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Feb 13, 2021
Multi Calculator Premium v1.7.5 APK [PRO]

Multi Calculator Premium v1.7.5 APK [PRO]

Multi calculator premium APK

Multi Calculator Premium

Multi Calculator Premium is the best app containing several useful calculators and converters.Try this premium Multi functional powerful and calculation capabilities and intuitive & stylish designed app. Multi Calculator supports all kinds of devices.On Android Wear, Standard Calculator & Currency Converter are available. Helps you to calculate time in Year / Week / Day / Hour / Minute / Second. (2 hours 5 minutes + 79 minutes = ?)

List of calculators:
  • Standard Calculator
  • Provides real-time currency exchange rates
  • Interest Calculator
  • Calculate Discount price / Discount %
  • Supports Level payment / Fixed principal payment / Balloon payment
  • Currency Converter
  • Calculate with Additional discount
  • Keeps the function of a pocket calculator and adds parentheses and some math operators.
  • Remembers the last calculation condition and checks the calculation history records any time you want.
  • Use the calculator on your home screen
  • Once the currency exchange rates are updated, you can use the currency converter in the offline.
  • Provides various options for calculating interest: Installment savings, Regular savings, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, etc.
  • Enhanced compound interest calculations. Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly are available.
  • If you wonder how to gather 100 million dollar in 5 years, try the future value function.

More Calculator:

  • Anniversary Calculator
  • Discount Calculator
  • Set interest only period
  • Calculate any type of loan such as Mortgage, Auto loan.
  • Supports Length, Area, Weight, Volume, Temperature, Time, Speed, 
  • Pressure, Force, Work, Angle, Data and Fuel
  • Use Health Calculator for your healthy body
  • Calculate BMI(Body Mass Index), BFP(Body Fat Percentage) and Ideal Weight in one screen
  • Easy to switch between metric and imperial systems
  • Calculate tip and split the bill
  • Separate your bill from Sales Tax and calculate tip
  • Calculate VAT easy and fast
  • You can calculate Fuel economy, Distance, Expected fuel amount & cost
  • Make a shopping list and calculate them right away while you are shopping.
  • Helps you to convert clothing / shoe / pants / shirt / bra / hat / ring sizes for most countries
  • Don't forget your size with memos
  • More

Multi calculator premium APK free download


Multi Calculator Premium 1.7.5 build 353 APK [6Mb] / Mirror / Mirror
Aug 8, 2020
All-in-One Calculator Pro v3.0.6 APK [Premium]

All-in-One Calculator Pro v3.0.6 APK [Premium]

The original All-In-One Calculator premium for Android. All-in-One Calculator is a Pro complete and easy to use multi calculator & converter. Featuring over 75 FREE Calculators and Unit Converters packed in with a Scientific Calculator with 40 vibrant themes, it's the only calculator you will need from now on on your device.

75 calculators & converters

  • Algebra, Geometry, Unit Converters, Finance, Health & Misc
  • Currency converter with 160 currencies (available offline)
  • Sort, hide or add calculators to favorites
  • Instant results delivered as you type
  • Step-by-step solution & formulas
  • Smart search for faster navigation
  • Create shortcuts on home screen


  • Percentage calculator
  • Proportion calculator
  • Average calculator - arithmetic, geometric and harmonic means
  • Equation solver - linear, quadratic and equation system
  • Combinations and permutations
  • Decimal to fraction
  • Fraction simplifier
  • Prime number checker
  • Greatest common factor & Lowest common multiple calculator
  • Random number generator


  • Area / Perimeter calculator for square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, rhombus, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, circle, circle arc, ellipse
  • Volume calculator for cube, rect. prism, square pyramid, sq. pyramid frustum, cylinder, cone, conical frustum, sphere, spherical cap, spherical frustum, ellipsoid
  • Right triangle calculator
  • Heron's formula (solve a triangle knowing the side lengths)
  • Circle solver


All-in-One Calculator Premium v3.0.6 APK (7Mb) / Mirror / Mirror
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