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May 28, 2022

Mindshine Pro v3.0.6 Unlocked [Premium]

Mindshine pro mental health coach
Mindshine is much more than just a meditation app, it is your pro mental health coach to unlock the door of happiness. Mindshine is designed to help you train your mind holistically and find balance in life using the best tools from psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness. Be guided through proven exercises of meditation, journaling, visualization, gratitude, self-compassion that are super easy to understand and leave you with a strong positive feeling of confidence and happiness.

Improve your habits with daily mental care routines
  • Morning routines to boost your motivation, clear your mind with deep breathing exercises, and set priorities with easy-to-use journals.
  • Afternoon routines to stay on track, regain focus, and refresh your energy levels.
  • Evening routines to help you reflect, relax, and close the day with positive affirmations, and relaxing guided meditation to improve your sleep.

Much more than just a meditation app

  • Get on the fast-track to personal growth and happiness with the best techniques from positive psychology, mindfulness, and leadership coaching.
  • Feel the motivating power of "micro-steps". Get guided through science-based coaching plans designed to fit your active lifestyle.
  • Motivation coaching: dig deep to discover what truly motivates and drives you.
  • Self love coaching: generate kindness within yourself through positive self-image, compassion, joyful meditation.
  • Emotional intelligence coaching: learn to understand and manage your emotions for improved relationships, productivity, and health.
  • Reduced stress coaching: build resilience to stress, relax your mind and your body, improve sleep quality.
  • Concentration coaching: learn to focus on what’s important and to avoid distractions, overpower procrastination. 
  • Unleash you full personal development potential and get access to over 200 effective training sessions designed by experts for your personal goals.

Why mindshine is just right for you
  • Value for money: improved mental health and happiness for a weekly price of less than a coffee.
  • It supports you in taking small daily steps that soon will add up to big changes.
  • Much more than just a meditation app or positive affirmations app. Compared to apps such as Headspace, Calm App, 7 Mind or Insight Timer, Mindshine shows you a holistic world of proven techniques, all in one app.
  • Save time: short and effective training sessions that take between 5 to max. 15 minutes.
  • Daily doses of inspiration and features like personal playlists and statistics help you build positive habits.
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