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Jul 18, 2021

Daybook Premium v5.48.0 APK is Here! [Latest]

personal diary app
Daybook Premium is a passcode-protected personal diary, journal and notes app available for android. Daybook Premium helps to record activities, experiences, thoughts, and ideas throughout a day. It lets you organize your created diary/journal entries or notes from the past in the easiest way. Daybook enables you to write a private diary, memoir, journals, and notes in the most natural way and record memories in an organized manner. Supports guided journal for tracking mood and activities, Mental Health Journal for managing stress and anxiety, Handwriting Scanner, Gratitude journal, self-improvement, Investment journal, and more.
Following are some of Daybook use cases.
  • Capture your feelings that reflect your emotional state, whether you are thankful, filled with gratitude, upset or depressed about something, maybe an illness. Daybook is there for you to rant about anything you wish to, to free your mind and thereby help you lead a quiet, serene life.
  • Journal with pictures helps to organize ideas or thoughts to maximize productivity by making notes and lists instantly.
  • Create agendas, write memos, craft presentations as notes using daybook as a task manager app.
  • Seamlessly enable us to travel journals, including travel photos in an orderly manner. Camera capture enables us to take photos quickly in a simple journal.
  • Organize your receipts, bills, and invoices daily. Note and save!
  • For educational purposes, use it as -  homework tracker, Assignment Planner, simple notebook, a quick reference, creating quick notes with pictures
  • A Bullet journal aids note down wish list quickly.
  •  Record your life journey. Daybook is a life diary that works with multiple platforms such as Web, mobile, through voice Assistance. 
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