apps without patching them you can verify license in offline mode, you can disable self update, and much more! A rooted device is needed to put in modded play store. Please install lucky patcher before putting in modded Google Play. If you receive any “Force close” dialog, you have got to clear cache and data of Google Play Store. Modded by Great ChelpuS

  • Can use app protected with Google LVL (License Verification Library) without patching
  • Verify license in offline mode
  • No need to patch with Lucky patcher any more
  • Disable self update
  • Not works with Billing and License Verification to Proxy
  • Button ‘Refund’ reworked! (When you press ‘Refund’ button, it refunds and does not uninstall the app. No need to make a backup before refund
  • Can NOT download paid apps for FREE!

How to Install 
  • Run Lucky Patcher > Toolbox > choose ‘Patch to Android’  
  • Select ‘Signature Verify always True’ and ‘Disable zip Signature Verify’ > Apply > yes
  • Backup current Google play with titanium backup if you wish to restore original version just in case. 
  • Go to Toolbox again and select Install Modded Google play store
  • Select the version suitable for you 
  • Now Click on Install or to test Select Test
  • That's It Done; You can also install Play store using Installer
  • For more watch the video bellow

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