Sep 13, 2021

Zank Remote Premium v13.5 APK [Latest]

Zank remote premium apk latest
Zank Remote is a premium remote app to control your Android TV box, Amazon Fire TV using WiFi connection. Zank Remote is always good and easy to use a single Universal remote control device to control all you electronic equipments. As mobile phone has become a major gadget that people always carry with them, so having an application installed on your mobile device that works as a TV remote control will make your life easier. 
Features support:
  • Mouse control
  • Control directly with screen cast
  • Game Pad
  • Air mouse (premium)
  • Dpad navigation
  • Volume control
  • Keyboard
  • Screen on/off
  • File transfer
  • Music controller
  • For Android TV OS devices, you can use navigation feature without installing app on TV but other features still require it. 
  • For Android Stock TV devices, installing app on TV is required to make app work 
Extra notes :
Zank Remote now supports integration into home automation systems. Compatible with Amazon Fire OS 5 devices. Please visit our partner Chowmain Software & Apps at for the drivers.
Zank remote full apk download
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