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Sep 17, 2018

Apps2SD Pro All in One Tool v16.0 Cracked APK

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Apps2SD Pro All in One Tool

Apps2SD Pro has evolved from being an app which moves app data to sd card to an all in one app. Apps2SD All in One Tool Requires ROOT. Before using the app take a full backup. Apps2SD Pro will not be responsible for any data loss or damage to your phone. Note: Don't link/move your SuperUser management app

  • Automatically link newly installed apps (optional) and updated apps
  • Automatically move newly installed apps (optional) and updated apps to SD card/adoptable storage
  • Create module shortcuts and widgets
  • Brightest flashlight
  • Task scheduler: schedule tasks/jobs based on time or events
  • Busybox installer: No need to have a separate app to install busybox
  • App remover: Uninstall system apps (remove bloatware)
  • Script to mount sd card 2nd partition
  • Move apps to SD card using native app2sd/a2sd
  • Move to adoptable storage (force adopted if move to adoptable storage is not supported by the app)
  • Enable and Disable apps/games (Freeze and Unfreeze)
  • Batch link, unlink, backup, reinstall, uninstall, enable, disable, convert, integrate, clear data/cache
  • Support for 32 and 64 bit devices
  • Apps2SD Support for arm, x86 and mips devices
  • Fix permission on SD card 2nd partition
  • Terminal Emulator (Run shell script/commands)
  • Foldermount/Folder link (Link/Mount folders between internal/external sd card)
  • Screen Recorder for Kitkat+ devices
  • Task Manager/Task killer (Free up RAM and CPU by killing running processes/apps)
  • App Manager (manage apps and games) : Enable/Disable Services/Activities/Broadcast receivers/Content providers
  • Hibernate Apps (greenify): Hibernate user/system apps when screen turns off to save battery and improve performance
  • Broken App Cleaner (system cleaner/optimizer): delete unused files/folders and fix unable to download/install error from play store
  • Hide Apps and Games (Hide apps with password protection)
  • Swap Manager: Ram Expander/Booster (Create/Manage swap partitions/files)
  • Fix Device Lag (FSTRIM) for Android 4+ (Use device lag fixer to improve performance)
  • Partition Tool (Partition the external SD card. Create upto 3 partitions on your SD card, fat32, exfat, f2fs, ext4, ext3 and ext2 are supported)
  • Partition Tool (Adoptable): Create Adoptable or Adoptable + Portable partition on your SD card
  • Apps2SD Pro Backup/Restore Apps/Games/Sd card: Create backup and restore apps or SD cards
What's New
  • Added several intent support.
  • supported intent list
  • Added support for Magisk 15.3+
  • Added Exclude apps option for auto linking and hibernating
  • Added mount all folders and Unmount all folders option

Apps2SD PRO Cracked APK


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