Aug 29, 2021

Poppins KWGT v1.5.0 APK is Here! [Patched]

Poppins kwgt apk full version

Poppins KWGT is a widget pack designed to make your home screens look gorgeous with a wide selection of widgets while still maintaining consistency using the same design language across all the widgets.
Give your homescreen some pop with modern widgets and wallpapers. This is not a standalone app. Poppins requires KWGT and KWGT Pro key. Make sure that widgets are scaled to 100% and preset dimensions match with widget preview for the best look.
  • 81+ widgets in auto light/dark versions.
  • Automatically adapt your widgets to your wallpaper color. Get background
  • and accent colors.
  • Widget types included Weather, calendar, news, music, system info, apps,
  • search, clock, fitness, controls and more.
  • Curated collection of wallpapers to match with the widget style.
  • Fully functional widgets with proper interactions and touch controls. 
What's New
  • Poppins got a refresh, this release comes with -
  • 14 new widgets
  • 6 new handcrafted wallpapers for dark and light mode 
Poppins kwgt apk latest
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