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Aug 5, 2022
Clear Scan Pro v6.8.1 APK is Here! [Premium]

Clear Scan Pro v6.8.1 APK is Here! [Premium]

Clear scanner premium APK

Clear scanner pro

Clear Scan convert your smart phone into a pro pocket scanner device. Clear scanner is a must for every person be it a school student, college student, business person or any other person. The app lets you scan your photographs and documents in high quality which makes it easy for the person to read the texts present. The app automatically detects the corner of the file that you want to scan for better quality along with you can also crop the part of the document that you want to scan.

Clear Scanner Premium is the best scanning app with hassle free work that saves a huge amount of both time and money. So get this amazing free mini pocket scanner app now in your smartphones and get the scanning done from any part of the world and send the scanned image to any person at any location.

App features

  • Automatic document edge detection and perspective correction
  • Extremely Fast Processing
  • Professional quality results with multiple filter options: photo, document, clear, colour or black & white
  • Flexible editing, able to edit file after save
  • Folders and subfolders, You can easily manage your files and folders, in order to organise your documents better.
  • Document naming, storage inside the app and search
  • Adding or Deleting one page or the whole document
  • Page reordering after adding or deleting
  • Set page sizes for PDF (Letter, Legal, A4, and more)
  • Email specific pages or whole document
  • Print PDF file via Cloud Print
  • Open PDFs or JPEGs in other apps such as Dropbox, OneDrive, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Evernote, etc. to send to clouds
  • Extract Texts from image OCR ,transfer images to texts so you can search, edit or share
  • Backup & Restore, allow you to create "backup file" and restore your data manually incase you lose or change device
  • Tiny app size. 

What's new
  • Add option "Auto save to gallery" you can find it in the app settings menu.
  • Fixed a bug that syncing could not connect to the Internet on some devices.
  • Improved image processing
  • Fixed major bugs in earlier versions found in Android 5.1.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements 

Clear scanner pro apk free download

Clear scan pro v6.8.1 APK [45Mb] / Mirror / Mirror
Oct 26, 2020
Simple Scan Pro 4.4.2 Cracked APK [Latest]

Simple Scan Pro 4.4.2 Cracked APK [Latest]

Simple scan pro cracked apk free download
Simple Scan Pro is a PDF document scanner application that turns your phone into a portable scanner. Simple Scan can scan documents photos,receipts reports, or just about anything. The scan will be saved to the device in image or PDF format. Name and organize your scan to a folder, or share it in the following ways:

  • Mobile phone document, automatically remove the clutter background,
  • generate high-definition JPEG pictures or PDF files.
  • A variety of image processing mode, you can manually adjust the image parameters,
  • with a mobile phone can be paper documents, quickly turned into a clear electronic draft.
  • Scan color, grayscale, or black and white
  • Can be used in office, school, home and any place you want
  • Automatically detects page edges
  • 5 levels of contrast for clear monochrome text
  • Set the PDF page size (Letter, Legal, A4, etc.)
  • Thumbnail or list view, sorted by date or title
  • optimized to run very fast.
  • Quick search by document title
  • Use a password to protect your documents
  • General A single application that works on your phone! 
  • Simple Scan Pro

What's New
  • Automatically upload JPG and PDF files to the cloud disk
  • Backup and restore synchronization files between multiple devices
  • E-mail, print , Fax
  • Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, WhatsApp, or more
  • Wifi connects directly to your computer

Simple scan pro full apk


Simple Scan Pro 4.4.2 Final APK (36Mb) / Mirror / Mirror
Aug 22, 2020
Notebloc pro v4.1.3 APK [Premium]

Notebloc pro v4.1.3 APK [Premium]

Notebloc premium apk

Notebloc pro

Notebloc pro is a scanner app supporting unlimited usage developed by a notebook company in Barcelona. Notebloc app will automatically detect the corners and correct the perspective of the image. Making it appear as if it was taken with a 90 degrees angle. Download our scanner app to scan, save & share your notes, sketches, drawings, and other documents. You can export the documents to PDF or JPEG files. We eliminate any trace of shade in your photos: Imagine you could have the perfect light intensity to digitize your notes in any circumstance, time and place. That may seem impossible, but with the Notebloc app your digitized notes will look perfect, clean, without any imperfection due to light and shadow. In your digital image you will only get what there is written or drawn on a completely white background.

  • Create documents and save them as PDF or JPG.
  • Share documents online: e-mail, instant messaging, social networks, etc.
  • Rename documents.
  • Classify documents by date of creation or edition.
  • Choose in what size of PDF you want to keep your notes.
  • Digitize images / other documents that you may want to save along with your Notebloc notes.
  • Add, copy and order pages within the same document.
  • Create folders to better organize your files
  • You can scan any type of notes, paper documents, receipts, drawings, sketches, photos or images.
  • Use our batch scan feature to scan multiple pages at once.
  • You can create single or multi page documents and organize them in folders and subfolders.
  • It includes OCR for typed texts in 18 different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Danish, Catalan, Dutch, German, Finnish, Hungarian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Tagalog and Turkish).
  • The app will automatically detect the corners and correct the perspective of the image. Making it appear as if it was taken with a 90 degrees angle.
  • Any shadows or similar will disappear.
  • You can crop a document or image directly inside the app.
  • Your scanned documents can be saved or shared through email / Whatsapp / Dropbox, etc.

What's New
  • Syncing Notebloc Scanner with Google Drive now available! Sync or back up your scanned documents among all your Android devices.
  • Bug corrections.

Notebloc pro apk free download


Notebloc pro v4.1.3 APK [Premium] / Mirror / Mirror
Mar 18, 2020
Scanbot Pro v7.5.22.279 Cracked APK [MOD]

Scanbot Pro v7.5.22.279 Cracked APK [MOD]

Scanbot pro apk download full
Scanbot pro is the best document to PDF scanner app and very easy to use. Already 7 million people on Android and iOS use Scanbot to scan their documents, receipts, whiteboards, QR codes or bar codes.This scanner app already won numerous awards and achieves a satisfaction rating of 98%. It scans everything from business cards to whiteboards. When you scan a document, Makes hundreds of decisions to capture the document perfectly, crop the document, straighten it and apply the filter. 
  • Create high quality PDF documents with 200 dpi and higher (like modern desktop scanners)
  • Save as PDF or JPG
  • Scan QR-codes: URLs, contacts, phone numbers, locations, hotspots, etc.
  • Easily detect barcodes from any product
  • Lightning fast: automatic edge detection and scanning
  • Enhance your scans with filters: color, gray, black & white
  • Text recognition (OCR): extract the text of your scans, e.g. receipts, to copy, search, lookup etc.
  • Fast multi-page scanning
  • Smart and automatic background upload
  • Beautifully designed
  • Smart file naming: automatically add the current city, time or device name to your scan.
  • Themes: change the look and feel with one of our great themes.
  • More Pro features will be added soon
  • Easily work with PDFs after you have scanned them. 
  • Highlight text, add notes, draw on the scanned pages or add your signature.

How it works:
Simply hold your smartphone or tablet over a document and will automatically scan it. The scanner app will then crop the document and optimize the colors. Save your scan as pdf or jpg with one tap. You May Like CamScanner Pro

Scanbot pro latest apk

Scanbot Pro v7.5.22.279 APK [35Mb] / Mirror / Mirror

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