Sep 1, 2021

Superlingo Plus v1.3.3 APK [Premium]

Superlingo Premium

Superlingo Plus

Superlingo Plus as the world's leading premium language learning app, was created by a team with over 20 years of teaching experience. Based on exclusive AI algorithm, the well-designed English and Chinese courses are waiting for you to experience, The best languages learning approaches integrated in 1 super app! For starter learners, we have a special unit with the basics of the language, where you can learn the pronunciation, basic grammar construction, etc.
  • Know your exact language level with the level test. Personalize your learning and start your path to fluency.
  • Speak like a native, pronounce the words correctly and learn its meaning with daily life conversations and get an exact score of your pronunciation.
  • Superlingo test your knowledge in the challenge, put in practice the vocabulary and grammar that you have learn in the dialogue challenge.
  • Learn essential vocabulary with TV shows, movies, and mind maps to help you grasp high-frequency words efficiently
  • The immersive learning experience with exclusive original language-learning script.
  • The dialogue-based learning takes you into the scenes where you can learn authentic expressions with surprising plots
  • Combining authoritative language systems (CEFR & GSE) to build your grammar system step by step and to help you use your grammar skills in daily communication
  • 17 training modes and nearly 100 different combinations to help you consolidate your language skills and fill up your skill tree!
  • Learn at your own pace, each lesson can be completed in a short time. Keep your streak and get surprises.
Learn until the end with Super Lingo Plus
  • Speed up your path to fluency.
  • Essential vocabulary videos with scenes of movies and series.
  • Systematic learning from beginner to professional
  • Grammar system constructed combining authoritative language systems (CEFR & GSE)
  • Constant content update
  • Voice recognition with exact score
  • 17 different types of question exercises
  • Review recommendation based in scientific data
  • Voice recording with real people
  • Superlingo offers 100+ more real-life topics 
Superlingo Premium
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