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Dec 28, 2019

Lucid Launcher Pro v6.0222 Cracked APK [Latest]

lucid launcher full apk
Lucid Launcher pro unlocks various features for lucid launcher and Apk will also receive updates earlier than the free version. If you want to request a feature please request at our Google+ page or Contact us via E-mail. It is a different type of launcher from all the rest. It was built from the ground up, not being based any previous launchers. Full of features this app allows you to do what you really want to make it your own while maintaining a great look and speed flow throughout the app.

  • Custom Search Text (Look at screenshots)
  • Ability to hide app label in favorites bar
  • More Page Transition Animations
  • Vertical Page Transitions
  • More Home Pages
  • Custom Sidebar Theme
  • Multiple other Sidebar Settings
  • More Gestures
  • Many customization settings
  • Ability to include Hidden Apps in Search Results
  • More Folder Icon Styles
  • Background Playback in browser
  • Folder Color Options
  • No Ads
  • Side-bar (contains your favorite apps)
  • Spanish, Italian, French, Hungarian, Portuguese, German, Russian, and other translations.
  • Other Cool Features
  • Many customization settings
  • Fully functional Web Browser inside launcher (can be disabled from "Manage Screens")
  • The default search engine, Ecosia is designed to help plant trees around the world. The more you search, the more funding goes to planting

App permissions:

  • Device Administrator: this app uses the device administrator permission for the purpose of setting up gestures or a shortcut to lock the screen
  • Contacts: this permission is used only for the purpose to allow for searching contacts from the searchbar when the search contacts option is enabled
  • Phone: this permission allows for direct dial shortcuts to work within the launcher
  • Photos/Media/Files: permissions in this category allow for the ability to create/overwrite backups from advanced settings and to save images from within the built in browser
  • Notification Access: this app uses Notification Access when Unread Count is enabled in order to get the number of new notifications to display

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