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Dec 6, 2020
Music Speed Changer Pro 9.3.5 APK [Unlocked]

Music Speed Changer Pro 9.3.5 APK [Unlocked]

Music speed changer unlocked APK

Music Speed Changer Pro

Music Speed Changer allows you to change the speed of audio files on your device in real time without affecting the pitch (time stretch), or change the pitch without changing the speed (pitch shift). The most downloaded time stretching and pitch shifting app in the Play store, now with élastique engine for professional sound quality. Music Speed Changer is great for musicians practicing an instrument needing to slow down the tempo or practice in a different tuning, speeding up audio books for faster listening, making nightcore or just rocking out to your favorite song at 130%.

  • Music looper  seamlessly loop audio sections and practice over and over (AB repeat player).
  • Advanced looping feature  move the loop to the next or previous measure or set of measures with the touch of a button after the perfect loop is captured.
  • Reverse music (play backwards). Decode the secret message or learn a passage backwards and forwards.
  • Playing queue  add folder or album to the playing queue and add/remove individual tracks.
  • Waveform view showing contours of the audio for precise seeking.
  • Equalizer  8band graphic equalizer, and preamp and balance control.
  • Analyze the audio to display the BPM and musical key of each track.
  • Great for making Nightcore or Fast Music creations.
  • Export your adjustments to an MP3 (.mp3) or WAV file for sharing or playing in another music player.
  • Save an altered version of the whole track or only the captured loop section (excellent for making weird ringtones).
  • Modern material design UI and simple to use.
  • Light and dark themes.
  • Builtin audio recorder.
  • Completely free and no restrictions on this music speed controller.
  • No waiting for your local audio file to decode, instant playback and instant audio speed and pitch adjustment.  

What's New:
  • Update version of time stretching library - improved sound quality.
  • Added audio recorder. Now you can hear how your voice sounds in different keys or at different speeds.

Music speed changer pro APK

Music Speed Changer Pro 9.3.5 APK [16Mb] / Mirror / Mirror 
Sep 7, 2020
USB Media Explorer 10.5.6 APK [Patched]

USB Media Explorer 10.5.6 APK [Patched]

Usb media explorer APK
USB Media Explorer formerly known as Nexus Media Importer, USB Media Explorer allows you view photos (Jpeg and Raw), stream videos1, listen to music, and view documents from USB storage devices and cameras. Specialized screens for photos, videos, music, documents and file management. Copy files to and from the USB device. View full size photos and videos without importing!

How to use

  • If you are using an card reader, put the flash memory card in the reader first.
  • Attach your usb device to the otg cable.
  • Attach the otg cable to the nexus or other device.
  • The application should launch automatically.
  • The file manager tab can be used to manage and transfer files.
  • Use the connect screen to determine the viewed device and the destination device for the copy/move operations.
  • The navigation menu to change between photos, videos, document and the file manager can be accessed by the three lines in the upper left hand corner.
  • USB Media Explorer

Required hardware

  • An android 4.0+ device. Please try the free "Usb photo viewer" first if you do not have a nexus device. Due to hardware limitations, the nexus 4 is not supported.
  • An usb otg (on-the-go) cable. Costs range from $1-10 usd, see screenshots for examples.
  • An usb flash drive or usb card reader with a flash memory card inserted, see screenshots for examples. Please see the faq on our website if you are trying to connect an external hard drive or other device.

If you have an issue, you can tap "Homesoft" from the about screen for email support.Currently, most usb mass storage devices are supported. Due to the mind boggling number of usb devices available it is not 100% if you contact us, we may be able to support your device in a future release. If you have doubts, try the free "Nexus photo viewer" first.

Usb media explorer full APK

USB Media Explorer 10.5.6 | Mirror | Mirror

USB Media Explorer 10.0.1 APK (3Mb) | Mirror | Mirror


Aug 22, 2020
Musixmatch Premium 7.6.3 APK [Patched]

Musixmatch Premium 7.6.3 APK [Patched]

Musixmatch premium
Musixmatch premium is a mod music player and lyrical android app. Musixmatch used by millions of people to get instant synchronised lyrics for Youtube, Spotify, Pandora and more. You can also now use our app to get song translations on the go. Enjoy song lyrics with music from Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music and all your other favourite streaming services. Be sure to have enabled the FloatingLyrics and let it find lyrics for your songs on Spotify, Pandora, Play music, YouTube, SoundCloud and more.

Musixmatch premium mod:

  • Party mode sing along to any song with word by word syncing and beautiful themes.
  • Offline lyrics enjoy all the lyrics you have viewed without a connection.
  • No ads get all the lyrics with no ads.
  • No commitment cancel any time you like.
  • Enjoy song lyrics with music from Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music and all your other favourite streaming services
  • Tap on the real- time notification to display the Floating Lyrics widget and get the current track’s lyrics
  • Easily learn new languages by displaying the translation of the lyrics, in time with music.
  • Identify and get the lyrics to any song that’s playing around you with one tap
  • Search for your favourite song by title, artist and even just using a single line of the lyrics

Additional features:
  • Share your favourite song lyrics on amazing backgrounds with the LyricsCard feature
  • Play Youtube videos in full screen, on landscape mode, 
  • to enjoy the FloatingLyrics fully integrated with the video
  • Play, pause, skip track from your lock screen
  • Get notified instantly when new lyrics from your favourite artists are available
  • Quickly and easily find all your favorites on your profile
  • Preview songs or watch their Youtube videos
  • Collect your identified songs in a Spotify playlist
  • Fetch song info and cover art for your songs.

Musixmatch premium modded


Musixmatch Premium 7.6.3 [45Mb] / Mirror / Mirror
Jul 24, 2020
QuickLyric Premium v3.9.0c APK [Patched]

QuickLyric Premium v3.9.0c APK [Patched]

Paid APK QuickLyric
QuickLyric Instant Lyrics premium is a top quality app for android. QuickLyric makes it easy to store lyrics for offline and supports synchronized lyrics (karaoke). it solves that issue and brings the lyrics to you instantly. Countless lyrics apps either bother you with a notification or force you to manually type the name of the song every time it changes.

Premium Features:
  • Offline lyrics for free
  • The fastest lyrics finder
  • Synchronized lyrics - the ultimate karaoke experience right in your pocket!
  • Floating lyrics to enjoy your lyrics without interrupting what you're doing
  • Display an (optional) notification to access your lyrics even quicker
  • Quickly download the lyrics for your whole library of songs (Google Play, Spotify or your own files)
  • Identify songs with your microphone: hold your phone to the music and the lyrics will appear!
  • A top-notch support team that will gladly answer all your questions
  • A night mode to rest your eyes at night
  • Exclusive new themes
  • Remove all ads - enjoy your karaoke without advertising
  • QuickLyric Support for Android Wear devices

    Unsupported Players
    • SoundCloud is not yet supported.
    • Youtube will eventually be supported through floating lyrics.
    • Wynk Music is **partly** supported. Some songs will work, some will not. This is entirely their responsability.

    QuickLyric Premium apk free download


    QuickLyric Premium v3.9.0c APK (13Mb) | Mirror | Mirror


    Jul 22, 2020
    Dub Music Player PRO v4.8 Cracked APK [PRO]

    Dub Music Player PRO v4.8 Cracked APK [PRO]

    Dub Music Player Pro apk download

    Dub Music Player + Equalizer

    Dub Music Player pro is a powerful music player with unlocked equalizer. Dub music player equalizer pro is the best full featured music app for android devices! There is no need to worry about data because Dub is an offline music player that will play the song from your local music library. 


    • Create and edit playlist
    • Browse and play music by songs, artists, albums, playlists, folders, and genres
    • 7 themes (Classic, Material, Studio, Genesis, Gold)
    • Easy search function: Search music by songs, artists, and album
    • Simple and effective interface, faithfully showing the visualization of your music played.
    • Background music play (to keep playing your songs while you use other apps, or while your device is in standby mode)
    • 9 predefined presets, based on different music genres
    • Ability to save and delete custom presets
    • Music progress bar for an easy navigation within the song you're listening to
    • Repeat function to keep listening to your song over and over
    • Shuffle function to plays songs in a random order
    • Media volume control
    • Home screen widget
    • Lock screen widget
    • Supports headset / Bluetooth controls for easy listening.
    • Material design interface
    • Edit tags
    • Sleep Timer
    • Set song as ringtone
    • Volume Balance control
    • Loudness enhancer (Only for Android version 4.4 and higher)
    • Crossfade
    • Speed control (Only for Android version 6.0 and higher)
    • Pitch control (Only for Android version 6.0 and higher)
    • Crossfader - for audio music mix

    What's New
    • New feature: Crossfader
    • New themes: Studio Orange and Studio Green
    • New playlists: Recently Added and Recently Played
    • Improved speed and stability
    Dub Music Player + Equalizer PRO


    Dub Music Player PRO 4.8 / Mirror / Mirror

    Dub Music Player Pro v3.0 b183 APK (6Mb) / Mirror / Mirror


    Jul 7, 2020
    USB Audio Player Pro 5.6.1 Cracked APK [Mod]

    USB Audio Player Pro 5.6.1 Cracked APK [Mod]

    USB Audio Player PRO
    USB Audio Player pro is a high quality media player supporting usb audio dacs and hires audio chips. Usb audio player play up to any resolution and sample rate that the dac supports! All popular and less popular formats are supported, including wav, flac, mp3, m4a, mqa and dsd.This app is a must-have for every hifi enthusiast, bypassing all audio limits of android. Without a usb dac, the app is still one of the highest quality media players around. Note that you need a usb otg cable to connect your dac, any class compliant usb audio device should work.

    • Plays wav/flac/ogg/mp3/DSD/SACD/aiff/aac/m4a/ape/cue/etc.
    • Supports a USB audio DAC connected by an OTG cable
    • Plays natively up to 32-bit/384kHz or any other rate/resolution your DAC supports
    • DSD-over-PCM and native DSD playback and DSD-to-PCM conversion if the DAC does not support DSD
    • Toneboosters MorphIt Mobile
    • UPnP/DLNA
    • UPnP media renderer
    • UPnP content server
    • Network playback using Samba shares (should work with Windows and NAS)
    • Stream audio from Qobuz, Shoutcast and Tidal
    • Gapless playback
    • Bit perfect playback
    • Replay gain
    • Sample rate conversion
    • USB Audio Player has 10-band equalizer (can be turned off)
    • No root required,
    • Software and hardware volume control (when applicable)
    • Upsampling (optional)
    • scrobbling

    What's New:
    • MQA tracks can now be played on devices/DACs that lack the 88200Hz sample rate (Pioneer XDP/Onkyo DP-X1)
    • Added 'Download' option to album pop-up menu for Google Music library albums.
    • Added a setting 'Pause on audio focus loss'.
    • Added HiRes support for the ZTE Axon Mini 7.
    • Some albums on Qobuz did not show any tracks. Solved.
    • Playing tracks from network with a short duration would often fail. Solved.
    • and more..

    Usb audio player

    USB Audio Player PRO 5.6.1 APK / Mirror / Mirror

    USB Audio Player PRO 5.1.1 Cracked [Mod] / Mirror / Mirror

    Jul 5, 2020
    JOOX Music Premium v5.7.1 APK [VIP]

    JOOX Music Premium v5.7.1 APK [VIP]

    Music streaming app
    JOOX Music is the premium unlocked music streaming application for you music lovers. JOOX Music allows millions of tracks to listen and also you can download the latest songs for offline play. Discover great new music with special playlist from our editors that fit your taste and mood, anytime anywhere. Aside from listening to thousands of songs for free, JOOX Music also provides access to thousands of music videos. You just have to click the video icon when you find it available for a song.

    • Huge Library - Instantly access music from all over the world
    • Radio - Access over 50 radios with an immense number of songs
    • Recommended Playlists - Find playlists recommended by us, with songs to fit your mood
    • Personalized Music - Customize your playlists with your favorite songs for every occasion
    • Real-Time Sharing - Share your songs with WeChat friends and on your Moments
    • Live Broadcasting - Get closer to your favorite artist in Live
    • In addition to all the great FREE features, VIP service turns it up for the real music fans:
    • Play on-Demand
    • Download for Offline Listening
    • High Quality Streaming
    • No audio ads

    What's New:
    • Easily manage your subscriptions and benefit from special offers
    • Improved karaoke experience
    • We would greatly appreciate if you would take a minute to leave a review on the Play Store! 
    • Enjoy JOOX Music VIP APK

    Joox music vip apk download


    JOOX Music v5.7.1 Unlocked [VIP] / Mirror / Mirror

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