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Jun 6, 2022

SnoreLab Premium v2.16.1 [Unlocked]

snorelab premium apk patched
SnoreLab Premium Unlocked
SnoreLab has monitored more than 50 million nights of sleep and has helped millions of people to better understand or even eliminate their snoring problem.SnoreLab lets you log and track lifestyle factors and any snoring remedies so you can see how they impact your snoring. SnoreLab is attracting endorsements from doctors, dentists and users alike. The app can be useful in medical consultations when investigating sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.
  • Advanced snore detection algorithms
  • Records sound samples of your snoring
  • Measures snoring intensity (Snore Score)
  • Compares snoring across nights
  • Tests the effectiveness of any snoring remedies that you use
  • Measures the impact of factors such as drinking alcohol on your snoring
  • Records sleep statistics
  • Optional full-night recording mode
  • Email sound files
  • Provides information about snoring remedies
  • Easy to use, no calibration needed 
Record and track your snoring with the No.1 snore app.
  • Monitoring over 1 million nights of snoring per month
  • Measures how loud your snoring is and tracks it over timeThe worldwide No.1 app for snorers on iOS and Android
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