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May 22, 2022

Avee Music Player Pro v1.2.159 [Premium]

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Avee Music Player Pro gives you the option to listen and visualize all your favorite music beats with its built-in spectrum visualizer templates and, even more, you can edit and personalize music in video maker section to export your creations as unique musical video clips to share with friends and on social media like Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

When watching music videos on YouTube, you will see music waves moving up and down to the beat of the music with beautiful colors. Have you ever thought of how to create them? Using this application you can easily create a music video for your favorite song right on your mobile phone or tablet.
These audio visualizers are extensively customizable, allowing you to tweak its color, shape, size, and audio reaction. You can even put your picture or animated .gif file. What is more, you can make your own templates or import the ones shared online. You can also export the present templates for future use.

For everyday users:
  • Lightweight music player for everyday use
  • Usable as a video player to view recorded content
  • Supports most popular formats like.mp4, .mp3, .wav,.etc
  • Visualize audio beats in default spectrum visualizer templates
  • Allow music to play in the background while multitasking
  • Directly browse content from device folders
  • Customize folder shortcuts for fast music access
  • Create and save playlists
  • Search library, queue, files
  • Create and save favorite music in playlists
  • Enjoy the benefits of having an equalizer
  • Lock screen orientation
  • Sleep timer for bedtime musical journey
  • Supports media and blue-tooth controls
  • Listen to audio streams like internet radio, etc.

For creators:

  • Customize or create and save your own visualizer templates
  • Export music together with a visualizer to share music videos for YouTube, TikTok, etc.
  • Variable resolutions SD, HD, or up to 4K* video file
  • Variable framerates like 25, 30, 50, and 60 FPS
  • Variable aspect ratios like 4:3, 16:9, 21:10
  • Add image or animation files like .jpg, .png, .gif
  • Tweak audio frequencies for desirable movement
  • Add multiple art layers

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