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Nov 19, 2020
Simple Habit 1.36.10 Subscribed APK [Premium]

Simple Habit 1.36.10 Subscribed APK [Premium]

Simple Habit is the best premium meditation app for busy people. It Offers subscribed guided meditation and relaxation sessions and a library of 1000+ meditations on this App. situations and topics like insomnia, anxiety before a meeting, or even butterflies before a date. Meditate for just 5 minutes/day to reduce stress, improve focus, sleep better, relax faster, breathe easier, and be happier.

Benefits Of Meditation:
  • Improved focus throughout the day
  • Reduce stress and anxiety to stay calm and relaxed
  • Get a better night’s sleep to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increased self-awareness and sense of perspective
  • Breathe deeper and easier for better health and wellness
  • Be an effective leader
  • Increased motivation and productivity
  • Achieve mindfulness and experience the power of positive thinking on the go
  • Calm down and relax at the end of a long day to get to sleep easier
  • Be a better listener through improved focus
  • Tackle different life challenges in a calm, focused manner
  • Enjoy better relationships
  • Be happier, more relaxed, and calm
  • Learn ancient breathing techniques with Prana Breath

Why Simple Habit:

  • Free to download - you have nothing to lose!
  • Only 5-minutes per day to improve your life
  • New meditation guides by the world’s best teachers
  • Meditate with On-the-Go meditations
  • Guided meditations for specific symptoms and goals
  • Guided meditations for specific life situations 

Simple Habit Meditation Premium apk Simple Habit Meditation Subscribed apk Simple Habit Meditation apk free downlaod

Download Links

Simple Habit Premium 1.36.10 Subscribed [ARM] / Mirror

Simple Habit Premium 1.36.10 Subscribed [ARM64] / Mirror


Aug 31, 2020
Strive Minutes v3.3.1 APK is Here! [Unlocked]

Strive Minutes v3.3.1 APK is Here! [Unlocked]

Strive minutes meditation app

Strive Minutes

Strive Minutes is a latest minimal meditation app. Strive Minutes designed to keep you focused on your meditation sessions while keeping a record without being a distraction. It helps users in forming a meditation habit by keeping a track of their streak and session records. Minutes allows you to sign up with your email and password so that you never lose your meditation history. A lot of us are motivated by seeing a visual record and reminder of our progress and we don't want a change of device or an unexpected crash to result in a loss of your progress so far.

  • Option to set a default meditation duration
  • Option to use Interval chimes in your session
  • Minutes remembers your last used Interval settings
  • Syncs data seamlessly on multiple android devices and never lose your session history
  • A distraction free meditation session
  • A preparation interval before the start of each session which can be changed to accommodate your preferences.
  • Option to track meditation duration beyond the set time. If you choose to continue your session beyond the closing chime, you will have the option to add the extra minutes to your session stats.
  • Simple, clean interface and visuals
  • A statistics page that tracks your streaks and all time best sessions to keep you motivated
  • Under statistics, a Timeline view for details about session durations and a Calendar view for visual encouragement to maintain your streak.
  • Start and end your meditations with a beautiful Tibetan gong, no other distractions or voice overs
  • Add and Delete Sessions Manually
  • AMOLED mode for better battery utilisation for devices with AMOLED Screens
  • Google Fit Integration. Sync your meditation minutes to keep a record in your daily Google Fit activity journal
  • A simple journal to catalogue your struggles, thoughts and experiences after each session

A note on our pricing:
Minutes will never have any ads as we feel that they are intrusive and counterproductive to the purpose of the app, which is to calm the mind. This is why we charge a nominal fee upfront to enable us to keep Minutes ad free and also free of multiple pricing models, subscriptions and various versions of the same app. We want to keep adding features, simplifying tasks and innovating with this app, the upfront pricing keeps us encouraged to do that.

Strive minutes meditation paid app

Strive Minutes v3.3.1 APK [Premium] / Mirror / Mirror
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