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Jun 21, 2021

Fun Habit Premium v1.9988 APK is Here! [Latest]

Fun habit premium latest
Fun Habit Premium interesting, light weight habit building software. Fun Habit is habit tracker, self-care, daily planner it's all here. Users can obtain gold coins by completing their own custom tasks, which can be used to purchase the desired goods.
For example:
  • Create a habit: running. Bonus: 10
  • Create a wish: eat ice cream. Price: 50
  • By running 5 times, you can get enough gold coins to eat ice cream
  • Through the completion of positive and healthy habit tasks, there is no psychological burden in entertainment.
  • In order to achieve the desire, we will work harder to complete the habit task and realize the positive health cycle of life. 
  • Powerful and flexible custom task frequency setting
  • You can set the target number of times per day / week / custom / unlimited cycle, and specify which days of the week to do it.
  • The situation is as follows:
  • Exercise three times a day
  • Run 1 km every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Play tennis x times every n days
  • A single habit task. You can create custom tasks that are executed only once
  • Simple and beautiful UI design
  • You can choose from the layout of habit items in the form of squares and bars
  • Hand painted style icon, simple and beautiful, good mood, record good habits and daily life
  • Single / multiple reminders can be created for each habit to meet the needs of a variety of daily habits
  • Three kinds of data charts, detailed habit tracking, statistics to meet daily habits and goals
  • A variety of data analysis charts, including:
  • 1."Habit" check-in times statistics chart
  • 2.Gold coin revenue and expenditure statistics
  • 3.Calendar chart
  • You can view the complete history of habits and wishes
  • Provide a variety of desktop widgets, convenient for users to clock in and record their daily habit
  • Provide data backup, no longer afraid of data loss
  • Other interesting features
  • You can set a fine for your habit, and it will be deducted if you fail.
  • You can also set the target number of punch cards to observe the completion of the "habit" more intuitively.
  • From now on set a small goal and start your journey of habit development! 
Fun habit premium latest apk
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