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Aug 27, 2022

TimeBlocks Pro v5.1.47 APK is Here! [Premium]

Timeblocks mod apk

Timeblocks mod apk

TimeBlocks Premium is a mobile planner that enables smart time management through simple and easy interface. TimeBlocks Pro provides powerful functions for better time management. Improve your productivity through 1-month free trial. You can designate different access level by participants, and receive real-time alarms in case of changes.

About app:
  • Intuitive schedule management, Calendar
  • Use it easily just like a paper diary through intuitive drag & drop action.
  • Screen enlarges according to number of schedules, so you can view the schedules at a glance like a calendar.
  • Manage your trivial tasks on To-do list.
  • Incomplete tasks are moved to the next day to help you remember.
  • Manage new habits in Habit list.
  • You can find your habit records in Habit Mini Calendar.
  • If there are plans that you can’t fix the time right now, keep it in Memo and plan it later.
  • You can organize memos by month to set up general plans.
  • You can decorate the diary on the app. TimeBlocks in-app store provides colors, stickers, masking tapes (date background), themes, and fonts for you to decorate your own calendar.
  • You can find decoration items by unique artists and design companies that are working with TimeBlocks.
  • You manage birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, etc.
  • It supports both solar and lunar calendars.
  • Did you use another calendar before? You can easily connect it through Connection service.
  • It can link to Google, Apple, Naver calendars, Google Keep, and Apple Reminders.
  • You can access various functions in TimeBlocks through widgets.
  • It provides various widgets including monthly calendar, weekly calendar, today’s list, habit list, to-do list, etc.
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Authorization for app use and purpose:
  • Schedule alarm and push alarm
  • Used to import schedules from built-in calendar.
  • Used for attendees in the schedule.
  • Location information in schedule, or weather information of current location in calendar.
  • Photos in Other information of the day.
  • Used for biometrics login.
  • Profile photo for the account.

TimeBlocks Premium

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