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Sep 27, 2021

Friendly IQ Premium 2.1.1 APK [Latest]

Friendly IQ
Friendly IQ is a premium complete browser & downloader for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and all your other social media accounts. If you like Friendly IQ app, you can choose to tip us and unlock a few advanced features. We rely on word of mouth, so please also consider telling your friends about Friendly and leaving a good review. Friendly has been creating innovative social apps since 2006. We are a small team working from California and Texas. We build quality apps that millions enjoy. Our apps contains no-ads, no subscriptions, no gimmicks.
All in One social media accounts
  • A fast multi-account browser, to quickly check all your social media accounts
  • A nifty image & watermark editor, to create the perfect repost
  • Works across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and more.
  • A powerful media downloader, that works well with video, photos, gif, across posts, stories and messages.
Key Features
  • Friendly's browser is designed to manage multiple profiles (cookies & website data spaces).
  • You can add as many Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (or any other website) accounts as you want.
  • Friendly's browser makes it easy to download any video, picture or gif to your device.
  • Our advanced video player can: pause, seek, change speed or download.
  • Photo viewer make it easy to Zoom, download, edit pictures.
  • Advanced watermark editor gives you full control : text, colors, avatar, opacity, position.
  • Our browser is optimized to use the lite version of the mobile sites.
  • We provide dark mode for Instagram, Facebook and other social sites. Our design and animations are optimized to use less power. We use less services and background tasks than native social apps, and provide the option to disable all notifications or choose a check frequency.
  • Our lightweight browser optimize storage and cache, and with one lite app, you can access all your social accounts.
  • Change and apply your own color theme. Easy dark mode access. Discover our compact mode for your feed. 
Friendly IQ Premium
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