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Jan 2, 2019

BusyBox X Pro vX+ 107 APK [Patched]

Busybox x pro full apk
BusyBox X PRO [Root]

Download BusyBox X Includes the latest BusyBox binary v1.26.2 and supports 388 applets (highest among any BusyBox Installer), the most complete set of functions. Supports installation of BusyBox from the application and via recovery from zip archive (see "Menu - Zip archive"). Tested and Working on Android 7 Nougat.

  • Installs the latest BusyBox binary v1.26.2 using robust busybox Installer
  • Commands Glossary to help you reference busybox commands and see their usage
  • Widget and Live Wallpaper showing system stats
  • Highest number of Supported Applets (388) i.e compatible with more apps
  • Inbuilt BusyBox Detection and Busybox Check. Find important info about the BusyBox binary installed.
  • Videos to answer your questions such as what is Root and what is BusyBox. 
  • Supports Android Nougat out of the Box

  • Device with architecture ARM, x86 or MIPS 
  • Android 4.2 (API 14) or later 
  • Superuser permissions (root)

    BusyBox combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single small executable. It provides replacements for most of the utilities you usually find in GNU fileutils, shellutils, etc. The utilities in BusyBox generally have fewer options than their full-featured GNU cousins; however, the options that are included provide the expected functionality and behave very much like their GNU counterparts. BusyBox provides a fairly complete environment for any small or embedded system.

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