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Dec 1, 2019
App Cloner Premium 1.5.32 Cracked APK [Pro]

App Cloner Premium 1.5.32 Cracked APK [Pro]

App cloner cracked APK
Upgrade to App Cloner premium to enjoy the full set of paid options. App cloner can extend a cloned app to add functionality such as password protection, incognito mode, hiding the android id or spoofing locations. You can also force the app to consume data over wi-fi only. There are over 100 app customization options and each update will add more. You can change the app name and icon.

Among the apps that you can clone there are some of the tops like amazon kindle, ebay, dropbox, facebook, instagram, netflix, skype, tumblr, twitter, and line. These are only just a few of the options out there for you to clone, but in general except for a few oddities you'll be able to clone almost any game or app you want.  App cloner is a handy application for a single app and want to be logged in on several at the same time. 

The premium version supports 20 clones. You may donate to support development and unlock up to 1000 clones. Some more intrusive options and features are linked to certain donations. Anti-virus apps may show warnings for cloned apps. These warnings are false positives and can be ignored. They are caused by the unofficial certificate used to sign clones.

To install the App Cloner APK outside of Google Play you need to enable unknown sources. If the downloaded App Cloner APK file opens with App Cloner rather than the Android package installer, you need to use the Android application manager to clear the defaults of App Cloner and retry the download again. 


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