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Nov 26, 2021

Email marketing for beginners [Course]

Email marketing for beginners
Email marketing for beginners course was designed to teach people looking to learn how to send profitable emails the exact steps and strategies that are working right now. You'll learn how to build your list, create lead magnets, create high converting optin pages and how to optimize your sends for maximum ROI.

The course is broken down into three main sections called Build, Send, Profit. It's important to learn how to first build your list then learn how to send profitable emails. We teach the exact strategies we're using every single day in our marketing business. This course is great for beginners who are just starting their journey into online marketing, we even include a lesson called "learning the terms", which essentially gives you the definition and use cases of many of the common words used in email marketing. The content included in this course is relevant today and can be applied immediately to help you get started in your journey.

One of the best parts about this course is how it is structured with our detail-oriented step by step process using our easy to follow white board, we have even included a downloadable pdf version of the course notes so you can follow along and use as a quick reference guide after completing the course.
What you'll learn
  • Email marketing
  • List building
  • Create more revenue from email list
  • Use auto-responders
  • Make money sending emails
  • Make money with affiliate marketing by sending emails
  • Increase your open rate on email marketing
  • Optimize your lead capture page to generate leads
  • Create your lead magnet
    Email marketing for beginners
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