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Dec 27, 2021

How to Study for Exams by Ali Abdaal [Course]

how to study for exams Ali Abdaal
How to Study for Exams - An Evidence-Based Masterclass
In this masterclass Doctor + YouTuber; Ali Abdaal will teach you how to study for exams with an evidence based approach, Studying for exam can be really touch and tricky moreover the pressure and stress makes it worse. Being able to study efficiently and effectively is a superpower. As students, it boost our grades, reduces our stress levels and frees up our time to do more interesting things. But we're never taught how to do it. Most of us rely on 'intuitive' techniques like rereading, note-taking, summarising and highlighting to get through our exams. But as the evidence shows, these intuitive techniques are often counter-productive.In this class, I'll take you through the well-kept secrets of how to study effectively. 
We'll break down 
  • How to understand our content using techniques like the Feynman Method, Active Recall and various note-taking strategies, 
  • How to remember our material with Spaced Repetition, Interleaving and various memory techniques
  • How to maintain focus while studying, from developing the motivation and discipline to do the work, to taking appropriate breaks and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
About Author
I was a medical student at Cambridge University (UK) from 2012-2018. In my second year of medical school, I discovered the research around effective studying and memory enhancement, and it completely changed my life. By using the strategies you'll learn in this class, I was able to start and grow a 6-figure business and later a successful YouTube channel while still getting pretty decent marks in my exams, and actually enjoying the whole process with a minimal level of stress. 
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