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Aug 29, 2021

Screen Mirror v1.8.0 APK is Here! [Premium]

screen mirror premium latest apk
With Screen Mirror, you can share your device's screen over WiFi and access it from a remote browser from any other device in your WiFi network. Screen Mirror is ideal if you need a second screen: if you would like to show your phone's screen at a presentation in front of an audience, or if you would like to present your photos to your family.
Attention - Please read before use:
In order to work properly, this app requires that your Android device and your target device (computer, notebook or tablet) are in the same WiFi network (or connected via the smartphones hotspot). SmartTVs might not work, since some of their browsers do not support the needed features for Screen Mirror. Furthermore an internet connection is required. For more information, please watch our how-to video on youtube. 
Please be aware:
that the transmission offset (the amount of time the mirrored screen is delayed) highly depends on your Androids Device computation power as well as the speed of the WiFi connection. For the best screen mirroring results, make sure your WiFi connection is good and preferably use a phone with a strong processor. 

Currently a bug in Android 5.1.0 crashes the app, if you check "Don't show again" at the initial dialog granting the app the rights to record the screen. To avoid the bug, don't hit "Don't show again", if you already did so, uninstall and install the app again. With Android 5.1.1 the bug is resolved. ###
Screen mirroring is easy: 
  • just open on your remote device, 
  • start the screen mirroring process on your Android device, 
  • scan the QR code and the screen mirroring starts immediately. 
  • No additional software on your remote device is needed.  
  • Please be aware that Screen Mirror transmits the content of your display, but not your device's audio signals.  
screen mirror premium latest apk

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