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Sep 2, 2022

GoFasting Premium v1.01.77.0831 APK [VIP]

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GoFasting Premium VIP

Intermittent GoFasting Premium has been scientifically proven to lead to sustainable weight loss. GoFasting VIP Simple Intermittent Fasting Free & Life Fasting Tracker Free is a professional free fasting app and ayuno intermitente gratis app. You can fast like a pro with weight loss. After a period of fasting, your body goes into ketosis and you need a professional tracker to see how your body is changing.Using IF intermittent fasting, you can easily lose excess fat.

Yes. Studies show that giving the body a short break from constant digestion. Intermittent fasting may help with antioxidants, increased DNA repair, decreased insulin levels, improved insulin resistance, improved diabetes, weight loss, improved cognitive function, and even exercise performance. You need to find a free fasting app you can trust to help you get healthy.

Benefits For Fasting
  • No diet is required to help with weight loss
  • Burns fat reserves in the body
  • Promotes regeneration and detoxification
  • Prevent diseases such as diabetes
  • Promotes health and energy
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Avoid the yo-yo effect and counting calories

Key Features
  • Suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced
  • Intermittent fasting tracker
  • Weight loss tracker
  • Popular fasting plans such as 168, 204, 186, 1410
How to Start Fasting?
  • Define how long your fasting will be.
  • Choose a plan and follow its eating window duration and its start using a fasting timer.
  • Start fasting and get notified when your eating window is opened.
  • That’s all you need to do!
  • Try a ​​free fasting app like Go Fasting app in one tap.
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