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Feb 3, 2021
NotifyBuddy Premium v1.9 APK [Patched]

NotifyBuddy Premium v1.9 APK [Patched]

NotifyBuddy premium turn your phone’s AMOLED display into notification LED, Though NotifyBuddy is tested on OP6T, it could be working for most Android Oreo and later phones. As OP6T has amoled display whenever a desired notification comes the app brings in a black screen with notification LED looking animation, Both the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro also lack notification LEDs, but OnePlus added an edge lighting effect to compensate.So Dev was annoyed not having an LED notification light on OnePlus 6T so I tried to make one of my own. For MIUI 11 devices make sure that AutoStart is enabled in App Info. Also check "Show on lock screen" permission in other settings.

It’s recommended that you use this NotifyBuddy premium on a phone with an OLED display so that the notification lighting doesn’t cause the entire screen to be lit up. In case you’re worried about burn-in, the developer has implemented burn-in protection by occasionally shifting the area where the notification lighting appears. Here’s a video of how the app looks on the OnePlus 6T, Note that since the phone technically doesn’t sleep, you may experience idle battery drain. Some users in the XDA thread report minimal drain while others report a lot. An app like this shouldn’t cause too much battery drain, so hopefully, these issues get sorted out for everyone.

How to use it:
  • Disable Ambient Display and any battery optimisation for the app.
  • Give notification access permission.
  • 3 Select apps you want notifications for, by choosing a color
  • On successfully selecting a color for an app the text in which the App name is written should change to that color
  • That's it Enjoy NotifyBuddy Premium 

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