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Oct 14, 2020
Stellarium Mobile Sky Map Plus v1.6.0 APK [PRO]

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map Plus v1.6.0 APK [PRO]

Stellarium plus is a fully-featured pro mobile sky map and planetarium for your android. Stellarium shows a realistic and accurate night sky map, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. The sensor control will also enable you to identify a star in just a few seconds, just by pointing the phone at the sky! This Plus version will also satisfy the most demanding astronomy enthusiasts thanks to its massive collection of sky objects (up to magnitude 22 versus magnitude 10 in the standard version) and advanced observing features for controlling telescopes or preparing observing sessions.

  • catalog of over 600,000 stars displayed as a real time zoomable sky map
  • catalog of many nebulae and galaxies, with pictures for some of them
  • asterisms and illustrations of the constellations for several sky cultures
  • artificial satellites, including the International Space Station
  • realistic Milky Way
  • realistic landscape and atmosphere with sunrise, sunset and light pollution simulation
  • accurate simulation of stars extinction, and atmosphere refraction
  • 3D rendering of the major solar system planets and their satellites
  • night mode (red)
  • GPS positioning, accelerometers control of the direction of view in the sky
  • Try Mobile Observatory PRO Now

How to Install :
  • Download APK
  • Install normally 
  • Done Enjoy Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

Stellarium mobile sky map apk download

Stellarium Plus 1.6.0 APK [40Mb] / Mirror / Mirror

Betternet Premium v5.6.3 Cracked APK [Latest]

Betternet Premium v5.6.3 Cracked APK [Latest]

Download betternet premium apk latest

Betternet Premium

Betternet Premium is a powerful pro VPN client for android; it's also lightweight and easy to use. Betternet lets you access Internet openly as it is avoiding any kind of censorship that might be present in your country, at school or at work. Betternet secures your device's connection while you're connected to public wifi hotspots, cellular data networks and other public locations.

  • It's free forever.
  • Surf anonymously at Fast Speed
  • Automatically connects you to the fastest VPN Server
  • No Registration or Login is needed.
  • No log is saved from any users.
  • Simple, one tap connect.
  • Protect privacy and secure your device
  • Betternet VPN hides your IP address so that your location is masked
  • It connects you to the fastest
  • Shield WiFi Hotspot
  • Anonymous Connection and Privacy Protection
  • Incognito Browsing using a VPN you don’t even have to install any incognito browser
  • No credit cards needed
  • Betternet gives you access to the blocked websites and Apps
  • Secures your Android device’s connection 
  • Your IP will be changed and and nobody can track your activity on Internet.

What's New
We’re always working to improve Betternet with bug fixes and optimizations. Whenever we add awesome new features, we’ll let you know!

Betternet premium cracked apk Betternet for android free download Betternet vpn proxy premium


Betternet Premium v5.6.3 [28Mb] / Mirror / Mirror

Decision-Making Strategies for Optimal Team Performance!

Decision-Making Strategies for Optimal Team Performance!


Decision-Making Strategies for Optimal Team Performance A Primer for Team Leaders. Find out how to optimize the performance of your teams by focusing on their ability to generate high-quality decisions. Are you making the best decisions for your business? Are your employees? This concise course collects lessons designed to help leaders optimize the performance of their teams by focusing on their ability to generate high-quality decisions. Journalist and author Stephen Dubner talks about ways to create a culture of innovation that favors genuinely good ideas over merely loud or popular ones. 

Harvard Business School professor Robert S. Kaplan teaches you how to assess a situation and adapt your management style to maximize results. CEO of Red Hat Jim Whitehurst teaches leaders how to use culture and communication strategy to create an inclusive environment that facilitates shared decision-making, and also explores how open, participatory organizations can use culture to drive group decision-making. Finally, professional poker player and decision strategist Annie Duke shows how to use outcome-blind analysis to evaluate the quality of your decisions.

How to avail:
  • Download from bellow links
  • Unpack using RAR or other app
  • Use any player to play these videos
  • This course was produced by Big Think. We are pleased to host this content in our library.  


Merriam-Webster Premium 5.0.7 APK [Ad-Free]

Merriam-Webster Premium 5.0.7 APK [Ad-Free]

Merriam-webster adfree apk
Merriam-Webster premium is america’s most useful pro and respected dictionary, Merriam-webster optimized for your android device. This is the best android app for english language reference, education, and vocabulary building. And now we’ve added new word games! It’s never been more fun to learn new words and test your vocabulary for everyone from english learners to total word nerds. Hundreds of words to test your skills. Webster completed his dictionary during his year abroad in 1825 in paris, and at the university of cambridge 

  • Universal app
  • fun, fast quizzes to learn new words or test your vocabulary
  • Additional resources available with in-app purchases
  • Voice search: look up a word without having to spell it
  • Word of the day: learn a new word every day.
  • Integrated thesaurus: synonyms & antonyms are included with the dictionary
  • Example sentences: understand how a word is used in context
  • Quick definitions: perfect for on-the-go lookups
  • Merriam-Webster premium app is completely adfree
  • New vocabulary-building quizzes
  • Audio pronunciations: voiced by real english speakers, not text-to-speech robots
  • Favorite words and search history: keep track of the words that are most important to you
  • Favorite word syncing through icloud: share your favorites between devices
  • See word of the day, find watch-sized definitions with voice search, and keep track of your favorites from your watch
  • No internet connection is required to view the definitions or thesaurus
  • Aalthough you do need a connection to view illustrations, hear audio pronunciations, and use voice search

How to Install:

  • Downlaod APK
  • Install the app normally
  • That's It Enjoy Merriam-Webster Cracked APK

Merriam-webster premium apk


Merriam-Webster Premium 5.0.7 APK [Arm] / Mirror

Merriam-Webster Premium 5.0.7 APK [Arm64] / Mirror

Alarmy PRO (sleep if u can) 4.33.26 APK [Patched]

Alarmy PRO (sleep if u can) 4.33.26 APK [Patched]

Alarmy Pro (Sleep If U Can)

Alarmy pro (sleep if u can) is the innovative solution to wake up on time. Alarmy mod app has been cleverly designed to force you to get out of bed. You set it up by registering a photo of an area or room in your house. Then once the alarm is set, the ONLY way to make it stop ringing is to get out of bed and go take a photo of the registered area.

Dubbed as “the world’s most annoying alarm”, It has quickly become a favorite mobile app among users. It has been featured in Gizmodo, Cnet, and at Huffington Post, and is currently Number One in its category in 70 countries, including France, Germany, and South Korea.

"Early Bird Alarm Clock is faithful to the basics of Alarm Clock. It is simple but powerful"  
Users are truly enjoying Alarmy pro and many have devised their own unique methods around the alarm’s requirements. For instance, you could register the foot of the bed as your location, then you would only need to wake up enough to take a pic of the foot of your bed and then go right back to sleep. Of course, this totally circumvents the whole purpose of the app but has become a fun pastime for many users.

Other creative locations that users have come up with include the ceiling of their room, a nightstand, or the floor. If you’re more serious about really getting up on time, then how about registering the bathroom sink or an item in the kitchen?

What's New
  • new and improved!
  • Fully support Android Oreo (Alarmy gets more stable!)
  • Allow users to turn on/off notifications
  • Resolve the problem of not showing dismiss screen on Xiaomi Device
  • Add default repeat option (weekdays/weekends) to setting screen

Textra SMS Pro v4.30 Cracked APK [Latest]

Textra SMS Pro v4.30 Cracked APK [Latest]

Textra pro latest apk

Textra SMS Pro

Textra SMS Pro is a simple and functional SMS app for everyday texting. Textra SMS comes with a bunch of great features, notably 180+ material design theme, bubble & app icon colors. Customize your preferred theme & bubble colors, signatures and notifications (icon color, LED color, sound, vibration, privacy, reminders and muting) PER CONTACT as well. Now fully supports dual sim devices for Android 5.1 and above for both SMS and MMS.

Dark, light & auto-night modes, multiple bubble styles, scheduled (future) SMS & MMS, stop during send, slide to delete, slide to call, quick snap camera, multi-select picture gallery, quick reply popup, awesome MMS GROUP messaging, quick voice memos, GIFs, Textra SMS premium 21 text sizes, message blocker / blacklisting, pin-to-top, automatic video & picture compression, plus heaps more!

Join the chomp revolution now at 10+ million strong; Give chomp SMS a try today! It's pretty special.

Get all the latest (Unicode 9) 2000+ Android, Twitter, Emoji One & iOS style emojis including diversity (skin tone). Just pick your preferred emoji style and express yourself! New: Copy Partial Text inside a bubble, tap a bubble to check out this great new feature!

It's pretty special; try it, tell your friends, shout from the treetops, but most of all enjoy it. Fully compatible with Pushbullet, MightyText, Android Wear and Android Auto (car) for enhanced notifications and quick reply.
Copy Partial Text inside a bubble, tap a bubble to check out this great new feature!

All Textra SMS pro apk features are unlocked. Occasionally you'll not see any ad, or you can choose to make a once only in-app purchase to remove ads forever. See Settings > Customize Notifications > Vibrate Pattern, for a new option called "Android (only when Phone on Vibrate)". Also available in the per conversation notification customizations.
Block Apps Premium v5.0.0 APK [Patched]

Block Apps Premium v5.0.0 APK [Patched]

Block apps pro APK

Block Apps Premium is an paid easy-to-use productivity & focus app. Block Apps improves your self-control by blocking or limiting your app usage and giving you insight into how your time is spent on your phone similar to AppBlock pro. Additionally, you can place widgets on your home screen that allow you to start a block in a single tap. There is Tasker support to automate the starting of a block at any time. No personal information or app usage data is collected. All data stays on your phone.

You can analyze your phone usage over different time periods, going back up to 2 years. See where your time is spent and take steps to improve your digital wellbeing.
You can temporarily activate your blocks at any time for a specific duration. Great for when you start a study session or want to go to sleep. Often combined with a Pomodoro timer for increased productivity.

By default, the only option to access a blocked app is to reboot your phone. If that is too easy, you can disable this in the app's settings, such that even after a reboot your apps will still be blocked. This app uses the Device Administrator permission. The permission can (optionally) be enabled inside the app's settings to prevent the app from being force closed or uninstalled, such that there is no way to circumvent a block. Procrastinators, this app is made for you.

At the start of each week, you will receive an overview of your app usage of the week before. This contains a detailed breakdown of where your time was spent during the week, allowing you to easily decide which apps to restrict.

Select a group of apps and create a custom time schedule during which these apps will automatically be blocked. The schedule is fully customizable, allowing you to set different times on different days in the week, allowing you to create productive habits. An active block cannot be turned off so that it prevents you from using distracting apps. 

Block apps premium full APK

Block Apps Premium 5.0.0 APK [PRO] / Mirror / Mirror


SnapTube Premium v5.08.1.5081001 APK [VIP]

SnapTube Premium v5.08.1.5081001 APK [VIP]

Snaptube vip APK 2020
SnapTube premium is a simple but VIP video downloader tool with modded tools. SnapTube latest app has several search options, including a catalog with 11 subcategories, a section for popular videos, a section for videos with the most views, plus another with daily recommendations.You can choose the quality of the download to save space on your phone's memory. You can also choose to download only the audio, which is useful when you just want to save a song or an album. Recent updates also allow the download of Facebook and Instagram videos. to download Youtube in Windows Use YTD Video Downloader

  • No banner ads.
  • Download In a Snap Very fast downloads
  • Download in multiple resolutions Upto 4K
  • Direct mp3 downloads
  • Search videos with keywords
  • Enable ‘Batch download’ feature
  • Manage video downloads
  • Discover new videos
  • YouTube, DailyMotion ,Instagram, More in a simple, fast, and convenient. 
  • Simultaneous downloading of multiple files
  • Permanently removed app ads
  • SnapTube premium mod supported formats: mp4, avi, flv, 3gp, mp3, aac
  • Enable ‘2K & 4K’ download option for some HD videos.

Videoder premium is an amazing YouTube Music & Video download utility for your Android Smart-Phone. It has been loved and appreciated by over 20 million users around the world.

How to Install:
  • Download APK
  • First time only) Turn on Unknown sources
  • Then you can click the downloaded APK to install
  • That's It Enjoy SnapTube VIP Full😊

SnapTube VIP Adfree Apk Free Downlaod


SnapTube Premium v5.08.1.5081001 [VIP] / Mirror / Mirror 

SnapTube VIP Cracked [11Mb] / Mirror / Mirror
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